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access to webinars

Redigeret: jan 10, 1:20 pm

Are webinars for TinyCat or LibraryThing still ongoing? If so how to do gain access to them?

jan 11, 7:36 am

Yes, we just hosted one yesterday at 1pm Eastern - we do have to lock the meeting down a few minutes after starting to prevent spammers from hijacking the meeting (it's happened before).

Just make sure you go to our Zoom meeting ( by 1pm sharp to make our next session! I'm planning on next week. (If the meeting doesn't start by 1:15pm, then the session was likely cancelled.) You can also watch one of our recorded sessions anytime on LibraryThing's YouTube channel:

I hope this helps!

mar 17, 12:56 pm

>2 kristilabrie: I have just started using TinyCat and I have questions about it. Can you ask questions at the Zoom meeting? Can we be notified when the next one will available?

mar 18, 9:08 am

The webinars on Zoom is exactly the place where you can ask questions about getting started with TinyCat. I have a standard demo that I provide, showing off TinyCat front to back, and then hold a brief Q&A session afterwards where you can ask more general questions.

I plan on hosting this Wednesday at 1pm Eastern if you can make it there a minute or two beforehand!

mar 19, 1:30 pm

>4 kristilabrie: Thank you!