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Patron login

jun 11, 2022, 12:45 pm

I've enabled our TinyCat account for our little community library ( and our IT people have integrated the widget onto our website, but when patrons (well, me since I haven't had the patron system go live until I fix this) navigate to the page and click the login button the widget screen goes white with no pop-up box. If I have my admin account logged-in through the tinycat website it remembers this and at the top I can see I'm a logged in patron. However, clicking on the login button gives a blank white popup with no text (only if I'm logged in, if not logged in it goes white but there's no popup). Seems patrons would have to register outside our website and login through tinycat, then return to our website to see the circulation options. That's not helpful at this point, and I'm assuming it's an integration issue. Any ideas what the issue might be? As far as I know, IT just took the widget code provided and copy-pasted it to our page code.

jun 13, 2022, 10:34 am

Hi Dónall,

While we give a general tip for embedding your TinyCat to your website, we don't actually give you the code to do so. (We have basic code for adding a basic search widget, but that's it). Your assumption sounds correct: I believe there's some conflicting code with your site and ours, or some way that your TinyCat was embedded on your site—perhaps conflicting JavaScript, or something else. You'll want to ask your IT department to investigate on their end. I tested the login on your TinyCat, directly, and it works fine at So there must be a conflict on your end, I think. Sorry for the trouble!

okt 10, 2022, 11:40 am

Hello, I'm new to Tinycat and Librarything, I am having difficulty with patron login. Every time I show them how to login it show the administrator site? I have a simple circulation with one password for all patrons but how do we get to that site? Thank you

okt 11, 2022, 9:15 am

To share your TinyCat with visitors and patrons, simply share the URL of your TinyCat homepage ( without giving them your admin password. They'll be able to view and search your catalog without having editing-access.

To log in as a patron, click one of the "Place hold" or "Check out" buttons on the frontend of your TinyCat (you can enable those buttons on Search pages and/or Detail/book pages), and enter the password you have set from your Patron Account Settings (

Please let me know if you have further q's here!

Redigeret: feb 1, 11:10 pm

I have set up a library and I am the admin. I want to be able to log out of my admin account to test a patron account and it does not seem to be possible. I even tried a different browser. The login screen pops up with the Admin name prefilled and grayed out so I can't change it.

I dont understand the directions in the previous comment. Are you saying I should try to check out a book and I will get a new log in screen? What I really want to do is see the catalog as a Patron does. I added some items that don't seem to be displaying for other patrons but are displaying to me as the admin.

I assume there's some delay time between loading items and when they propagate for others to see in the catalog?

feb 2, 8:04 am

"The login screen pops up with the Admin name prefilled and grayed out so I can't change it."

This sounds like you have your browser, or an extension/add-on, that's remembering your passwords. You'll want to clear these out so your login information isn't getting autofilled.

As for using the self "Check out" or "Place hold" buttons as a patron, you will want to click on one of those buttons from your Search and/or Detail pages (wherever you're showing those buttons), such as, and you should get prompted to log in. If you've already logged in as a patron, in Simple Circulation mode, on the same browser/session, you will not likely have to log in again. If you want to test the login process, just clear your browser's cookies/history or use incognito mode.

Looking at your notes, you may just want to try using your TinyCat catalog on the front-end (the patron-side) in incognito mode, to see how it looks for the patron/s:

As far as cataloging records to your library in LibraryThing and having those records get added to your search index, for TinyCat and LibraryThing searches, this does usually take a few minutes but should not take much longer than that. Please let me know if you're seeing any significant delays with this! Thanks.