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New Admins

maj 16, 12:02pm

As per the suggestion of the various members & staff here at LibraryThing* I am adding a few new admins to this group so that if I (clam) get stuck by lightning (which a few of you would think was much deserved, no doubt) the group won't be left unattended.

I'm very thankful to pgmcc, Sakerfalcon and Karlstar for graciously agreeing to help oversee the group. At some later point I might be adding more members if it is deemed necessary but I am confident that this will be sufficient as this group only rarely needs anyone to step in and calm the waters, so to speak.

Please reach out if you need any thread titles edited or updated, or if you see something that you feel is spam, hate speech, and/or political or religious proselytizing.

Please do not message the GreenDragon account as those messages are checked only sporadically. Try clamairy first, and if no one responds you can try one of the other admins.


maj 16, 1:10pm

This is a good idea. Thank you. But don't go out in a thunderstorm anyway.

Redigeret: maj 16, 2:36pm

>2 Meredy: I'll try! They are so much fun to watch in the distance out over the water, so the temptation is real.

maj 16, 11:01pm

Good idea. Thank you to the new admins for stepping up. Now we can behave badly without worrying about putting too much stress on clam!

maj 17, 5:04am

>4 NorthernStar:
I am not sure an increase in bad behaviour was the intended outcome. That would be like increasing the number of police officers and then increasing the amount of crime to give the new officers something to do.

maj 17, 6:14am

challenge accepted!

maj 17, 6:17am

>4 NorthernStar: Now look what you have started.

>6 MrAndrew:

maj 17, 6:28am

Congrats and good luck to the new appointees. Well deserved and we couldn't be in safer hands.

maj 17, 6:45am

>8 AHS-Wolfy: I enjoyed posing for that picture.

maj 18, 5:18am

Congratulations to the new admins, and strength to all our splendid admins.

maj 18, 6:04am

>8 AHS-Wolfy: It takes all 3 eyes to keep up with all the reading here!

maj 18, 12:48pm

Congratulations to new admins and thanks to all admins for all your work past and future.