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Ask About button

maj 3, 12:57 am

How do you (1) link an email to this button (2) place this button on the Homepage (i want to make it an Ask The Librarian button)? Thanks in advance

maj 3, 7:29 am

The "Ask About This" button automatically sends an email to the main email on your TinyCat account, and you can rename the button on the Detail page Settings:, unfortunately you can only have that button next to titles on your Search and/or Detail pages. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

maj 3, 9:49 pm

Thanks so much. I have tested the button by clicking it and sending it off without comments but registering a different email as a test respondent. Unfortunately, i did not seem to receive any email in my official in-box. I wonder what i did wrong. The official email is the one placed under "Contacts" in LibraryCat right? Sorry for the trouble

maj 6, 7:36 am

Yes, it is the "Email address" under "Main Contact" at where we send the "Ask About This" notifications, from

You'll want to double check your spam/junk folders, try adding to your Contacts, and/or check with your email provider that emails from / are not getting blocked.

Let me know how it goes!

maj 19, 1:30 pm

I am experiencing the same issue. Both the 'Ask About This' and the "Place Hold' buttons send notification emails to the patron. However, the main contact email for the library never receives anything at all. I followed all the steps listed above but there is still nothing happening.

Our main contact email is a Hotmail account that Microsoft has since migrated to Is this creating the problem?

maj 20, 12:23 pm

That may very well be the case. Are you able to test by changing to a different email address, temporarily, and running an "Ask About This" submission?

maj 22, 11:55 pm

Yes, I switched to my personal Yahoo email and it worked fine. But when I switched back to the library's Hotmail account it stopped working again. Do you know how to fix this?

maj 24, 7:36 am

I've tested this in your library and have asked Ganawa to check our logs; will let you know when I have an update!