New volunteers -- How to add books

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New volunteers -- How to add books

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Redigeret: jul 28, 2008, 6:50pm

We need help with two things right now. One is adding new books and the other is adding information about those books in the comments field.

In order to help out with either aspect of the project, you need to have access to a copy of The Library of Benjamin Franklin by Kevin J. Hayes. Happily, it's available in its entirety on Google Books (although the text can't be cut and pasted, as far as I can tell). You can also search WorldCat to see if your local library owns a copy that you can check out. (Inter-library loan is also an option, but ILL checkout times are usually so short that I don't think it would be worth it.)

Once you've claimed a section (on this thread) turn to that part of the book, log in as Benjamin Franklin, and go to the "add books" page to search. Once you've found a match (or given up and done a manual entry) it is VERY important to go to the "comments" field and add the catalog number, including any preceding punctuation. You also need to add any tags which appear in italics at the end of the book record. (Remember to replace the semicolons with commas, so the tags separate properly.)

jul 28, 2008, 6:39pm

Tips and tricks:

I usually do a search by entering the first few words of the title (minus any articles), then a comma, then the publication year. If I get too many results back, I might add another comma and the author's last name or add more title words.

I've sorted the libraries by the frequency we've found matches in them — we've found over half the records we needed in one of the top three libraries (the Library of Congress, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania). After that, you can work your way through the next few libraries listed, but you may need to do a manual entry. (I usually presearch the libraries through WorldCat, but you probably don't want to go this route unless you're a librarian or inexplicably love searching library catalogs.)