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Kindle book prices

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jan 13, 2009, 9:50am

Has anyone noticed that some of amazon's books now cost more than $9.99? $9.99 used to be the highest price but some books are now as much as $14.82 (The Rules of the Game by Downie).
It's not cost-effective at that price to read the book on my Kindle if I can get it from the library for free or used for less than half price.

jan 14, 2009, 5:54pm

A lot of people, myself included, refuse to buy anything over $9.99. That is the only way they will understand hiking prices won't be tolerated.
Its also my understanding that the prices are set by the publishers, not Amazon.

feb 10, 2009, 7:41am

Yes I am pretty sure that Amazon has no control over those prices, the publisher gets to decide what they want to sell it for. Hopefully they won't decide the Kindle isnt worth publishing too when the sales suck for their 14.82 book!

feb 10, 2009, 7:32pm

I saw a recent news article that said that approximately 30% of all books being made available for the Kindle were above the $9.99 price. Some publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, are setting their prices consistently at a price point well above the $9.99. The expectation is that digital ebook sales will offset the decline in print sales and to do that the pricing of the ebook must begin to edge closer to the price of the print.

feb 12, 2009, 3:13pm

If you will list Kindle books on Amazon from high to low prices you will see some truly horrendous book prices. The first listed are specialized text or reference books but c'mon, this is ridiculous.

As for those publishers who are raising prices to meet printed book prices they will not get a dime from me if I can help it. I am sure the initial setup to create ebooks is fairly expensive but that is generally a one-time process. I sincerely hope they are cutting their own throats with such a pricing policy and will soon realize it.

And,by the way, I don't think the average NYTimes bestseller is worth $9.99.

Redigeret: mar 27, 2009, 1:56pm

Hi All!

I have been watching prices on the Kindle for about two months now. And there are several problems (opportunities?) to watch for.

1) Amazon makes it a marketing point that all NY Times best sellers are priced $9.99 unless otherwise marked. This is a complete non-promise. A number of us, simply won't purchase any book that exceeds this price.

2) Digital list prices as high as the list price of a hardcover book, or exceeding that of the paperback book. Since there are no manufacturing or distribution costs associated with a Kindle Book, these List Prices have no basis in reality. Basically the publisher is telling Amazon, this is what I want for the book and we get a percentage of that price. Amazon is then free to discount it. So in many cases, you save money, just not as much as you should.

3) Many of us refuse to spend as much or more than the cheapest new DTB (Dead Tree Book) price on Amazon. So if a PB is selling at $7.99, we would expect to pay 20% to 30% less than that for a Kindle Book. The publishers feel differently. I spoke to someone on the train one Jan morning. Her contention is that you are paying for the content. The medium is you choice. My counter was that I expect to pay less for PB than a Hardcover. Same with the Kindle. In the end, we agreed to disagree.

4) Prices change quite often (both up and down). Books that I purchased in Dec and Jan at a discount, now cost as much as the PB version. SO when you see a price you like, grab it.

What I have been able to figure out so far is that the Publisher sets the list price. Amazon sets the retail price. Amazon deserves to make money as should the author and the publisher. They are all just trying to figure this market.

I look at it this way. I expect to get a discount for reading on the Kindle. I made an investment and expect a return. So if they want my sale, they will have to discount. I on the other hand have a world of new choices. I can (and have) downloaded classics that I have always meant to read and just never did for free. There is enough there for me to read until the cows come home. Since I have choices, I have the power.

My suggestion to the publishers is that they need to separate out their ePublishing from their DTB Publishing. Otherwise, they will never get this right and new publishers will have a market opportunity.

Sorry this was so long...

mar 27, 2009, 2:25pm

I agree with you, knipfty. For the publisher to tell you that they supply the content and we select the medium is disingenuous. Their costs are lower, too.

I don't worry too much about the price if it is something I want to read, but so far I have put books above $10 on my TBR list, rather than purchasing. Eventually the prices should go down, as they do for paperbacks. It just may not be much of a discount compared to the difference between the hardcover books and the kindle edition.


mar 27, 2009, 6:26pm

When I bought Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse at the end of February, I paid $14.29 for it. It sells at hardcover for $25.99 (but $16.55 at Amazon discount, though I don't know what the discount was back in February), and it's currently selling for Kindle at $9.99.

But I'm glad I spent the $14.29 for it. I've got all of the other "Hollows" series on Kindle, and I just wasn't going to wait a month or more to find out if Ivy managed to get some real cuddle time with Rachel!

Actually, I've probably got more public domain Feedbooks|Mobile on my Kindle than I do Amazon purchases, but in some cases something comes along that I'm going to get right away. White Witch, Black Curse was one of those cases.

apr 4, 2009, 2:03pm

Hey folks,
You all should know 2 things about the Kindle and file formats it can handle.

