TinyCat Tech Issues--SSL?


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TinyCat Tech Issues--SSL?

maj 29, 5:27 pm


I am new to Library Thing (setting up an organization with about 2500 books) and would like to use the TinyCat interface, but almost every time I've gone to access TinyCat in the last few weeks, it gives me an error that the site cannot be reached and to check my connection (I did). I've tried it on Chrome and Edge, and also my Android phone using the 5G network, with the same results. I've also tried accessing several other libraries on it. It works about 30% of the time.

Clearing the cache is not really an option since I intend to share the library with about 400 people who are not tech savvy and will not want to do this on their own. :-(

I noticed TinyCat doesn't seem to have an SSL certificate and I'm wondering if that might be the issue?

Thanks for any feedback!


Redigeret: maj 30, 12:53 am

Looking at your profile, you don't seem to have a TinyCat membership. Perhaps your 30 day free trial has ended.

I'm not having any trouble accessing TinyCat for any libraries that have a memvership.

maj 30, 8:55 am

>1 UUpeoria: Can you list some of the pages that you're having trouble loading, the full URLs/links to them? I checked with our sysadmin Ganawa and https://www.librarycat.org has a current SSL certificate.