Samuel Richardson

Snak18th-19th Century Britain

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Samuel Richardson

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maj 4, 2008, 5:27 am

Anybody here reading/has been reading Pamela, or, Virtue rewarded by Richardson and/or Clarissa by the same author?

I read 'Pamela' last year and found it very interesting and exciting. I've been told that 'Clarissa' is a very looong novel, but all the same I should like to read it some time.

maj 7, 2008, 5:25 pm

I think I read Shamela, not Pamela. It's quite funny :-)

I haven't read Clarissa, either, but I have read some of Fanny Burney's novels, which I think are similar. Clarissa, though, is even longer, from what I have heard.

I think all those novels are very "moralistic" in tone in that they have a very obvious agenda. However, it's fun (to me) to read books that characters in books I like are reading :-) They're very different than the books written nowadays, and very different from even Jane Austen's tone. But certainly worth reading, if you're in the mood for complete immersion!