MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Sixth Cotillion

Snak75 Books Challenge for 2021

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MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Sixth Cotillion

Redigeret: jun 1, 1:00pm

This is the only adaptation of Northanger Abbey worth watching IMO, so another topper from it for your viewing pleasure.

I'm Micky, 34 years old, librarian, and generally bookish nerd. I usually have a good mix of reads going on every year with strong doses of romance, sff, historicals, and a dash of non-fiction. My only reading project this year is a re-read of Jane Austen's six major novels - the ultimate comfort reads for me. I'm trying to be a bit more chatty on my own thread and others and in addition to my reading, I'll also discuss what I'm watching, and general life goings on often featuring my husband, Mr. Fine, and our two cats, Ash and Smee. Posters and lurkers alike are welcome.

1. Paper and Fire - Rachel Caine
2. Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
3. Fangs - Sarah Andersen
4. I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are - Rachel Bloom
5. Not Quite the Classics - Colin Mochrie
6. Giant Days Volume 11 - John Allison & Max Sarin
7. Ash and Quill - Rachel Caine
8. Emma - Jane Austen (re-read)
9. Giant Days Volume 12 - John Allison & Max Sarin
10. Read It and Weep - Jenn McKinlay

11. How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse - K. Eason (re-read)
12. Giant Days Volume 13 - John Allison & Max Sarin
13. Death by Shakespeare - Kathryn Harkup
14. Lumberjanes Vol. 16 - Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
15. How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge - K. Eason
16. Little Moments of Love - Catana Chetwynd
17. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline (re-read)
18. Clean: The New Science of Skin - Jame Hamblin
19. Giant Days Vol. 14 - John Allison & Max Sarin
20. Ready Player Two - Ernest Cline

21. More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer
22. Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend - Catana Chetwynd
23. The Noel Coward BBC Radio Drama Collection - Noel Coward
24. Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (re-read)
25. You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time: Rules for Couples - Patricia Maxwell & Roz Chast
26. Redshirts - John Scalzi
27. Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
28. Once & Future: The King Is Undead - Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora
29. It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn
30. True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop - Annie Darling
31. Once & Future: Old English - Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora
32. Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher
33. An Infamous Army - Georgette Heyer
34. Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread - Nathan Edmonson & Phil Noto
35. All Systems Red - Martha Wells (re-read)
36. Artificial Condition - Martha Wells (re-read)
37. On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn

Redigeret: jul 1, 2:15pm

38. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
39. Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells (re-read)
40. Exit Strategy - Martha Wells (re-read)
41. The Jane Austen Society - Natalie Jenner
42. Valkyrie: The Sacred and the Profane - Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, & CAFU
43. The Martian - Andy Weir
44. Valkyrie: At the End of All Things - Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Torun Grønbekk, Pere Pérez, CAFU, Ramon Rosanas
45. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows (re-read)
46. Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice: Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces - Sarah Carter
47. Lumberjanes Vol. 17 - Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Kanesha C. Bryant
48. Shit, Actually - Lindy West
49. The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill - Julie Klassen
50. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel You Know It's True - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
51. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
52. Network Effect - Martha Wells (re-read)
53. Siri, Who Am I? - Sam Tschida
54. Fugitive Telemetry - Martha Wells
55. A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare
56. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It - Ryan North, Erica Henderson, & Jacob Chabot
57. Hamlet - William Shakespeare
58. Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare

59. Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare
60. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - Stuart Turton
61. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Like I'm the Only Squirrel in the World - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
62. Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare
63. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Who Run the World? Squirrels - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
64. Yes Please - Amy Poehler
65. Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (re-read)
66. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: I've Been Waiting for a Squirrel Like You - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
67. Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
68. Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey - Countess Carnarvon
69. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: My Best Friend's Squirrel - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
70. Klara and the Sun - Kazuo Ishiguro
71. Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe
72. The Mortal Word - Genevieve Cogman
73. The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green
74. Sunshine Girl - Julianna Margulies

75. Dolly Parton, Songteller - Dolly Parton
76. Voyager - Diana Gabaldon (re-read)
77. The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition - Lawrence Dorfman
78. On Borrowed Time - Jenn McKinlay
79. The Fourth Bear - Jasper Fforde
80. The Soulmate Equation - Christina Lauren
81. Lumberjanes Vol. 18 - Kat Leyh et. al.
82. Persuasion - Jane Austen (re-read)

Redigeret: jun 1, 1:05pm

My rating system:

/ = Ran screaming in the other direction (aka did not finish)
* = Suffered through it for reasons I'm still not sure of
** = Had far more flaws than virtues
*** = A read I don't regret but could use some improvement
**** = A good, solid read that I might revisit
***** = Loved it beyond reason and will probably re-read in short order

Redigeret: jun 1, 1:10pm

This thread is officially open for business! We're supposed to reach 28C (82F) today and 31C (89F) tomorrow. So let's kick the discussion off with your favourite ways to keep cool. I run pretty cold generally (I'm currently wearing a blanket and sweater over my shorts and tee in the basement) but I love me some ice cream.

jun 1, 12:55pm

Happy June, Micky! Happy New Thread. I hope all is well in Mickyland!

jun 1, 1:03pm

Happy new one, my friend.

jun 1, 1:11pm

Thanks for dropping by already, Mark and Katie!

jun 1, 1:14pm

New thread...and the 75th read of 2021! Much to anticipate with pleasure.

I keep cool by setting the a/c on "DUDE!!" and leaving it there 24/7.

jun 1, 1:24pm

What's on the agenda: With our current heat wave it's suddenly that fun time of year when I'm too hot to fall asleep at night but can't sleep in because of work. Doing ok on energy so far but I expect a slump this afternoon. Work is just me and my various lists for ordering and it's pure bliss. I love this part of the job. Our department is having a "social" on Microsoft Teams this afternoon and we're supposed to wear a fun hat so I'll pull out my steampunk fascinator for that. I'm going to need to do a quick grocery run after work to pick up lettuce and since there's a Safeway right next to the Indigo, I'll also pick up my own copy of The Anthropocene Reviewed at the same time. Review for it on my previous thread but short version is I LOVED it. So. Much. Tacos for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Started Dolly Parton, Songteller on my walk this morning and, given my love for Dolly, it's just as enjoyable as anticipated. With watching Outlander with Mr. Fine, I've had an itch to re-read Voyager so I have opted to return the two library books I have out right now and hang out with Jamie and Claire instead. Sometimes I still struggle with ignoring my lists and due dates and just (re)reading something because I'm in the mood for it so I'm feeling proud of myself for ignoring the illogical "have to" feeling and reading what I want.

What we're watching: A couple episodes of Fringe last night.

jun 1, 1:34pm

Happy new thread, Micky!

My favorite way to keep cool isn't very eco-friendly, I'm afraid: I want the A/C blasting right on my face, especially in the car.

I can't tell if you loved the book So. Much. or if there will be So. Much. Tacos for dinner tonight. Both sound pretty great to me.

jun 1, 2:10pm

Happy new thread!

jun 1, 4:29pm

Happy new thread, Micky! From your last thread, your review has pushed the John Green essays onto the TBR list.

Redigeret: jun 1, 4:33pm

>8 richardderus: Ah A/C. Living in the zone where I do A/C in houses isn't super common (although it does crop up more and more). We currently get by with cross venting windows and a big box fan but our living room has three big windows that face southwest. Lovely in the winter but even with the blinds closed all day it can still heat up pretty badly in the summer. I've told Mr. Fine that when our furnace needs to be replaced in the far-distant future (touch wood) that I'll seriously consider a furnace/central air combo.

>10 scaifea: I'm some kind of delicate flower because if fans or A/C blows on my throat too much I get a sore throat. And I loved the book so much. It will be an average amount of tacos.

>11 quondame: Thanks, Susan.

>12 bell7: Thanks, Mary. Oh I'm happy you added it to your TBR. It's a book I want to hand to lots of people because I love it so much.

jun 1, 5:51pm

Happy new thread, Micky!

I have a hard time with heat (anything over 25°C), my preferred temperatures are between 16 and 20°C. Although A/C isn't common over here, we got one a few years back. I am so glad we did. Summers are much better since.

jun 1, 5:54pm

Happy new thread! Our weather and WFH outfits sound similar today -- I'm in a sundress, but with a sweatshirt on top and fuzzy moccasin slippers on. We also don't have AC, and are fortunate that our house stays pretty cool even in scorching weather, but I would love to redo all our windows as currently very few of them in the main living space open, and it would be nice to get a little more cross breeze.

jun 1, 11:46pm

Happy new one, Micky.

