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Upcoming Wargaming Project Reading

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okt 21, 2008, 4:46am

A couple of wargaming projects on my desk at the moment:

Manchuria 1939
Doing the Nomonhan Campaign between the Soviets and the Japanese.
Nomonhan: Japan against Russia 1939 by Alvin D. Coox
Will also take a look at his Anatomy of a Small War on The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng in '38

Libya 1940-41
Doing the early desert war (Italians vs. British primarly for starters anyway)
Dilemmas of the Desert War
Pendulum of War: the Three Battles of El Alamein
The Desert Generals

Anyone else out there have anything in the pipeline?

(Also a resurrection notice to the group!)

mar 8, 2009, 12:23pm

A crushing Soviet defeat in Manchuria, 1939 could have caused problems later regarding the Manchurian reinforcements that helped save Moscow from being overrun or cut off in 1941. I seem to remember a fair number of Soviet commanders avoided the purges simply by not being in the west. If these chaps had failed they too might have been purged and therefore would not have contributed to the German defeats in 1941-42.

And Libya! Always wished to run a large campaign in that period. Any other books you could suggest with well researched order of battles? Better yet, a first hand account from any Italian gunners who were truly made of stern stuff ;)

mar 30, 2009, 6:37pm

Each year I set up a 13 player DBA campaign at my club - this year the subject is the beginning of the Yuan

The full 13 armies were snapped up in the first session, but we had to skip the second session because I was committed on the day to the state junior athletics championships as my daughter was competing.


apr 11, 2009, 11:44am

Showing my ignorance here...would this have anything to do with the Battle of Red Cliff? I've seen the two John Woo films...great!

jun 26, 2009, 2:39am

This is much later - I saw Red Cliffs 2 whilst flying to Stockholm

But that is 3 Kingdoms Era (200 - 400AD) wheras my campaign is set in the late 1200s

I have set it up because I like the period - Go Sung (although actually I'm the Japanese)


jul 3, 2009, 9:09am

>2 mcarrick:
Try Iron Hulls Iron Hearts
Also Benghazi Handicap Command Decision - a wargaming book has some really good stuff in it.

Take a look at this thesis online
Fallen Eagles: The Italian 10th Army in the Opening Campaign in the Western Desert

Nothing though on those doughty artillerymen

Redigeret: mar 28, 2011, 6:15pm

Tangentially connected to your post (the Italian Artillerymen bit anyway) you certainly get some resilient examples in Few Returned by Eugenio Corti.
The author was an artillery officer with the doomed Italian 8th Army in the USSR and this was the story of his retreat after the Soviet Stalingrad counteroffensive.

Obviously, not about the Italians in the desert, but well worth reading anyway.

apr 6, 2011, 9:52am

Reading the first volume of Jack Gill's Thunder on the Danube trilogy.
If I hadn't have picked it up specifically to write a wargames campaign for the 1809 campaign in Austria I would be doing so now!