I can't remember the book

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I can't remember the book

maj 17, 2:25am

Hi, a while ago I read a series of books, they are about a team of ex seals I think who lived and worked on a compound. One book was about a young woman who was out on parole living in a halfway house owned by a lovely old lady. The old ladies nephews? Worked for the security team at the compound. The woman's uncle is in a position of power and for some reason he framed her for something that got her sent to prison. She meets the hero, one of the security team, when he comes to the village hall she works at to teach self defence. The uncle wants her back in prison and the hero and his team help her. I cant remember much more about the series except there was an IT boffins who had a secret room underground and he was always laughing and joking around. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

maj 17, 5:54pm

Suzanne Brockmann has a couple of series about Navy SEALs - Troubleshooters and Tall Dark and Dangerous.