Replacement or spare slipcase for The Box of Delights

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Replacement or spare slipcase for The Box of Delights

mar 20, 5:44 am

Hello all,

I'm new here and have a very fledgling collection of Folio books. Most gifted or sourced second hand.
I recently acquired a copy of John Masefield's Box of Delights. It's in great condition but lacking the slicase.

I also have The Midnight Folk, with the slipcase.
I'd love to either find a replacement slipcase for Box of Delights or get one made, so the set match.

Any advice or suggestions of where to find spares or have ones made - very welcome.

mar 20, 7:10 am

Slipcases are made for each individual book and are rarely sold separately.
Look for a poor quality book with a good slipcase on tHe secondary market.
Making slipcases is expensive unless you learn to do it yourself.

mar 20, 9:56 am

As >2 wcarter: said, it is quite unlikely to find someone selling just the slipcase. If you wanted to have a slipcase made then you should look for a local bookbinder who should be able to do the job and can quote for it. But getting a handmade bespoke slipcase will probably cost as much as buying another copy of the book and wouldn't match the slipcase you have for The Midnight Folk.

mar 20, 10:30 am

I get slipcases made for Fleece Press books that often come without them. Smaller one cost around £40 and the larger around £55, so you could use these figures as a guide (though Folio books would come in at the smaller end), and decide whether it is more cost efficient to simply purchase a copy with a slipcase and then try to sell the book separately without it

mar 20, 11:58 am

>4 DMulvee: who is your supplier for those slipcases, if I may ask?

mar 20, 10:05 pm

Slipcases are not hard to make. There are good tutorials on YouTube. I’ve made a few dozen which amortizes the costs quite a bit. I’m guessing a typical slipcase costs me about $15 (acid free cardboard, bookcloth, velour interior lining) and takes around 2 hours over two days (glue has to dry).

mar 21, 1:44 am

>5 ubiquitousuk: Chris Shaw ( He is recommended by Simon Lawrence as the person to contact if you wish to have slipcases

mar 22, 6:55 am

>4 DMulvee: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check out Fleece Press

mar 22, 6:55 am

>6 kdweber: Yeah I think I'll experiment with making my own first and see how it goes. Thanks!

mar 22, 6:56 am

>7 DMulvee: Ooh - thank you!