Northanger Abbey is not a bad spot to continue to hang out!

jun 2, 7:53am

>13 MickyFine: Oh, I get a sore throat, too, but it's totally worth it. Also? I admit that I'm a little disappointed that there was only an average amount of tacos, although yay for loving the book!

jun 2, 10:00am

Happy new thread! My house does not have central AC (it's somewhere way down on the landlord's list of projects, but I don't think we need it, so I hope he doesn't get to it in my tenancy) but I do have window units in the living room and bedrooms. The downstairs stays nice and cool on all but the most miserable days, but my bedroom gets a blast of afternoon sun and is too hot for sleep at night without the window unit running. I'm a fan of ice cream at any time of year, but popsicles are my choice when it's really hot.

jun 2, 10:21am

>14 FAMeulstee: 20-25C is my preferred summer temperature range, Anita, but I live on the dry prairies. I assume the humidity is much higher where you are and thus 20C would be the top end of tolerable.

>15 curioussquared: I've got almost that exact WFH outfit going today, Natalie. Too hot for the moccasins though (even in the basement) but I do have socks with penguins wearing inner tubes and snorkel gear on them. :D

>16 PaulCranswick: Thanks for the visit, Paul.

>17 scaifea: Well there's leftover taco meat from last night so I'll either be having another taco or microwaved nachos for lunch today. :)

>18 foggidawn: I'm so thankful that our master bedroom suite is on the cooler side of the house and has smaller windows so it's usually a teensy bit cooler than the rest of the upstairs. I have seriously considered sleeping in the basement in the summer. Only problem is the bed in my step-daughter's room is too soft for me and gives me back pain. It might be something I do when she moves out and our current mattress becomes the guest bed though.

Redigeret: jun 2, 10:46am

What's on the agenda: The heat wave continues so walks at 6 a.m. are still the order of the day. Afterwards I played games on my phone and read for a bit. Work today will include my weekly work group meeting and I'll be taking my first stab at dealing with customer suggestions that have been assigned to me for this pilot. :/ Depending on how long that takes, I'm hoping to spend time with the new issue of Audiofile today too. As of this morning, it was up in the air about whether Mr. Fine's daughter (and her boyfriend) were coming by for an evening visit today or not. So we'll see. It's takeout night so at least cooking won't heat up the house.

What I'm reading: Print-wise, you're going to see nothing but Voyager here for at least a week. Still in the section where we see everything that happened to Jamie and Claire after Culloden and their separation.Dolly Parton, Songteller is on audio and I'd be fascinated to see what the print edition of the book is like because the audio is really interviews with Dolly rather than her reading the book to you.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supergirl I am so over Mon-El's wife. She's obviously there purely as an obstacle for Mon-El and Kara and doesn't actually feel like anything other than a pretty piece of cardboard they wheel in and out. Such lazy writing. Then watched a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords including the one with the song I actually knew before watching the show: Friends.

jun 2, 11:18am

Love the penguin socks! The best friend and I sang along to the entire Flight of the Conchords discography on the way home from camping last weekend and decided it's time for us to rewatch the show. So good!

jun 2, 12:20pm

Happy new one!

jun 2, 4:17pm

>21 curioussquared: I finally saw the "Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor" episode as well, which Mr. Fine has been making reference to since we started dating. That one and "Business Time" crack him up most and he references them pretty frequently.

>22 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

Redigeret: jun 2, 6:33pm

>23 MickyFine: I love those Flight of the Conchords references, Micky. Those are two great songs. We may need to rewatch some episodes ...

jun 2, 8:14pm

>23 MickyFine: Whenever I meet anyone named Steve I find myself going, "STEVE!", in the manner of "Did Steve tell you that, perchance? Steve!" from the Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous song. They're just so quotable.

jun 3, 12:40pm

>24 lauralkeet: It's been a fun first watch for me, Laura.

>25 curioussquared: Snort.

jun 3, 12:48pm

What's on the agenda: Another day of the continuing heat wave - based on current forecasts it's supposed to get more tolerable by the weekend. Walk this morning before work as usual this week. Started the work day with authentication issues so I've spent some time on the phone with IT this morning. My meeting yesterday was rescheduled to today. Now I'll dive into customer suggestions and hopefully get through the rest of the newest issue of AudioFile. Swapped meal plans around to avoid cooking in the house so there will be barbecue chicken and potatoes cooked in foil on the barbecue with some kind of salad.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Lord John just made his subtle attempt at seducing Jamie and was Shut Down. So nearing the end of the Ardsmuir section. I'm on track to finish Dolly Parton, Songteller before it's due on Monday.

What we're watching: With the kids over for dinner and then Mr. Fine needing to chat with the neighbour about fence things we only managed one episode of Flight of the Conchords.

jun 3, 7:33pm

>27 MickyFine: ...as I shiver in the 19C chill...

The ocean is a wonderful thing to have right outside, but today it was so foggy it darn near kept me on the curb as I walked to the store.

jun 4, 7:25am

Just checking in to the new thread :) And was glad to see your review of Klara and the Sun - I've been contemplating picking it up, so that's a definite shove up the 'to be acquired' list.

jun 4, 10:30am

>28 richardderus: Those ocean breezes can be great on a warm day. Hope it's a little more pleasant on your end of the continent today.

>29 BekkaJo: Nice to see you, Bekka. I hope you enjoy Klara and the Sun!

Redigeret: jun 4, 10:58am

What's on the agenda: Yay for Fridays! Walk this morning was followed by audiobook and phone game time. Work today will be dealing with customer suggestions in OverDrive and then general selection. After work I'm going to pop out and pick up a couple pairs of capris as they're on sale at a store where I have a gift card and with a return to the office during the summer looking likely, I want some options besides dresses. Mr. Fine is making beef kebabs for supper tonight and we're crossing our fingers the thunderstorms forecasted today either pass or are still coming in while he cooks. Movie night tonight with a double feature looking likely.

What I'm reading: Book 75 is officially under my belt as I finished Dolly Parton, Songteller on audio this morning. Voyager is still on the go. Laughing to myself over Jamie and Lord John's discussion about the length of Pamela and how the author needed the space to tell the story. I see you, Diana Gabaldon. :D

What we're watching: A couple episodes of Supernatural and a couple of Flight of Conchords.

jun 4, 11:08am

Book 75

Dolly Parton, Songteller - Dolly Parton

As an audiobook this is a collection of interviews in which Dolly discusses the stories and influences behind 100 of her songs, often with snippets of the songs discussed included. If you like Dolly, you'll like the audiobook and that's really all there is to it. I will be picking up the physical book to skim at some point to see how they compare as I'd imagine they're very different reading experiences.

Rating: ****

jun 4, 11:18am

Happy Friday, Micky!

jun 4, 12:41pm

jun 4, 12:51pm

Woohoo, congrats on 75!! Since I got the Moderna vaccine I like to think my microchip is Dolly-brand instead of Bill Gates ;)

jun 4, 2:00pm

>32 MickyFine: Congratulations on 75 reads!

jun 4, 5:17pm

>32 MickyFine: Congratulations on reaching 75, Micky!

jun 4, 5:27pm

>31 MickyFine: Congrats on 75, Micky!

(I. LOVE. Luci. So. So. Much.)

jun 5, 11:03am

>33 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie.

>34 richardderus: Thanks, Richard!

>35 curioussquared: Thanks, Natalie. And I laughed at the Dolly chip. I'll be eligible for shot 2 at the end of June and Canada is allowing for mixing of mRNA vaccines if necessary so we'll see what I get for the second one.

>36 quondame: Thanks, Susan.

>37 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita.

>38 scaifea: Thanks, Amber. Colour me shocked that you love the ultimate bad boy. ;)

jun 5, 11:12am

What's on the agenda: Stupid body clock woke me up at 5:30 and I've been lazing in bed since. Usual big breakfast followed by virtual church. Early this afternoon we'll be watching the livestream of the wedding of one of Mr. Fine's friends. It's supposed to be stormy this afternoon so there will be Lego assembly and board games. Perogies and sausage for supper.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Jamie and Claire have just arrived at his room in the brothel and there's confrontation looming.

