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Summary option

jan 15, 12:33 pm

Is there a way to get the summary that I wrote for the books on Librarything to show up on my tinycat?

jan 15, 12:59 pm

Put the summary in comments.

Redigeret: jan 16, 9:45 am

>1 SchoolHorticulture: You could use your "Review" field to add a plot summary for each item, and make sure to show the "Library's review" (your review) on Detail pages in TinyCat, or as >2 MarthaJeanne: mentions the "Comments" field from LT can show up as "Local notes" (and be renamed in your settings) on Detail pages in TinyCat.

Here's where you can choose what fields to show on your Detail pages in TinyCat:, and here's where you can rename the "Local notes" field, if you want:

Redigeret: jan 16, 9:53 am

Please don't use review for a summary, unless you also include a review.

And 'reviews' that copy summaries (or reviews) from other places get flagged.

jan 17, 8:47 am

Members are free to use reviews however they like, within the Terms of Service.

The "Not a review" flag is there so members can mark a review as being not a review, which is generally understood to involve some level of opinion. It is particularly apt when people use reviews for physical descriptions, tags, etc. This will make it rank lower in site-wide lists of reviews.

jan 17, 1:30 pm

>5 timspalding: But many works have a single review and often when you go to check, it's some gibberish notation, probably for location and such. In fact, the leading reviewer in Zeitgeist, with tens of thousands of reviews probably doesn't have a single genuine review, all a short personal notation. 'It sucks' still qualifies as review, g6hh9 doesn't. I wish those with multiple flags would not show in the review counter at all so we don't waste time checking them. Site-wise, does LT really want those singletons that are not reviews shared around?

Also, I thought it is specified somewhere a summary alone is not a review, whether in ToS or elsewhere I don't remember. But it seems like a wise practice to prevent the review section from becoming more of a dumping ground. There is already a lot of non-reviews around, I suspect as import errors. Something that should be in comments or personal comments ends up in review for an entire library that's been catalogued.

jan 18, 7:48 am

"Also, I thought it is specified somewhere a summary alone is not a review" — Yes, you can flag them as "not a review." But they are not violations of the TOS. Members can't be suspended for using the review field for other stuff.

jan 18, 2:20 pm

>7 timspalding: I was not suggesting they be suspended, merely that it not be advised to use the field for something we both agree is not a review. Much as MarthaJeane before for that matter. There's enough non-reviews around without encouraging people to do it.

At least, this discussion prompted me to make an RSI about non-reviews