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Series (Common Knowledge)

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jun 23, 2008, 5:43pm

I'm halfway through using the Series entries to put the Target novelisations into story order (rather than publication order).

In the process, I'm a bit puzzled by the general Doctor Who series entry. This seems to me to be a tag, not a series. Do you think it should be removed?

Or is it supposed to be an indication of the Doctor's personal chronology, across the various different series of publications? (err, except it's got reference books in there).

Obviously it's been added by a number of different people, so I thought it's simpler to ask here than to go hunting down the individuals concerned.

jul 1, 2008, 2:52pm

Generally CK:Series should be reserved for things which are deliberate series which the authors or publishers clearly indicate as such. They should not be used because of a random connection e.g. shared location.

In this case it's slightly ambigous. The reference case should definately not be in there; but as these novelisations are (I believe) 'offical' i.e. BBC sanctioned that may be case enough for them being a series.

If in doubt you could wait for more replies or try over at the Common Knowledge group - they are quite helpful when it comes to problems with Common Knowledge.

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