1) Kindle can read .mobi files
2) Project Gutenberg ( has ebooks available in .mobi

Simply download the .mobi and then email it to your kindle account. Voila! Free book!


apr 4, 2009, 2:09pm


see this link

it has a table of content, much of it is free

apr 5, 2009, 9:40am

I've bought one book above $9.99, although I can think of some I would pay more for but that aren't available. However, in general I wait for new ones to come down to $9.99 before I buy them - just leave them on my want list with a note of why I'm waiting.

BUT, for fiction, the high pricing has started me trying small presses more, and I've found some really, really great books this way. For instance, had some free books available for ebook week and I tried a couple. When I went back a week later, I realized that while they also sell DTB, they sell most or all of their titles in eformat for £1, which is about $1.50 U.S. So now I've bought a couple more. They have a mystery writer I'd say is as good as they come: Marta Stephens. Give her first book a try: Silenced Cry. And there's the intriguing pre-apocalyptic novella The End of Science Fiction by Sam Smith.

I've also found a couple of interesting titles via, including Revise the World by Brenda W. Clough, which is available from her website for free for reading on the computer, and for $4.99 for a PDF download. It's long (500 DTB pages), so after reading the first few chapters on my laptop I did pay for the download, and I am loving it.

There's also Finding Free eBooks:

apr 6, 2009, 5:00pm

Go to the Kindle Bookstore and search for The War Within. You'll find it available at 3 prices: $17.60, $9.99, and $7.96. Blood and Thunder sells for $9.99 and $7.96. The Prosecution of George W Bush For Murder sells for $14.82 and $9.99. And there are more like these.

I checked each one out individually, figuring there was a mistake which had been rectified, but can buy each of these Kindle books for whichever price you choose to pay.

I considered telling Amazon, but then I thought, "hey, maybe they'll thank me and then raise all the books to the highest price!!"

I order all my Kindle books from the Amazon website, and I haven't tested their pricing by ordering from the Kindle. I wonder what price pops up there. p.s. I wasn't interested in any of these books. I was just checking out the Kindle non-fiction books and they popped out like sore thumbs.

apr 6, 2009, 11:11pm

One thing I've got to say, though, that really ticks me off is when I pay a fairly hefty price for some book, it's got lousy metadata, and worst of all the file turns out to be AZW1 (the "dreaded Topaz" format) so I can't even use mobi2mobi to correct the metadata! I'm not saying a price above $9.99, but even a price of $9.99 is hefty if the publisher can't even get the metadata correct.

Two cases in point. Madeline L'Engle's bundled "Wrinkle in Time" series and my most recent K purchase, Octavia Butler's Kindred. Both are AZW1 files and both index the title under the author's first name. (Incidentally, both authors are now deceased, so it's the publishers' faults all the way.)

Those are cases where I very definitely review the book, give it the lowest rating, and indicate why in my review. I'm just too lazy to call customer service, though, and anyway, I really do want the convenience of being able to read Octavia Butler on my K, so what am I going to do when I call customer service? I'm not going to tell them to take it off....

apr 7, 2009, 9:19am

>13 CurrerBell:: so what am I going to do when I call customer service? I'm not going to tell them to take it off....

LOL. Really, sometimes you just have to get a grip and suffer in silence. :)

I think the bad reviews are a good idea, though.

apr 7, 2009, 9:22am

I downloaded a book with terrible typos once and called customer service. They gave me the option of returning it for a refund or re-downloading the corrected version once it was fixed. I chose the second option and I was so glad, because they took that book out of the Kindle Store and, as far as I know, it never came back. It was A Civil Action.

apr 7, 2009, 12:15pm

I was looking forward to the next Harry Dresden series book "Turn Coat" which came out today. It is $14.27 but the hardback is $16.52. No way I am paying that much. I did the "9 99 boycott" tag on it. I really hope publishers eventually realize that we are not willing to pay the same for a ebook that we are for a print book.

apr 7, 2009, 9:07pm

I downloaded the sample of Torture Team but will wait for the price to dip below $10 or get the book from the library rather than pay $14+.

apr 11, 2009, 2:56pm

Hi Bill!!
I do have to say, that I've owned a Kindle since the very first one came out. I ordered mine in November and received it in December.

What I find is that it usually takes about two weeks before the K price drops if it's not selling at the higher price. There was one book that I wanted to read badly back then and I wouldn't pay the fourteen dollars. So, I waited and I also called K customer service (which I love by the way) and did complain about the price.

Within two weeks it was down to the 9.99 and it was a NY Times Best Seller. I say wait....if you buy it the day it comes out, and you mind paying the extra, you will regret it in about two weeks...

That's just what's happened with my books. So there you have my two cents...and that's all it is. All of you can make up the 98 cents that are left and I always respect everyone's opinion.


apr 11, 2009, 9:00pm

I think it's generally true that the prices come down in a couple of weeks, although certainly not in all cases.