What we're watching: My pick for double feature night was The Mirror Has Two Faces. It's one of my comfort movies and Jeff Bridges is at peak attractiveness in it, IMO. Mr. Fine's pick was Iron Man 3 for the ongoing MCU rewatch.

jun 5, 12:29pm

>40 MickyFine: Ugh to a 5:30 wake-up. That's just not cool on a Saturday.

jun 5, 6:17pm

>41 katiekrug: Agreed. Here's hoping I make it to at least 6 tomorrow.

jun 5, 9:37pm

Congrats on reading 75, Micky! Hope you get to sleep in a little tomorrow to make up for this morning.

jun 6, 10:41am

>43 bell7: Thanks, Mary! There was definitely more sleep last night.

jun 6, 10:48am

What's on the agenda: I crashed last night around 8:30-9 and other than waking up briefly around 11 when Mr. Fine came to bed, I slept solid until 6:40 this morning. Huzzah! Cinnamon raisin bagel waiting for me for breakfast. Then I'll tackle cleaning, laundry, and bill stuff. Might do more Lego assembly this afternoon or just read. Burgers for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Jamie and Claire are getting close to heading back to Lallybroch with Young Ian but first a smuggling pit stop (a section of the plot I'd forgotten).

What we're watching: Nothing for me with all the sleeping.

jun 6, 6:32pm

Sounds like a pleasant Sunday on tap there...it was sunny and quite warm (about 27C) today here, so I stayed indoors and got my 99th book review posted, got 1/2 of my now-Tuesday review done, and moved a series-gang review to Monday.

I *will* get 190 blog-reviews posted this year or expire in the attempt.

jun 6, 7:49pm

Ooh yeah, I'd be hiding in the cool at that temperature too. As for all your reviews, I'm exhausted at the thought of writing that many. In awe of you as always.

jun 6, 8:19pm


jun 6, 11:44pm

Happy 75th book Micky!

jun 7, 11:27am

>48 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

>49 vikzen: Thanks, Vic!

jun 7, 11:45am

What's on the agenda: Third week in a row of Mr. Fine being on early shift. Woke up to super heavy rain when the alarm went off at 5 today and there's a chance of thunderstorms/rain all day. At least the lilac bush is in bloom and visible from the window in my basement workspace to offset the grey day blahs. Last day of my manager being on vacation and my work days consequently being much quieter. Customer suggestions are on the agenda and then regular ordering are the priority of the day. Mr. Fine's making some sort of pasta dish with chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight. Virtual craft circle for me this evening.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Marsali just popped up at Lallybroch calling Jamie "Daddy" so all hell is about to break loose. Not technically a book but have paused on audiobooks for a while to catch up on my podcast subscriptions. Currently into the movie musical month episodes of I Hate It But I Love It and loving their discussions as always.

What we're watching: Big Hero 6 for the Disney project (LOVE Baymax so much) and the last episode of Flight of the Conchords. My pick next for a half hour show and I'm leaning towards Superstore.

jun 7, 12:57pm

>51 MickyFine: I don't love waking up to heavy rain, mostly because it means I'll probably get soaked walking the dogs, but I do love going to sleep to the sound of heavy rain :) Have you watched Superstore before? It's one I was considering starting but haven't got around to yet.

jun 7, 1:53pm

>52 curioussquared: It was just such a shock as I sleep with ear plugs so took them out and then was surprised by the noise. Living where I do, heavy rain is usually over in 5-10 minutes and it was the same today. Currently no precipitation but it could change at any point. I'll be wearing a rain jacket and carrying an umbrella for my afternoon walk.

Superstore was Mr. Fine's background show while cooking a couple months ago so I've seen bits and pieces and liked what I saw. Lots of funny jokes while also tackling issues like illegal immigrants and unions. Similar vibe to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I think.

jun 7, 2:12pm

>53 MickyFine: Ooh, I'll have to look into it then. I love B99.

jun 7, 2:40pm

I watched the first few episodes of Superstore when it started and didn't care for it (those episodes have a lot of humor based on people's appearances, which I don't love), but earlier this year I watched the whole thing right before the series finale and it was really great.

jun 7, 3:27pm

>54 curioussquared: I hope you like it, Natalie.

>55 norabelle414: Thanks for that head's up, Nora. There's been a few sit-coms where the first couple episodes haven't been my jam but that I loved afterwards. IT Crowd comes immediately to mind.

jun 7, 5:09pm

Cringe comedy lost me somewhere along the way. Don't perzackly know where, but The Office and B99 and the like don't make me laugh...Absolutely Fabulous, which was seriously the funniest thing in my world was ages, doesn't even get a weak grin.

I'd hate like poison to be transported back in time at this stage! What a nightmare. Unlikely to come true, of course, so *whew*

My Young Gentleman Caller gave me a gorgeous haul of books! *whee*

jun 7, 5:15pm

>57 richardderus: I hear you on the cringe comedy, Richard. I'm also not a fan. But if the rest of the show is good I'll ignore those characters/plot elements. Joys of finding the kind of funny that works for you. At least we'll always have As Time Goes By. *smooch*

jun 7, 5:21pm

>57 richardderus: I'm not one for cringe comedy, either.

jun 8, 8:05am

Yay for Big Hero 6! One of my favorites. And we love Brooklyn 99 here at Scaife Manor.

jun 8, 10:10am

What's on the agenda: My pre-work time this morning after dropping off Mr. Fine was filled with folding laundry and making a big pot of chai latte (made with rooibos for my caffeine-free life). My manager is back and we have a department meeting today so I need the treat. Around that I'll be doing my bi-weekly update of our Lucky Day content in OverDrive, do some ordering, and maybe work on the course content I'm developing. A couple of Mr. Fine's friends dropped by yesterday, which threw off our whole evening schedule so we ended up ordering takeout from a new to us place. Really tasty pasta and we'll be ordering from there again. So the chicken and broccoli pasta has been shifted to tonight (I could eat pasta every day so no worries on that front). Massage for me this evening.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Jamie and Claire are about to head off with Young Ian to go retrieve treasure.

What we're watching: With the mixed up evening last night, I ended up skipping craft circle so we watched a few episodes of Fringe, including Brown Betty. Olivia Dunham as a noir detective is perfection.

jun 10, 10:12am

What's on the agenda: Very quiet start to the day snuggled up on the couch with Smee playing phone games and reading. Moving a sleeping, snuggly cat to start work is always such a bummer. Customer suggestions are first up on the agenda today, I need to finish reviewing one of our internal documents for an update, and then I'll hopefully spend the day doing regular ordering. After work need to make a trip to the library to pick up holds. Chicken tacos from Costco for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Claire's on The Porpoise dealing with the typhoid outbreak.

What we're watching: First episode of Loki, which we really enjoyed. Although part of my brain is fascinated with whether Owen Wilson has really become a silver fox or if it's a wig. Also an episode of Outlander.

jun 10, 10:52am

I've promised The Wayne I will try to watch Loki with him. I don't predict I will make it through much, but we'll see...

jun 10, 11:56am

>64 katiekrug: Maybe it'll surprise you? Did you like WandaVision?

jun 10, 12:09pm

>65 MickyFine: - I didn't watch it. I think The Wayne is planning to watch it when I'm out of town next month. He tends to save up shows I have no interest in to watch while I'm traveling. Given how long I've been at home, he has quite a list :)

jun 10, 12:15pm

>66 katiekrug: Ah ok. Well I think visually it's really appealing - there's some really cool design going into this world. And I'm enjoying the timey-wimey-ness of it all, as expected. But if the MCU doesn't entertain you, this may not be your jam.

Redigeret: jun 10, 12:18pm

>67 MickyFine: - I like bits of the MCU - but I'm not a devotee (insert appropriate accent marks).

jun 10, 12:19pm

>68 katiekrug: If you like bits with Loki then odds go up. Now I'm really interested to see if/how much you end up enjoying it.

jun 10, 12:21pm

>69 MickyFine: - I will let you know :)

jun 10, 12:25pm

>63 MickyFine: Moving a snuggly pet to start work is absolutely a bummer. By the time I get up in the morning there are usually at least two, if not three dogs in bed with me and I am awful at getting started in the morning when they're so cuddly.

We'll probably give Loki a try; I'm not really into the MCU, but did enjoy Thor: Ragnarok and Wandavision.

jun 10, 12:27pm

Hi Micky! One day closer to Paradise. (The weekend, that is.) I'm pretty sure it's going to be a read-read-read one.

Have the best-possible time getting caught up on Loki. I am NOT an MCU guy and I think it's terrific.

jun 10, 1:16pm

>70 katiekrug: Great!

>71 curioussquared: Thanks for the sympathy, Nathalie. Smee will sometimes come and demand snuggles during my work day but he doesn't come and stay in my lap for hours like when I'm on the couch or in bed. In the days when I went to the office, I would come home and he'd meow at me quite loudly until I sat down and gave him pets and cuddles for 5-10 minutes and then I could go do things like make supper or whatever. He's a big suck, basically.

