Biographical Poem on Kerouac

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Biographical Poem on Kerouac

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okt 31, 2006, 11:38am

Hello, my name is Aberjhani and the following is an excerpt from a poem called "Sweet Brother Beat Bop Daddy K," taken from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black. Just wanted to share with those who appreciate Kerouac:

(an excerpt)

Which take is this
Sweet Brother Beat-Bop Daddy K?

Listen, kid, the first take
is the only take:
you dig deep like skiddly-wee-doo-boy
then shut your stinkin' face.

Which take is this
Sweet Brother Beat-Bop Daddy K?

You get the one shot baby,
you dig deep or you sink deeper.

I write this life
the way I spurt my soul
in jazz-riff streams
across the condomless page
praying Charlie Parker
will blow for me
a higher range of esthetics
redefining and redesigning
everything I never knew
about God-as-me within this world
and who knows how much
we do not know about Love
or lovelessness? Can you spit it
through saxophone genius
like dark mystic birds
Coltrane and Charlie?

I place my best feet
upon good green earth
running from one session of hell
in America to another
small-town boy French-Canadian sperm
crossing the goal line
straight into the mine fields
of World War II, my sanity
like a fish with hooks
in both eyes, my hunger
like an engine
gulping highways and speed.

(from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black)
by Aberjhani