There are at least four on my "to read list" which have been around for a while and still priced high:
Torture Team was published May 2008
When Will There Be Good News August 2008
The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri June 2008
The Little Book August 2008

apr 17, 2009, 11:22pm

I don't know how many of you are aware of this...there are a ton of free books that have been up for a couple of weeks now. I don't have the full list, but some of them are excellent and I did get two for .01 and three for .99 and one for 1.99 that I've been waiting to read. They're mostly thrillers. AND for those of you that are into romance/harlequin type books. They have about fifteen of those up that are free as well. I only found them because one of the author's I review for let me know that an electronic copy of her new book was going to be free on Amazon for about a week, when I went on that page, I found several others that were free as well.

I'm sorry to hear about your four books AuntMarge. I did look them up again for you yesterday and they are still about 14.00...

I was hoping they'd be down. : (

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I so missed posting here and all of my friends!


apr 18, 2009, 9:35am

>20 AStarIsBorn:

Not to worry...I keep an eye on those freebies and cheapies and have plenty to read. :)

I did, however, go out and buy a couple in DTB format since they have been consistently unavailable in K format. Much prefer reading on the K though!

apr 18, 2009, 12:33pm

Hey Star! Glad to see you here! I hope you are feeling better! I just noticed today that Turn Coat by Jim Butcher had come down to $9.99!!! Yay ! I really wanted to read that. But while waiting for that to come down I read a free book I got at Amazon Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt and I really enjoyed it and now have another series to read! Blood Engines is still free on Amazon by the way , it has sorcerers, wizards stuff like that in the modern world. I like the heroine, a kick butt kind of girl who will use a knife just as much as magic.

apr 18, 2009, 7:01pm

>22 billtaichi:

Thanks for the heads-up on Blood Engines, Bill. I just downloaded it.

Redigeret: apr 19, 2009, 1:33am

Thanks from me too, Bill. Like CurrerBell I just downloaded Blood Engines myself. This group is the greatest. Re: Jim Butcher's books, I read one (I forget the title...Storm Front?) but found I didn't like it as much as Simon Green's work. The two of them seem to be frequently mentioned together. If Butcher has a "best" book, let me know and I'll give him another try. Thanks.

apr 22, 2009, 11:14pm

Hi Bill!

I'm finally home and would LOVE to catch up! I thought you would've already known about Blood Engines because of the kind of book it is! LOL : ) I did know it was free...there's one by Lee Child too that is free right now, I haven't got to it yet, but I did download it and it's called...persuader. Also, for a penny *yes, 1 cent* they have a book that looks good as well called Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder. Another brand new one that looks really good that I got really cheap. Maybe .99 cents I think is the book Afraid by Jack Kilborn.

****Look out for the .01 cent copy and not the .99 cent copy of Soul Identity...they're the same book for kindle just listed under two different prices. Hope you enjoy!

xo *Star

apr 23, 2009, 6:51am

For what it is worth, I just finished Soul Identity. I picked it up for a penny. I found it a most enjoyable read and highly recommend it. I look forward to his next book.

Redigeret: apr 23, 2009, 8:39am

Have to agree Soul Identity was enjoyable, and I downloaded Persuader as well, although I'm pretty sure I've read all the Jack Reacher novels. These are inexpensive or free items I've downloaded lately:

Boyd Morrison has three free suspense novels for free download at his website, I'm reading the my first, "The Ark" (touchstone not working), and it looks like a solid 4-star, and I've also downloaded The Palmyra Impact and The Adamas Blueprint.

Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardell, available free at her website:

Vellum Books at has lowered their prices to a max of $6.39, and I've read one of theirs: Fountain (four stars) and downloaded a sample of The Sign of the Guardian . Vellum has also uploaded all their books to Amazon in bold print, making them MUCH easier to read on the K2.

jun 5, 2009, 3:41pm

I really aim not to spend $9.99 for a Kindle book, though I admit to slipping up a few times.

The worst offender, pricewise, as far as I'm concerned is a biography of soon-to-be-retired Supreme Court justice, David Souter. David Hackett Souter: Traditional Republican on the Rehnquist Court is $32.34 for the Kindle edition. Ridiculous!!

jun 5, 2009, 9:27pm

I just slipped up myself: was so enjoying the sample of Michael Connelly's The Scarecrow that I clicked "buy". Just realized now that I've finished it that it was $15. Usually I put the book on my Wish List and don't download the sample till the book is below $10.

I do have to say I've changed my mind about leaving bad reviews, though, and I'm glad I never did it. It really does skew the book's total star-number, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a backlash by publishers and authors, perhaps not making their things available.

jun 6, 2009, 7:14am

I just found a website,

You give it a URL to watch, and you will be notified and any prices changes. Works pretty well.

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