>72 richardderus: I'm hoping for some good reading time this weekend too, Richard. In theory it's supposed to be finally sunny so I might even spend some of it in the hammock. Glad you're enjoying Loki so far. Doesn't hurt that Tom Hiddleston isn't terrible to look at. :P

jun 10, 1:40pm

>73 MickyFine: Doesn't hurt that Tom Hiddleston isn't terrible to look at.

...sorry...you were saying...?

jun 10, 3:24pm

>74 richardderus: Was I saying something?

jun 10, 3:59pm

jun 10, 10:20pm

I am looking forward to watching Loki at some point this evening as well. Enjoying your daily updates :)

jun 11, 3:27am

>61 MickyFine: So cute! Not one I've watched, may have to :)

jun 11, 10:15am

>77 vikzen: Hope you liked it, Vic!

>78 BekkaJo: It's a fun film, Bekka. Hope you enjoy it if you watch it.

jun 11, 10:44am

What's on the agenda: That 5 a.m. alarm on Fridays is always the hardest one to do for me but I managed. Dropped off Mr. Fine and then played phone games before work. I've got customer suggestions in OverDrive to deal with first and then I'm hoping to get through a bunch of vendor lists but we'll see how the day goes. Spaghetti with meatballs for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Fergus and Marsali just got married and the clan is about to start the search for Young Ian in the Caribbean.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supernatural last night. Including the first appearance of Charlie. Yay!

jun 11, 12:36pm

>80 MickyFine: Ha! Too cute!

Have a lovely weekend, Micky.

jun 11, 1:35pm

>81 richardderus: Thanks, Richard. Wishing you a lovely weekend as well.

jun 11, 1:44pm

So announcement today that staff working from home are expected to be in office at least one day a week starting next week. :/ Under current rules, I can't sign up for my second shot until June 28 and I'm less than enthused about having to go before I'm fully vaccinated, especially with the delta variant circulating. But here we are.

jun 11, 1:49pm

>83 MickyFine: - Um, yikes. Why would they make people not yet fully vaccinated go back? It seems silly, especially since you (and many others, I'm sure) are "in progress" so it wouldn't be all that much longer to wait.

I'm sorry, Micky :(

jun 11, 2:37pm

>83 MickyFine: Ugh, that's frustrating :( I don't understand why all these workplaces are rushing to get people back into the office so quickly before it's fully safe.

jun 11, 2:53pm

>83 MickyFine: well that's annoying. I'm sorry you have to deal with that, Micky.

jun 11, 3:03pm

Oh dang, that stinks, Micky. *wills June 28th to hurry up*

jun 11, 3:44pm

Thanks for the sympathies, Katie, Natalie, Laura, and Amber.

My province moved to Stage 2 of their reopening plan yesterday, which lifts the work from home mandate. It's still encouraged but not required anymore, which is how we're here now. Current timeline for return to the office is one day a week from now until Stage 3 (anticipated to be early-mid-July depending on the uptake of vaccinations as it requires it be 2 weeks after 70% of the population 12+ have first shots and hospitalizations decreasing). Once Stage 3 starts we're supposed to be in office 50% of the time and by September 20 we're supposed to be in the office full-time. A lot of my colleagues haven't had the option to work from home throughout so it feels a bit weird to be whining about going in but at the same time, it increases their risk of exposure as well when there's more people so... yeah. We'll see how the summer goes.

jun 11, 4:38pm

>88 MickyFine: I totally feel you. My company is bringing us back mid-July on a permanent "hybrid" model where we'll be in the office three days a week. At this point I think everyone here who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated, so that's good. My problem with it is that the "hybrid" model is super rigid; everyone has to be in the office the same three days, no exceptions, and we're going straight into three days a week, no ramp-up period, AND we'll still have to mask and socially distance. Which is smart, but it feels premature to force people to come back if those measures are still necessary, especially since we're not public-facing and the only thing that's going to change about my work is where I'm doing it. After over a year of flexibly working from home, it's a lot of structure all of a sudden.

jun 11, 5:47pm

>89 curioussquared: Oof that sounds intense. I've read quite a few articles lately about the whole return to the office scene and there's a whole gamut of perspectives on it. It sucks that there's no flexibility on which days you're in the office though. I get wanting staff to overlap for meeting/collab purposes but the same three days for everyone sounds excessive. I am pleased that my work isn't having us back in the office full-time right away at least, which I wasn't optimistic about. So it could be worse, I guess.

jun 11, 6:15pm

>90 MickyFine: Yeah, I'm doubly nervous about it since I started at this company during the pandemic and haven't even met my coworkers in person yet. The one day a week is a nice start, but I definitely think it's a low blow to require you to come in before you're fully vaccinated. I'm sure all companies are screwing it up at least a little bit.

jun 12, 9:51am

>91 curioussquared: I hope meeting all your coworkers goes smoothly!

jun 12, 10:07am

What's on the agenda: Awake super early partially due to body clock and partially due to my brain churning. Got a phone call from my Dad yesterday evening to tell me my Grandad (who is in his 80s) had a heart attack. As of last night he was in hospital and awake but not really coherent. They were planning to do more tests today. Trying to keep myself busy this weekend to help keep worrying at a minimum. Any and all prayers and good thoughts really appreciated. Since I was awake before 6, I did a lot of quiet phone gaming while Mr. Fine was still sleeping. Will probably get up soon for our usual big breakfast and then do some reading and maybe crochet until virtual church. Not sure if we'll do our usual post- church walk or if it will end up later in the day as Mr. Fine's daughter is supposed to visit today but no clue what time yet. Around that there will probably be some board games and/or Lego assembly. Fruit salad with peanut butter toast for supper for me tonight while Mr. Fine will have hot dogs as he doesn't like most fruit (weirdo).

What I'm reading: Voyager progress Claire just got stitched up after fending off a pirate attack.

What we're watching: Double feature last night. My pick was The Wizard of Oz and Mr. Fine continued our MCU rewatch with Thor: The Dark World.

jun 12, 10:10am

I"m sorry about your grandfather, Micky. Sending you and your family good thoughts.

jun 12, 12:25pm

Thinking of you, and hope your grandfather is doing better today.

jun 12, 2:41pm

>93 MickyFine: Best wishes to your grandfather.

jun 12, 3:16pm

>93 MickyFine: Happy-outcome whammys for Grandfather and the family, Micky.

jun 12, 3:54pm

So sorry to hear about your grandfather and sending positive vibes!

jun 12, 6:08pm

Sorry to hear about your Grandad. I hope that he is stabilized and coherent soon.

jun 13, 10:43am

Much sympathy for a week of difficult news. Thinking of you

Redigeret: jun 13, 2:48pm

Thank you, Katie, Laura, Rhian, Richard, Natalie, Susan, and London for all your kind thoughts. As of yesterday, reports from my Dad (who due to COVID visitor restrictions is the only one who's allowed to go see my Grandad right now) are that my Grandad is much more like himself now. They were waiting on a couple more tests to get a full prognosis but consensus as of yesterday is that he got to the hospital early enough that significant damage was avoided.

ETA: Phone call as of today is that it was a heart attack and a mild stroke in the left hemisphere. However, Dad reports that Grandad is very coherent, able to sit and walk short distances, and could sign things with his right hand. So he's doing better than expected in the circumstances. No word yet on how long the hospital stay will be. More tests planned for tomorrow.

jun 13, 2:44pm

What's on the agenda: Slept in until around 7 this morning. Woohoo! Mr. Fine felt like Timmie's for breakfast today so there were breakfast sandwiches and donuts. I've done all my chores for today other than one more load of laundry waiting for its turn through the machines. Bill stuff also sorted. I also cleaned out my purse (long overdue) and began to prep my work bag for my day in office this week. With that done, I might run some errands this afternoon (dropping off clothes donations, looking at another rack for hanging clothes on to dry) or just chill at home, not sure. Greek night for supper so chicken souvlaki, rice, and Greek salad.

What I'm reading: I finished Voyager yesterday. *bows* Seriously contemplating re-reading the rest of the series before Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone comes out in November and have even stuck Drums of Autumn on the nightstand stack but going to read a couple other things first. The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition is the quick palate cleanser I've got lined up for today.

What we're watching: No viewing last night.

Redigeret: jun 14, 10:51am

Book 76

Voyager - Diana Gabaldon (re-read)

After twenty years apart, Claire discovers Jamie didn't die at Culloden and makes the choice to travel back through the stones to reunite with him. As they figure out who they are and whether the people they are can still be married to each other, they also continue to be magnets for all sorts of trouble and adventure.

