Switching Style or Changing Sort Order Causes Return to Home Page

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Switching Style or Changing Sort Order Causes Return to Home Page

maj 15, 10:20am

The subject tells all.

maj 15, 11:17am

Not really, But something is amiss with changing styles, so hopefully fixing that will fix your problem too:


maj 15, 11:59am

Specifically: changing style from A or Member to B (my preference) results in not a change in the display but rather a transfer to my home page. The same is true if I try to resort books to total members by entry date, the result is not a reordered display but a transfer to my home page.

maj 16, 7:07am

Still an issue.

maj 16, 10:38am

>4 surly: Yes, Let's hope for monday to come and take our troubles away.

maj 16, 5:20pm

>1 surly: Actually, it's missing some important details, like operating system and browser, so they can research.

That being said, I tried to adjust my sort on Windows 10, Firefox 88.0.1 (64 bit) and it did drop me back to the home page. But when I went into look at Your Books again, the sort was in place.

maj 17, 1:24am

To make things even more complicated LT switched to pure https at the same time as the new search mechanism was initiated. Here's my take on supplying information about the "switching style" bug:

I'm using chrome on Linux and starts at

I search for emil wienes forlag and the url changes to


and displays 6 books in style D

If I change to style C the search field changes to
emil wienes forlag?deepsearch=emil wienes forlag
but the url doesn't change and pressing the browsers reload button
makes the display change to the expected:

6 books in style C

Redigeret: maj 17, 6:21am

>7 bnielsen:
Confirmed using Firefox on Windows - but probably better posted under the Switching View Style Breaks Search topic

>1 surly:
I don't have your problem - Switching Style or changing Sort Order does not send me to my Home Page.

maj 17, 6:45am

I should have been more specific, this actions occur when viewing other member's libraries rather than my own.

maj 17, 7:36am

>9 surly:
I don't have a problem searching other member's libraries. In fact when searching other member's libraries I find that I can change View Style, or go to a second page of results, without breaking the search. I only find a problem when trying to search my library.

Redigeret: maj 17, 9:19am

>10 newcrossbooks:
I tried doing the same in your library and and exited to home when doing what I described. Odd quirk.

maj 17, 10:44am

>11 surly: Yes, it is odd. Do you see stuff in the search field change? I have emil wienes forlag turn into
emil wienes forlag?deepsearch=emil wienes forlag
and I've also seen "search your library" appear as ordinary text in the field, but I couldn't reproduce that.

maj 17, 11:18am

I have a similar situation in 'Search your library' but not 'Search site'.

maj 18, 10:29am

Note for devs: also reported at https://www.librarything.com/topic/332271.

maj 18, 12:51pm

maj 19, 7:44am

All seems well again.