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maj 13, 4:12 pm


I'm evaluating Tinycat and was wondering if you can use tinycat in other languages than English. I see the translations are downloaded seperately, but I dont see a setting to change the language.
If you need help translating to Dutch, let me know.


Redigeret: maj 14, 7:16 am

Although LibraryThing has its own Dutch site—which is where you'll always do your cataloging and editing of records for your TinyCat library—TinyCat does not yet have non-English translations available. Your book data should still show up in Dutch or any other language as needed, but the TinyCat-specific interface will be in English. I'm sorry for any inconvenience here. (Localization of TinyCat is high on our list and we'll be sure to announce any changes on this front!)

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can do for you,
Kristi at LT