My favourite book of the series and I really relished sinking into the details and tiny plot things that by nature of the medium get skimmed, skipped, or changed in the TV adaptation. Jamie and Claire remain fascinating characters and it's always fun to see familiar characters crop up again or appear for the first time. There's also so many different settings in this one so it never feels dull or stagnant.

Rating: ****

jun 13, 3:35pm

Hi Micky--Sorry to hear about the return plan to work. And about your grandfather's heart attack/stroke. Hope he recovers completely. Love the Gabaldon series. I was watching the TV series as well--have to get back to it. Happy Sunday!

jun 13, 7:59pm

>102 MickyFine: I think that people who want to read The Snark Handbook about anything probably should be banned from doing so.

jun 14, 11:03am

>104 Berly: Thanks for the visit, Kim. I've been rewatching Outlander with Mr. Fine (who's watching it for the first time) although I've yet to watch season 5. I've got some time though as season 6 just finished filming.

>105 quondame: Snort. The handbooks are really just collections of quotes and (bad) jokes. Truly snarky people probably wouldn't bother with them.

jun 14, 11:53am

What's on the agenda: Finally, finally Mr. Fine is on later shift, which means the alarm goes off at a much more reasonable 6 a.m. Treated this morning as a dry run for going in to work on Wednesday making sure I can fit in all the things I need to do before work that I haven't done in a while - putting on make-up, doing my hair, etc. It was a success. Dropped off Mr. Fine at the bus station, picked up tickets for me, and then came home and did dishes before starting work. Work will be customer suggestions, lists, and prepping some carts that I submit monthly to make sure they're ready to go. Turkey BLTs for supper tonight. Virtual craft circle this evening for me.

What I'm reading: Got through over half of The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition in about an hour last night. A lot of it is eye-rollingly stereotypical. I think this one will be leaving the house after I finish it.

What we're watching: Mr. Fine spent most of the late afternoon and evening with the neighbour digging holes, making concrete, and putting in the new fence posts for the section of fence that blew over. Since I wasn't sure how long he'd be, I rewatched a bunch of episodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I have on DVD. Still so much fun.

jun 14, 12:13pm

I was just thinking over the weekend how much I miss the golden age of YouTube literary adaptations. *Sigh*

Someone linked me to a fandom explainer video and I was like "sure, I would like to know more about this fandom" and then 15 minutes in I checked to see if it was going to be over soon and it was TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG. Who watches YouTube videos that long??? (I'm old now, I guess)

jun 14, 12:32pm

Oh, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! What a riot!

I'm glad you got to dry-run your routine and it was a success. It's a huge stress-reliever to me to do that extra prep.

Spend a splendid week ahead!

Redigeret: jun 14, 1:55pm

>108 norabelle414: 2.5 hours??? I don't have the attention span for that. I barely watch YouTube anymore. I'll occasionally watch a Vlogbrothers video and sometimes Yoga with Adriene but that's really it for me. Mr. Fine watches Honest Trailers pretty regularly and I'm often in the room so I get those as well. Awesome to see you on the thread! :D

>109 richardderus: Smooches for you, Richard. I especially wanted to do the dry run as it'll be my first time going in to work since we moved into our house last year so my morning routine has changed a little. Glad I'm not alone in my "let's be super prepared" club. :)

jun 14, 2:04pm

I would do the same thing as far as preparing to go back to the office. I'm glad it seems it will work out well in terms of timing.

jun 14, 3:30pm

>111 katiekrug: *fist bump* Thanks, Katie. I should have known there'd be several similar people floating around here.

jun 14, 9:27pm

Yay for reaching the first Charlie episode of Supernatural!

Sorry to hear about your granddad, will certainly be praying for him and your family.

Rereading the Outlander books in between others until the new book comes out sounds like an excellent plan (I haven't read the series, but I definitely have done the same with beloved series).

I never did watch the Lizzie Bennet diaries, but I think I should check it out. Eventually. When I have free time again.

jun 15, 11:21am

>113 bell7: So nice to see you around here, Mary. Appreciate the prayers and highly recommend The Lizzie Bennet Diaries although I laughed really hard at you having free time. You're like the Energizer bunny. :)

jun 16, 2:20pm

Whoops! Lost you when you moved.

I'm glad to know you're granddad is feeling better.

Congratulations on your 75!

jun 16, 5:17pm

First up, I'm pleased to share that my Grandad was sent home from the hospital yesterday. He was quite excited to get some uninterrupted sleep in his own bed. He'll have lots of doctor's appointments in the next little while but we're very happy he's back in his own house.

What's (been) on the agenda: First day working in the office since March 17, 2020. First couple hours was getting my desk all sorted as there was change of furniture and moving of people around the floor since I last was working in the building. Liking the standing desk and I'm closer to a window, which is nice. Weekly work group meeting took up most of the rest of the morning. Had lunch outside with a colleague looking over the river, which was nice. Afternoon will be reviewing the fiction DVD suggestions and then maybe some regular ordering but we'll see how long suggestions take. Mr. Fine gets to pick our takeout tonight and is apparently leaning toward Popeye's so I'll probably be having some sort of chicken.

What I'm reading: I'm pretty close to wrapping up On Borrowed Time, which is hitting the spot. Afterwards, I'll start The Fourth Bear as I picked it up from my work library today. Then back to Outlander, I think.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supergirl and the first episode of Superstore.

jun 16, 5:17pm

>115 humouress: Thanks, Nina. Nice to see you. :)

jun 16, 6:19pm

Great news about your grandfather! And I'm glad the return to the office went well too.

jun 16, 10:13pm

>118 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura.

jun 17, 8:14am

I"m glad there were some positives about your return to the office. And that's great news about your grandfather!

jun 17, 10:14am

>120 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie. I'm glad it's only a once a week thing for now. I was WIPED last night and I'm still feeling tired today. :P

jun 17, 10:27am

What's on the agenda: Back to WFH life for the rest of the week. As I mentioned to Katie above, I was exhausted by the time I got home from work last night. Even though I spent most of the day just at my desk, it was still more interactions with people than I've had in a long time. Still feeling a little tired today, which isn't being helped by the grey, rainy day we've got going on. Work today will be customer suggestions, looking at some data reports in advance of a meeting about them, and then just some regular selection. After work I'll pop by my home library to pick up a couple holds. Supper tonight will chicken Caesar salad.

What I'm reading: Starting The Fourth Bear today.

What we're watching: Finished season 3 of Outlander last night.

jun 17, 10:30am

So much YAY for the easy return to the building; shouted "HOSANNA" at the Grandpa news; *there there, pat pat* about the customer-suggestion wading.

Go watch Gurdeep bhangra dance to get a little boost.

jun 17, 11:10am

>123 richardderus: Oh I love Gurdeep. He regularly crops on my FB feed. Some of my favourites are when he dances with other musicians or styles of dancers. If you haven't seen him dance to bagpipes you should.

jun 17, 12:18pm

I'm not surprised yesterday wore you out. I am SO not looking forward to being in the office when I go to Dallas next month. I expect it will take me a week to recover.

jun 17, 12:31pm

So good to hear the good news about your grandfather! And glad that your return to office went well :) Enjoy The Fourth Bear; it's been probably a decade since I've read it and it might be time to revisit.

jun 17, 3:17pm

>125 katiekrug: Oof yeah that will be a big change for you. Although at least you'll have some bigger social outings under your belt to build up your other people tolerances.

>126 curioussquared: Thanks, Natalie. I really enjoyed The Big Over Easy so I full expect that The Fourth Bear will be another fun romp.

jun 17, 5:51pm

Great news on your grandfather!

Glad you are able to ease into work-in-person a little. Looking back on the summer, I think it was helpful for me to get there in increments. Each change was a little stressful, so I feel for those who very suddenly have to go from WFH to in person.

jun 18, 3:00am

I've missed a lot! But adding my thankfulness to the pile for your Grandad.

Re return to work, it's really interesting seeing the same issues playing out across the globe. For once Jersey is sort of in the forefront (very unusual). We've been back in for several months now, but I thoroughly agree that the first few days in are completely exhausting, just with being around people. I didn't dictate at first for my team, but asked them to start coming in one day a week and build from there. Now we are back to our default (more days in than out) and I'm in Monday-Thursday (mainly because there is a loud meeting next door to my office on Friday and I can't hear myself think). But within that structure we are trying to maintain flexibility so that people don't feel trapped or worried. It's definitely a work in progress, but the hybrid world does work - it just has some serious challenges.

