Generating/Creating Patron Library Cards


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Generating/Creating Patron Library Cards

Redigeret: nov 4, 2022, 11:37 am

I am working towards establishing a free mobile library to serve children in communities in El Salvador lacking resources and/or transportation to get their hands on books. In preparing for this I find myself wondering about creating or generating patron library cards.

First: I have tried out a couple of different Code 39 fonts recommended online but neither appears to be actually scannable...even after I bought a higher-quality scanner. Any recommendations for barcode generation?

Second: Does anyone design and print their own library cards? If so, have you found a way that would allow you to do so efficiently, i.e. not having to individually upload the barcode for each patron card. I would like to create many cards at a time to have ready for when we get to the point of having patron enroll.

Please note: because this will be a library in El Salvador, many options that would be easily shipped within the US would not work so it really does come down to creating the cards myself.

Thank you, small libraries!!

Redigeret: nov 4, 2022, 11:57 am

>1 Courtney_Biblioteca: I hope other libraries will offer advice on printing your own library cards (and you might want to try searching and/or posting in the "Librarians who LibraryThing" Group as well), but as for barcode generation: I think we're using a font from, hopefully you can find one that works!

Redigeret: jun 11, 2023, 5:07 pm

>1 Courtney_Biblioteca: Cheers,
I would be interested to know if you got a working solution. If so could you describe the details? Otherwise I may have some tips. I am not a Tech Professional, but I have contacts :) and am passionate about facilitating non-profits to achieve their goals by providing tech solutions appropriate to the situation. Feel free to PM me.

mar 10, 6:48 am

>1 Courtney_Biblioteca: The Code 39 font we're using at IBC Brussels came from here:
They explain there how to use it.
Further I made an Excel-file, where you should put your information to print on the first sheet (tag); I use the first column to put the barcode with font 'IDAHC39M Code 39 Barcode'. I gather all info there from the other columns with a formula: =CONCAT(C1;B1;D1;C1).
C1 contains *
B1 contains LIB00001
D1 contains IBC
What results in: *LIB00001IBC*
It's very important that your code starts and ends with *
otherwise it will not show as a barcode!

Then you need to create a mail-merge in Word to print your barcode labels.

For the moment I'm figuring out myself how to create library cards.

Right now we're using this to print barcodes for inside the books and labels for the book-spines.
Barcode Code Symb Subject SubCat Author Spine Label

The info from column 4, 5 and 6 is gathered with 'CONCAT' in column 7 'Spine Label'.
What can be printed again with another mail-merge in Word.

In the columns we've use this kind of info:

Barcode : =CONCAT(C1;B1;D1;C1)
Code : IBC000001
Symb : *
Subject : CL (Christian Life), SO (Soteriology, Salvation), AP (Apologetics), etc...
SubCat : Used in case more info is necessary. By biographies the first four letters of the subjects familyname, by Bible Studies the abbreviation of which part of the Bible, by series a series following number, etc...
Author : The first four letters of the author's family name or the first four letters from the title, in case of more than three authors or only editors.
Spine Label : =CONCAT(D2;" ";E2;" ";F2)

Hopefully this will be helpful.