Circulation count question


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Circulation count question

maj 21, 9:00 pm

I have a question about what happens to the circulation count for a book when a patron who checked it out is deleted from patron data. Will the circulation statistics for a specific title be reduced if a patron is who checked it out has been deleted? If I run book loan counts annually, will books checked out by deleted patrons not show a complete loan count for the book?

maj 22, 10:02 am

If/when you delete a patron, we give a notice that all of the circulation data for that patron is deleted with them. This includes your circulation reports, since those are tied to your Transactions history.

That said, your question has sparked some discussion on our end, and I think we'll be implementing some sort of "archived" patron feature, which allows you to deactivate/remove your patrons from the main group, but will retain the lending history for stats as needed. (We'll keep the delete option as-is.) We'll announce changes on this when it happens!

Let me know if you have questions or comments, please.

maj 23, 12:28 pm

>2 kristilabrie: Thank you for information. Since our physical space dictates our collection size cannot grow much beyond 5500 items, we are forced to weed books pretty rigorously. Books with no or low circulation are targeted for removal so a book’s loan count is important to collection management. Also, being a CCRC library means our patron community turns over often. Please let me know if you are able to retain the loan counts. For now I will leave patrons in database for at least a year. Appreciate your response.

maj 24, 7:36 am

>3 GHA.Library: The good thing is that you can have an unlimited number of patrons in TinyCat, so feel free to keep everyone for now if that doesn't bother your end too much. We'll be sure to announce changes on our end!