Sorry that was a long spiel. I have call/discussion later with an international group who do similar roles to me, about this subject, so it's on my mind!

jun 18, 10:59am

>128 bell7: Thanks, Mary. I am glad that we get have a phased return to the office. I was concerned that we'd be expected back in the office full-time right away and wasn't sure how I'd deal with the exhaustion of dealing with people for so much longer and more frequently than I am now.

>129 BekkaJo: No need to apologize, Bekka. I find the different approaches organizations are taking really interesting.

jun 18, 11:02am

What's on the agenda: Dragging my butt through this Friday. Work will be customer suggestions in OverDrive and then more of my usual selection. At some point this afternoon/evening Mr. Fine's daughter will be arriving to spend the night as she's planning to join us for a family event on Saturday. Need to pop into a grocery store today after work as we need lettuce for tomorrow and the stuff we've got in the fridge is a wee bit dodgy. Greek night for supper.

What I'm reading: Only four chapters into The Fourth Bear but Fforde is delightful as ever.

What we're watching: Finished season 7 of Supernatural and then watched a couple episodes of Superstore.

jun 18, 12:29pm

Happy weekend's events, Micky...though it sounds like they'll interfere with your reading time.

jun 18, 4:03pm

>132 richardderus: Thanks, Richard. There will likely be a bit less reading time this weekend but I get to see my nieces and nephew so I'm good with that. :)

jun 19, 9:44am

What's on the agenda: Full day ahead. Waffles for breakfast - I bought fresh strawberries yesterday to go on them plus we've got chocolate syrup and whipped cream. So nutritious! After breakfast we'll watch virtual church. A little bit of down time and then we'll drop off Mr. Fine's daughter at her Mom's on our way to my brother's farm. We'll be having an outdoor and distanced celebration of three family birthdays plus Father's Day. I'm excited to see my nieces and nephew who are all growing much too fast. Not sure when we'll get home from that but I'm pretty sure I'll be wiped so may just collapse in bed.

What I'm reading: Only managed a couple chapters in The Fourth Bear yesterday and I'm not sure I'll get any reading time at all today.

What we're watching: Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night. It might be my second favourite of the Marvel movies after Iron Man.

Redigeret: jun 20, 11:17am

What's on the agenda: After breakfast the first thing on the chores list is weeding the flower bed before it gets too sunny and hot on that side of the house. Then regular house cleaning, bill sorting, and laundry. Not sure what, if anything, I'll get up to once that's done. Mr. Fine is making steak for dinner as a happy Father's Day to himself.

What I'm reading: Didn't crack a book yesterday.

What we're watching: Nothing to report here either.

jun 20, 11:21am

Sounds like you had quite the birthday/Father's Day celebration yesterday! I hope you enjoy a more relaxed day today, and enjoy the steak. Yum!

jun 20, 12:15pm

>134 MickyFine: That was a lovely time, obvs. I'm so pleased that Mr. Fine's getting his steaks! I'm sure you'll just have a small salad without dressing and a tiny sliver of {pick a dessert you hate but he loves}.

Else it wouldn't be Father's Day.

Redigeret: jun 20, 7:29pm

>136 bell7: It was a full afternoon but really perfect. My oldest niece very proudly showed us the new rooster and chickens as soon as we arrived. There was lots of chatting, I got roped into a few games of hide and seek, and all the food was delicious. How my brother and SIL manage 4 children 6 and under continues to astound me. They're all excellent small humans though. Plus it's just nice to see everyone in person, which is rarer these days.

>137 richardderus: I'm very kindly allowed a steak as well. There's also twice baked potatoes (with cheese) and cooked corn. While I offered to get him pie, he's opted for a glass of the Nick Offerman Laguvulin which he tells me is excellent (as a non-drinker, I think it smells like paint-thinner). I've still got some sliced strawberries so I'll probably put some on ice cream for my dessert. Hope your Father's Day has involved some treats as well, RDear. *smooch*

jun 20, 9:39pm

>138 MickyFine: Lagavulin! Oh my heck, yes, that's a hugely preferable use of those calories. Yum!

I spent my day mostly as I always do...beating the bushes for eyeballs to go read my reviews. Over 1,000 on my blog! 900 posts...I've been a busy boy these past eight years. (More than that reviewing, of course, just this blog is eight.)

jun 20, 10:03pm

>139 richardderus: There's no comparing your reviews to mine, but I've got lots of them after 3.5 years.

jun 20, 11:31pm

>140 quondame: Comparisons are useless things, anyway. I'm all about the reviewer doing it how it works for them. I am delighted that I've found Burgoineing! Freed me up in a big way. I often add a wee bit to the three sentences, but I no longer feel I mustmustmust give 500+ words to every book.

jun 21, 11:26am

>139 richardderus: Such an impressive total!

Redigeret: jun 21, 11:32am

What's on the agenda: Early wake ups this week so in my extra time before work I folded the last of yesterday's laundry and did a wee bit of ironing (one of my least favourite chores). Work today should be pretty quiet and include customer suggestions, going through the rest of the June issue of Library Journal, and then maybe some time with my core collection tome. Charcuterie plates for supper tonight and virtual craft circle this evening. I am SO CLOSE to finishing weaving in ends.

What I'm reading: Making slow but steady progress in The Fourth Bear.

What we're watching: Zootopia for our Disney project - another month and we'll be done. Followed with an episode of Superstore.

jun 22, 10:10am

What's on the agenda: We're headed into another hot week so I'll be doing my walks early in the morning most days, I think. After my walk, I did a bit of tidying and then played phone games. Work today includes updating content for our Lucky Day collection in OverDrive and I need to spend some time with my core collection tome, plus I've got my bi-weekly one on one with my manager. Take out tonight is my pick and I'm leaning towards pizza but haven't 100% decided.

What I'm reading: Still The Fourth Bear.

What we're watching: The first two episodes of season three of Fringe. From what I remember of watching it the first time, this was my favourite season out of the whole show. Also got in an episode of Superstore.

jun 23, 10:48am

What's on the agenda: After dropping off Mr. Fine at the bus, I came home and spent half an hour on our new stationary bike. I'm going to be feeling several body parts later, I'm sure. Work today includes doing fiction DVD customer requests, our weekly group meeting, and then going through the lists from our vendor highlighting fall bestsellers. After work we'll do grocery shopping. Butter chicken for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: I'm hoping to wrap up The Fourth Bear today but we'll see how it goes.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supergirl - we're nearing the end of season 3 and I am ready for this plot line to be over. Also one episode of Superstore. Plus while cycling this morning I rewatched the pilot of Gilmore Girls. It's weird to see Jared Padalecki so young as we just finished season 7 of SPN last week.

jun 23, 11:27am

Happy Wednesday, Micky! (I almost said Tuesday, after my time off my days are all mixed up).

I watched Gilmore Girls after watching most of the seasons of Supernatural and it really threw me off that his character was named Dean. And I agree, he was so young haha.

I thought of you reading this interview with John Green about The Anthropocene Review, but since they talk so much about the essays I figured I'd wait until I finished the book to read the whole piece. Thought I'd pass it since you enjoyed the book so much.

jun 23, 3:20pm

>146 bell7: I've been watching Gilmore Girls so long that it remains more difficult to wrap my brain around Dean being Sam in SPN. :P Thanks for that John Green interview. It was a lovely read.

jun 24, 10:46am

What's on the agenda: Working in the office today. First up on the agenda is customer suggestions and then I'll get to those vendor fall bestseller lists that I didn't get to yesterday due to spending a chunk of my afternoon trying to figure out what was going on with my work laptop with IT. After that I've got a ton of back issues of Quill & Quire and Booklist to skim. After work I need to pop in to my home library to return a DVD. We picked up a gyro meal kit from Costco yesterday that we'll be having for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Started The Soulmate Equation on the bus this morning.

What we're watching: The newest episode of Loki Umm, that ending was just rude. How dare they do a cliffhanger like that?!, the first episode of season 4 of Outlander, and a couple episodes of Superstore.

jun 24, 12:11pm

>148 MickyFine: Agreed on your Loki comments!! Very rude. I think this was my favorite episode so far, though.

jun 24, 12:39pm

>149 curioussquared: I think the second episode is taking top spot for me right now. There's a library in it, it kind of has to be my favourite. Even if they did go back to the well of cranky, shh-ing librarian stereotypes.

Redigeret: jun 24, 12:45pm

Book 77

The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition - Lawrence Dorfman

A collection of quotes and (bad) jokes that all snark on the topic of sex. The content is highly heteronormative, a lot of the quotes and jokes are schooled in the stereotypes of men and women and sex (women are frigid, men want it all the time, nothing ruins your sex life like marriage... etc.). While a quote or two here are genuinely funny, this collection largely isn't for me and will be heading out of my house.

