displaying physical summary


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displaying physical summary

apr 18, 2:54 pm

Is there any way to have TinyCat fill in the "Physical description" using what is actually in the "Physical summary" field of our LibraryThing catalog? That is, can we get TinyCat to show

x, 324 pages : color illustrations, maps ; 24 cm

rather than

x, 324 p.; 24 cm

(If we simply HAVE to copy and paste this into the Comments field - where we already have to stuff edition statements, bibliography and index notes, contents notes, gift statements - well, I guess we will. But then I will need to suppress the current auto-generated "Physical description" field too. And, of course, I don't want to do all that. :-) ) Thanks!

apr 19, 5:47 am

When you enter a book, do you edit the physical summary box near the bottom of the page?
On your existing books, is that text green?

If you aren't editing it and the text is green, that means what you're seeing is just an average of all the works. When you edit it to what you want it to say, it should turn black and hopefully display correctly.

apr 19, 7:33 am

>1 AppTrailMuseum: >2 gilroy: Unfortunately, TinyCat only pulls the pagination and height from LibraryThing, so you'll need to add those content notes elsewhere I'm afraid.

For what it's worth, the Tags field is a great way to have searchable units of content that you can add en masse to your records, via Power Edit. You can have an unlimited number of tags on your records, and you can search for multiple tags at once. I hope this helps.

apr 19, 8:47 am

>3 kristilabrie: That's why I specifically asked them if they were editing it. Their two examples show a difference even of noting pages versus just p.

apr 22, 1:37 pm

>3 kristilabrie: Thanks. I was afraid of that. Ah well, it's a guarantee of almost lifetime 'employment' as a volunteer!

We are already using the Tags, too, as a substitute for subject headings. I can see entering "illustrations," "bibliography," and so on in that field. Strikes me as more labor-intensive than a copy-and-paste into the Comments field, but I'll think on it a bit.

apr 22, 1:46 pm

>2 gilroy: Yes, I'm editing the system-generated content of the physical summary box. Because it's automatically filled and because there's no place in the LibraryThing field structure for data about illustrations and so on to be drawn from.

It does turn black. It displays correctly (that is, as I've edited it) in LibraryThing. It doesn't display as edited in TinyCat, however. TinyCat only displays the auto-generated information.

Thanks, anyway.