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Church Bookstores

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apr 2, 2008, 2:39pm

Anybody out there work in a UU bookstore? How do you and your church get along? Are you a separate business entity or part of the church? Our little book table is having some growing pains. We wanted to know if there were some examples out there that we could follow.

Thanks Much!

First U Denver

apr 3, 2008, 11:42am

I'm definitely interested in hearing some positive ideas as well. I tried to do both, Library and Bookcart. I even got approval from the Board that any profit from the Bookcart would go to the Library since, at that time, I did not have any sort of dedicated Library just fell under RE (last year the library was given its own budget line under RE).

I finally, late last year, announced that I could not continue to do both, not that I was doing the Bookcart much anyway. Mainly I'd set up a table during coffee hour and might sell a few things. At this time no one has come forward and I've hoped that I could work with that person/s and continue to have the Library benefit.

Someone FirstCleveland I think, looks like they have their Bookcart/store on here as well, and maybe that would be a better solution. I'm curious as well!

Also, what "cause" do most Bookstores/carts/tables go for? Do they benefit the library mostly?

UUCLR (Little Rock)

apr 3, 2008, 3:38pm

Ours used to benefit membership. The lady who ran the book table used proceeds to pay for pamphlets. Our library actually has a decent budget.