Rating: **

Redigeret: jun 24, 1:18pm

Book 78

On Borrowed Time - Jenn McKinlay

Library director Lindsey is excited for the approaching Christmas holidays. Her parents will be coming to visit and her regular crafternoon group are making festive treats and crafts. When her brother arrives unexpectedly at the library one day she is surprised but delighted to see him. When she goes to check on him several hours later, he's gone and there's a dead body in the room instead. As Lindsey tries to figure out just what her brother has gotten himself into and where he is, she'll also be trying to figure out just what to do with the two men in her life vying for her attention.

As always, an enjoyable cozy mystery in this series that continues to rock all the library work details. Is the love triangle cliched? Yes. Do I care that much? Nope. The mystery in this one is a little far-fetched but does help circumvent the problem of why there's yet another body in the quiet town. I will note that if you're looking for a festive Christmas read, this isn't one to go for. While it's nominally set around the holidays, it barely crops up in the plot or descriptions and isn't likely to put you in a Christmas-y mood.

Rating: ****

Redigeret: jun 24, 1:09pm

Book 79

The Fourth Bear - Jasper Fforde

DCI Jack Spratt is once again out of the public's good graces. While the Humpty Dumpty case had him renowned, his choices on the Red Riding Hood case that led to people being swallowed by a wolf has put the police detective on leave. Of course, that won't stop him from continuing to work on the Nursery Crimes that arise. When the Gingerbreadman escapes from an institution for the criminally insane and Goldilocks goes missing, Jack and his fellow detectives in the Nursery Crime Division will attempt to peace together just what happened.

Any time spent in one of Jasper Fforde's strange, bookish worlds is always well-spent. As the second book in the Nurse Crime Division series, we get to explore these characters a little more all while enjoying every literary allusion Fforde tosses the reader's way. As always I delighted in the many jokes Fforde includes, some metafictional, some that don't pay off until the end of the book. Full of humour and a good mystery to boot. A delight as always.

Rating: ****

jun 24, 1:21pm

Apparently I've been falling down on actually reviewing my recent reads and posting them here for the past week and a bit. I am now caught up.

jun 24, 2:03pm

>154 MickyFine: I so relate...times about eight years. *sigh*

>150 MickyFine: The spoiler-tagged item is concurred herewith; though canonical Loki-is-bi trumps all other quibbles where you're given enough positives to outweigh the irks.

jun 24, 3:26pm

>155 richardderus: Oh yes, the positives with the series are a towering stack compared to my small quibble. :)

Redigeret: jun 25, 11:13am

What's on the agenda: Happy Friday to one and all. After dropping off Mr. Fine at the bus station, I spent some time on the stationary bike at home. I hope my sit bones build up their bike seat tolerance quickly because their lack of it is a literal pain in the butt. Work today will be customer requests in OverDrive, vendor lists, and then some review journals if I have time. Chuckerout for supper tonight and then movie night. My pick (or at least my pick first if we do a double feature) and I'm torn between the first of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine or the 1999 The Mummy.

What I'm reading: The Soulmate Equation is really good so far.

What we're watching: Started season 8 of Supernatural Umm, I supposed to believe that this time Sam just DIDN'T look for Dean? Those boys are incapable of not looking for each other. Also, why in the heck did Sam leave his girlfriend? And DOG??? Dean leaving Cas behind I'm more willing to believe... and then watched a couple episodes of Superstore.

jun 25, 4:43pm

>157 MickyFine: Both good films...but The Mummy is so very pacey!

jun 26, 8:58am

Redigeret: jun 26, 9:06am

What's on the agenda: First day of our heat wave today with a forecasted high of 30°C so I'm currently doing my best to get the house as cool as possible this morning with open windows and the box fan. Given the temperature we'll probably do our walk after breakfast and watch church later. Then it'll be just chilling in the basement, with reading and board games as likely activities. Perogies and turkey sausage for dinner with some kind of salad, I think.

What I'm reading: Less than a hundred pages left in The Soulmate Equation so I'll be finishing that today.

What we're watching: Double feature last night of the 2009 Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy.

jun 26, 9:09am

I don't think I've ever seen The Mummy. I may have to remedy that - or at least mention it to The Wayne so he can put it on his list for us to watch. He struggles to think of movies that aren't WWII-related :-P

jun 26, 9:17am

>161 katiekrug: Oh it's so much fun, Katie! Much more comedy action adventure than horror. Peak Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz plays one of my favourite on-screen librarians.

jun 26, 9:18am

>162 MickyFine: - No, no, no. Peak Brendan Fraser was - and will always be - Encino Man. Ha!

I do love Rachel Weisz....

jun 26, 9:23am

>163 katiekrug: Hmm maybe we're both wrong and peak Brendan Fraser is George of the Jungle?

jun 26, 9:25am

Never saw it, but HELLO!

jun 26, 9:31am

>165 katiekrug: It is tremendously silly with cartoonish humour and lots of fourth wall breaks that I loved as a kid. I have rewatched it as an adult though and it holds up pretty decently.

jun 26, 9:37am

*hands in vote for George of the Jungle*

jun 26, 11:12am

>164 MickyFine: *sah-woon*

jun 26, 11:34am

Hi, Micky. Just wanted to stop by. Somebody covered poor Brendan Fraser with oil. How did that happen?

jun 26, 3:01pm

I love George of the Jungle but I think my favorite Brendan Fraser is Blast From the Past.

I saw Leslie Mann on a talk show (Busy Tonight) a couple years ago and she said she had a huge crush on Brendan Fraser while they were filming George of the Jungle and the show had him backstage and he came out to chat with her and she cried and it was super cute.

jun 26, 5:18pm

>167 scaifea: Waves hand. I love the look when he's dressed in Armani.

jun 27, 10:16am

>167 scaifea: *fist bump*

>168 richardderus: You're welcome. :D

>169 jnwelch: Nice to see you, Joe. I swear it is bookish around here sometimes too.

>170 norabelle414: Blast from the Past is an excellent choice, Nora. Also one of the two movies where Christopher Walken doesn't completely creep me out (Hairspray is the other).

>171 quondame: Agreed that that is also a good look, Susan.

jun 27, 10:23am

What's on the agenda: Getting out of bed soon to have breakfast and get house cleaning out of the way before the day gets too hot and starts warming up the house. High for today is 34°C (93°F) so once chores are done, we'll head out to do some errands (and get some A/C) and then hang out in the basement as much as possible. Hamburgers and fries for supper tonight and I will most definitely be making a milkshake to go with it.

What I'm reading: Think I'll start my Persuasion re-read today.

What we're watching: No viewing other than church yesterday.

jun 27, 10:26am

Also, finally finished weaving in ends on my crochet throw blanket yesterday so I can officially show it off.

jun 27, 12:24pm

Catching up Micky - glad to hear you granddad is home from hospital now and hope he continues to do well.

>148 MickyFine: Ha! Completely agree on the Loki episode. Otherwise I really enjoyed it and it gave me big Dr Who vibes (which I loved).

Ugh to your heatwave. Our temperatures are ok at the moment but I'm sure we'll hit 30C+ at some point over the summer and I'm dreading it.

jun 27, 1:25pm

>174 MickyFine: Very nice. I empathise with that sentiment (but don't expect me to do any crocheting).

jun 27, 1:54pm

>174 MickyFine: I love it.

Really a lot.

Spend a lovely day in the coolness of your subterranean hiding place, Persephone.

jun 27, 3:41pm

>174 MickyFine: Mixed fonts. Ah well, lovely blanket.

jun 27, 5:54pm

>175 souloftherose: Nice to see you, Heather. Agreed there is a bit of a Who-ish vibe to Loki. And not just because they're both lurking around Pompei.

>176 humouress: No crochet expectations from me, Nina.

>177 richardderus: We're doing our best to keep cool but it's telling of the climbing temperatures that even in the basement I'm comfortable in shorts and a tank top, when usually I'd have a lap blanket in the mix.

>178 quondame: Thanks, Susan.

Redigeret: jun 27, 6:13pm

Book 80

The Soulmate Equation - Christina Lauren

Jess Davis has a full plate between her freelance statistician jobs and single parenting her 7-year-old daughter, Juno, along with the help of her grandparents and her best friend, Fizzy. Jess does not have time for the trash fire that is online dating. But when Fizzy convinces Jess to try a new service that creates your matches based on DNA, Jess ends up with an unprecedentedly high match with one of the company's founders, Dr. River Pena. While there's no denying the attraction, neither of them are sure they actually like each other but as they explore a relationship they'll find a bond that not even science can explain.

