Is TinyCat Down?


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Is TinyCat Down?

apr 9, 9:54 am

All of the computers that I have tried are not loading tiny cat on either chrome or safari. Something about an invaild response from TinyCat. Anyone else having this issue?

apr 9, 10:20 am loads fine here. (Chrome on a chromebook.)

Redigeret: apr 9, 10:23 am

>1 CalvaryKids1: What OS (operating system) are you using? Can you send us a screenshot or copy/paste the exact error message you're seeing? What page/s aren't loading for you? We can take a closer look with some added details, thanks for your patience.

A couple of things to try, to see if it helps:
1. Try accessing from an incognito browser/window
2. Try accessing from a different network


apr 9, 4:48 pm

none of our Tinycat are loading any ideas?
I have tried two different operating systems

apr 9, 8:50 pm

I've been having trouble since yesterday.
I'm running Windows 11 and tried both Edge and Brave browsers (both Chromium based, of course), in normal and private modes.
Here are the symptoms I'm seeing when trying to access :

On Comcast business broadband, it gives me (in either browser):

- This site can’t be reached.
- The connection was reset. Try:
- Checking the connection
- Checking the proxy and the firewall

followed shortly by:

- This site can’t provide a secure connection
- sent an invalid response

When I switch to Verizon, using my phone as a hotspot, everything else the same, I get:

- Your connection is not private
- Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

and if I bypass the certificate error, I get:

- Access to was denied
- You don't have authorization to view this page.

apr 10, 7:36 am

Thanks for the reports and sorry for the trouble, all! I've passed this on to the developers and will post any updates here. We're on this.

apr 10, 7:54 am

>5 armature: If you clear your browser's session/cache, can you reconnect? Can you check with your network administrator that is not getting blocked at all?

Redigeret: apr 10, 5:53 pm

>7 kristilabrie: I cleared cache and cookies in Brave and didn't have anything to clear in Edge, but no change.

I am the admin for the network behind the Comcast connection, and I'm not blocking anything. The Verizon connection is just via my phone hotspot, so nothing for me to check there.

EDIT: I just tried in a brand new install of Firefox, and got:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR


The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

apr 10, 6:04 pm

>7 kristilabrie: My apologies, I just figured out I was mistaken about something yesterday:

Everything works fine if I get on my Verizon hotspot. When I jumped to it yesterday, I forgot I had reconnected a wired connection to my dock, so it was still prioritizing the Comcast connection.

I'm going to see if a Comcast router reset helps and let you know.

apr 10, 8:13 pm

>7 kristilabrie: My issue is resolved. I restarted my Comcast router, and although I couldn't test it right away, it's working now. Apologies if I made extra work for anyone.

apr 10, 10:55 pm

>1 CalvaryKids1: yes, I am on all my devices too

apr 11, 8:12 am

>10 armature: Excellent, and great info to have in case anyone else is having the same trouble still. Thank you!

apr 16, 3:36 pm

Our Tiny Cats software is still not working. It keeps giving us the same error message.
This site can’t provide a secure sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

apr 17, 10:27 am

>13 ParkviewKnights: Sorry for the trouble! Our sysadmin Ganawa is working on the issue. Can you email him your details/issue at, and he can take a closer look with you? Thanks for your patience with this!

apr 17, 11:57 am

I also have been unable to access TinyCat admin at my library since it first had issues (April 9, above). I've been to connect from home, but it would be great if I could have access here at the library. This is the PC error message:

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

The Mac is similar, "...Safari can't establish a secure network connection to the server

While I've read the fixes some have been able to make, I don't know what I need to do. For example, I wouldn't know how to restart a comcast router or even where it is. Is there something that I can do to fix the problem? I have been hoping it would get fixed by librarycat.

Redigeret: apr 17, 12:41 pm

>15 DanishAmerLibraryMN: Can you please email our sysadmin Ganawa at with those details, so he can connect with you or your IT person directly on this? Thanks for your patience.

apr 18, 10:15 am

>16 kristilabrie: Thank you - will do.

Redigeret: apr 18, 1:02 pm

I've posted a thread where affected members can follow for updates on the Microsoft/access issue: We also include some steps you may be able to take on your end.

maj 18, 6:12 pm

TinyCat really slow at times earlier today, especially when inputting patron names in the search box. we were using two separate microsoft PC's. one using edge, the other using Chrome. Still slow to load now, on my MacBook Air.

maj 19, 1:16 pm

TinyCat is very slow since yesterday. We can't operate this morning in our church library now!

maj 19, 10:04 pm

TinyCat has been very slow all day today (Chrome/Windows and Chrome/Android). Taking 1-2 minutes to load each page. We use it for a church library, and it seems like there have been a lot of problems on Sundays lately. I wonder if these problems related, or isolated issues.

maj 19, 11:38 pm

I am also having problems with TinyCat: very slow response time. I tried to change some settings, but got a time-out so that the change would not be successful. Response time is bad on Firefox laptop as well as on Android phone app.

maj 19, 11:45 pm

>21 hefclibrary: TinyCat was slow when I worked on a reference request at home yesterday.

Our library opens on Sunday morning for 2 hours only to serve our members. We were forced to go back doing manual check in/out for our patrons. This situation is not the first time it happened on Sunday morning.

We used LibraryThing to do the search since it has not been affected.

maj 20, 7:29 am

>19 HGC_Library: >20 ECCClibrary: >21 hefclibrary: >22 St_Nicholas_Library: >23 ECCClibrary: Thanks for your reports, I saw some slowness on Friday morning and the developers were looking into it. I'm checking back on this and will report back.

Redigeret: maj 20, 12:17 pm

Update: The speed issues should be resolved, now. We were getting hit hard by bots, intermittently, and have taken measures against this. This does not mean we won't get hit again, by someone else, but do let us know if it crops back up and we'll take another look!

Let me know if you're still seeing slowness issues, anywhere. Thank you for your patience, all.

maj 20, 3:10 pm

>25 kristilabrie: Thanks Kristi. We'll see this coming Sunday.