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Library landing page

feb 21, 11:11 am

We are using LibraryThing/TinyCat to allow our clinicians to check out books owned by our clinic. Is there a way to edit the landing page so they know all books we have available? Or is it just the side scrolling images of book covers?

feb 21, 12:42 pm

TinyCat does not have a browse feature—it's built to work like a traditional online catalog, which means you must search for something—but you can mimic browsing by adding links to saved searches on your TinyCat homepage.

For example, I've added links to my "Books" and "Movies" on my own TinyCat homepage here: The books are from an Advanced Search results for Media Type, and the Movies are from an Advanced Search for my Movies collection. One of our featured TinyCat libraries, Folio's Seattle Athenaeum, has done this as well (they mostly add links to searches for Tags within their catalog):

You can run your own Advanced Searches in your TinyCat and add links to those searches from your TinyCat’s Home page Settings: For example, here's a search to your "Official Library" Collection, sorted by Acquisition (most-recently added):, if you wanted to use that.

Check out the "Pro-tips" section on our Help page for more information:, and let me know if you have further questions.

apr 11, 3:45 am

>1 Anxiety_OCDAdmin: I have figured out how to do what it is you are asking. Let me know if you still need help with this.