Another really charming and occasionally steamy contemporary romance from Christina Lauren. I love the world they create for Jess and how well they explore the challenges of single parenting, even when she does have a supportive "village" behind her. While the idea of DNA-based matchmaking services is undeniably farfetched, they make it seem realistic and the real draw here is the undeniable chemistry between Jess and River. Jess's best friend, Fizzy, is also a highlight and many of her lines had me cracking up. Recommended for fans of the genre.

Rating: ****

Redigeret: jun 27, 6:17pm

Book 81

Lumberjanes Vol. 18 - Kat Leyh et. al.

In punishment for carving their names into a tree, Camp Director Rosie takes the girls on an early morning hike into the woods for a lesson on forest care. While there, they bump into a familiar face and learn about the founder of the Lumberjanes Camp.

I loved this volume. There's plenty of sweet moments between our 'janes but the real draw here is the backstory of both the camp's founder and a peek at Rosie's. Plus some delightful action with some truly aggressive plant life. Obviously recommended.

Rating: *****

jun 28, 11:11am

What's on the agenda: Started the morning off by dropping off Mr. Fine at the bus station, picking up more bus tickets for myself, and then making the pasta salad for supper tonight so it can chill all day. Work will be customer suggestions, vendor lists, and then I should spend some time with my core collection tome. The aforementioned pasta salad for supper. Virtual craft circle for me this evening where I'll be working on crochet dishcloths. It's the finest yarn I've ever worked with (cotton sock yarn) so it's an interesting challenge.

What I'm reading: Managed a few chapters in Persuasion last night before conking out.

What we're watching: Moana and Ralph Breaks the Internet for the Disney project. Two films left!

jun 28, 12:19pm

Happy Monday, Micky! Has your heat broken yet?

>180 MickyFine: - Sounds cute! I'll put it on my library list.

jun 28, 12:33pm

>183 katiekrug: Sadly no. We're under what meteorologists are calling a "heat dome" and it's not expected to move on until sometime near the end of this week or early next week. Forecasted high is 34C (93F) again today and we might break local records on Wednesday when they're predicting 39C (102F). I've only experienced temperatures that hot once on a trip to Vegas in August (do NOT recommend) so we'll see how our life sans A/C treats us the rest of this week.

And yay for adding The Soulmate Equation to your list. I think you'll like it.

jun 28, 12:48pm

Sympathizing as a fellow AC-less heat-domer. We're expecting a high of 108F in my area of Seattle today. We basically moved the whole family, dogs and all plus my dad who's still staying with us, into our basement, which has been staying pretty cool at around 75F. We've never seen anything like this before and might have to invest in AC after this year!

jun 28, 1:05pm

>184 MickyFine: I am so sorry for your sufferings. 100°-plus is no fun down here where we're used to it!

I think it could be time to get a central-forced-air system.

*there there, pat pat*

jun 28, 3:56pm

>185 curioussquared: *basement dwelling solidarity fist bump* And y'all have the humidity which makes it so much worse. At least here the humidity is usually somewhere between low and non-existent. Friends of mine live on Vancouver Island and they had 37C (99F) on Saturday but it felt like 45C (113F) with the humidex.

>186 richardderus: After replacing our shingles and hot water tank in May, A/C just isn't in the budget right now. So far cross-venting the house at night with our box fan is doing pretty decently at lowering the house temperature.

jun 29, 10:20am

What's on the agenda: Working in the office today and the A/C is wonderful. I'm going to try to spend some time working on the online course I'm developing for staff and then it will be general selection for the rest of the day. I think we're going to end of up having turkey BLTs for supper tonight rather than the planned pasta because it is too hot for anything beyond minimal cooking.

What I'm reading: About halfway through Persuasion and it's as lovely as always.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Fringe.

jun 29, 12:30pm

>188 MickyFine: Ha, we did the same thing last night. I was going to get a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the store for sandwiches and salad, but everyone else here had the same idea and there was not a chicken to be had. So we had turkey sandwiches and salad and even the time it took to put the sandwiches together in our 91 degree kitchen was too long.

jun 29, 12:57pm

Turkey BLTs? They don't require cooking?

In this heat, *eating* feels like too much trouble!

jun 29, 1:18pm

>189 curioussquared: Oof, that's rough. Thankfully our house isn't getting quite that hot during the day although the hottest days are supposed to be tomorrow and Thursday so we'll see what happens...

>190 richardderus: Well cooking the turkey bacon is significantly less cooking than the pasta we had on the meal plan...

jun 29, 1:22pm

>191 MickyFine: OIC So it's relative, not absolute. Gotcha.

jun 30, 10:53am

What's on the agenda: Trying to avoid melting into a puddle of goo until the end of the day. Our house only made it down to 28C (82F) last night and the forecasted high today is 37C (99F). The basement is only slightly cooler at this point and I might have to resort to putting my feet in a cool foot soak tub. Work-wise I'll be doing fiction DVD customer requests, submitting carts that go through at the end of the month, and spending time with my core collection tome. Hair cut after work today - it's been a year and a week since my last one. I'll pick up take out afterwards but Mr. Fine gets to pick so we'll see what he goes for.

What I'm reading: Nearing the end of Persuasion. I should wrap it up today.

What we're watching: Finished season 3 of Supergirl. I also watched one episode of Gilmore Girls - half on my lunch at work and half after Mr. Fine joined his virtual D&D group.

jun 30, 12:25pm

Stay cool! Is the heat supposed to break for you soon? It's a glorious 66F this morning in Seattle and it's such a relief.

jun 30, 1:12pm

>194 curioussquared: Saturday or Sunday it's supposed to drop back towards normal summer temperatures for us (around 25C or 77F) and sometime this weekend it's supposed to rain, which will be bliss.

jun 30, 1:19pm

I saw that it was 47C in some part of BC earlier...that's just *terrifying* for Canada!

Do your best to stay cool...I know it's not easy. Hoping for some relief soon.

jun 30, 1:23pm

>196 richardderus: Yup, Lytton, BC broke the national record for highest temperature ever recorded in Canada yesterday with 49.5C. Plus a lot of local records are being broken in BC, Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

I've broken out the sun dresses and rompers that have mostly only appeared on trips to Hawaii and Fiji for the next few days and we've got fans, cold water, and ice packs ready to go if needed. So I'm doing my best.

jun 30, 2:37pm

Oof. Sounds like you are well prepared for the heat, but that's just miserable. Hope it gets back to normal soon.

jun 30, 3:24pm

>198 foggidawn: Thanks, Foggi.

jul 1, 9:11am

Happy Canada Day!

jul 1, 1:51pm

>200 richardderus: Thanks, Richard.

Redigeret: jul 1, 2:05pm

Book 82

Persuasion - Jane Austen (re-read)

I can't really review Jane Austen. I adore everything she wrote and Persuasion is in my top tier of favourites. The whole theme of second chances at love is sweet and Captain Wentworth's letter is probably the most romantic letter in literature that I've ever encountered. Highly recommended, obviously.

Rating: *****

jul 1, 2:15pm

June Summary

Numbers in parentheses are for year to date. Note pages read/hours listened for abandoned books are included in totals.

Books read: 8 (82)
Books abandoned: 0 (4)

Fiction: 6 (66)
Non-fiction: 2 (16)

Adult: 7 (62)
YA: 1 (20)
Children's: 0 (0)

Library: 5 (64)
Mine: 3 (18)
Borrowed elsewhere: 0 (0)

Re-reads: 2 (12)

Female authors: 6 (54)
Male authors: 2 (36)
Non-binary authors: 0 (0)

Pages: 2,567 (17,843)
Hours: 5 hours, 19 minutes (4 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes)

Average rating: 4.04

Average time to read book: 3.71 days

Favourite book(s): The Soulmate Equation was a pretty dang enjoyable romance at just the right time.

jul 1, 2:27pm

And that's it for June. Join me for a mellow start to July at the link below.

jul 4, 9:11am

Gosh! It's been hot for you. In Singapore it's a pretty steady 32ºC-ish in the daytime and 27ºC at night all year with humidity close to 90% (although it usually feels like 110%). It doesn't fluctuate much away from this so now I'm acclimatised, even a slight change does for me. I can't imagine 49ºC, though there was one time we drove through central Spain in a car with no a/c ... it is a family legend, not to be repeated.

>202 MickyFine: 🥰