Locked out of tiny cat


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Locked out of tiny cat

feb 25, 11:06 am

Error message says connection is not secure. Something may be mimicking website for some purpose. Cannot get into account

Redigeret: feb 25, 11:11 am

The SSL certificate was not renewed, which is a problem on the LT's end. I'm sure they will be able to fix it, but probably not on a Sunday, since it will involve a third party.

feb 26, 7:55 am

>1 SantaCruzFriends: Are you still seeing this error? Everything looks good on my end, thanks.

apr 24, 2:41 pm

We are getting the same error message that SantaCruzFriends got. It is then followed by the microsoft red screen of prohibition. We have had this error message for over a month. What can we do to fix it?

apr 24, 2:48 pm

>4 stpatscs: we are having the same issue with the Microsoft red screen.

apr 24, 3:39 pm

This is a known issue they are working on. Please see the following thread for more details:

apr 26, 7:23 am

>4 stpatscs: We first saw this issue on April 6: can you tell me the first date you started getting those flags? This may be helpful as we try to reach Microsoft about this.