what's the last cookbook you bought? & how is it?

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what's the last cookbook you bought? & how is it?

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dec 3, 2006, 11:18 am

i just got moosewood's simple suppers cookbook. aside from being annoyed, as usual, @ their inclusion of fish, so far it looks beautiful & has lots of delicious-sounding recipes. last night we made one of their soups--i forgot the name, but it was peanutty & had cabbage & sweet potato & tomato in it--& it was AMAZING. so much so that i'm salivating thinking about eating it again. ;)

dec 3, 2006, 6:05 pm

This weekend I bought Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by cupcake guru Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I've already made the gingerbread cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting, and the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with cinnamon icing; and let me tell you, you wouldn't even believe I made them! The recipes are foolproof (and if you do mess up, there's a troubleshooting section in the begining to figure out what went wrong). The book also includes pictures that are so tempting you'll want to try a recipe right away. Or else, eat the book. All in all, this is a totally awesome book that will even have non-vegans saying, "Mmm! These cupcakes are so good. I can't believe they're vegan!"

Redigeret: dec 8, 2006, 6:25 pm

I've bought a number of cookbooks in the last month, but I haven't had a chance to try most of them. I have made a few things from Vegan Lunch Box - the inari pouches were the hit of last week's potluck. This week's recipes are from Classic Cooking from the Middle East and North Africa (a new one), great good desserts naturally (also new), Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (that too), and Feeding the Whole Family (a much-used favorite).

diffuse - I've found so many wonderful recipes in my Moosewood cookbooks. I don't have Simple Suppers, but that dish sounds great.

greykitty - I just got that one, too. For my friend's birthday tomorrow, I'm making Lemon-Vanilla Cupcakes (one of the variations of the golden cupcake, the first recipe) with Lemony Buttercream.

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dec 28, 2006, 3:39 am

For Xmas my OH got me The Cranks Recipe Book, in exchange for A Vegan taste of the middle east, but we're yet to try any of the suggestions.

dec 28, 2006, 1:29 pm

I've been working my way through the nut milks from Raw Food/Real World these last few weeks. I've now made almond, cinnamon-maple pecan, and vanilla brazil nut. Next I'm trying macadamia.

A cookbook I just got today (used) is Twelve Months of Monastery Salads, which is almost vegetarian (just a couple seafood recipes) and almost all the rest can be easily made vegan. I plan to eat more salads in January, so this is just what I was looking for.

dec 28, 2006, 9:19 pm

We found 1000 Vegetarian Recipes From Around the World used (it's out of print) over the weekend while trying to avoid holiday shoppers. The recipes look to be the obvious ones from everywhere, the layout is straightforward (one per page with photo), and the instructions clear. And it's easily the heaviest veggie cookbook we now own; like unabridged dictionary heavy.

aug 14, 2007, 7:46 pm

MMcM - we have 1000 Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World as well, though now we have gone Vegan we use it a little less. But still a fantastic book, though a bit cumbersome!

Vegan Cooking: Recipes for health and happiness is an Australian Vegan cookbook that arrived recently. I am yet to cook anything out of it yet. I have quite a few Vegan cookbooks making their way to be courtesy of herbivore.com, so I will post them here once they arrive and I have them recorded on LT.

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