Switching View Style Breaks Search

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Switching View Style Breaks Search

maj 15, 7:40am

If I search my books for something like the author 'Girma Kebbede' I get four results returned.

If I try to switch the style I'm viewing the results in (eg switch from style C to style D) then I lose the four results because the search switches to looking for 'Girma Kebbede?deepsearch=Girma Kebbede'

maj 15, 8:08am


Changing the collection works fine. Changing the style doesn't.

maj 15, 9:39am

Confirmed. Reloading the page works (because it gets rid of the ?deepsearch... inside the search field).

Redigeret: maj 17, 6:49am

1. Changing style from A or Member to B (my preference) results in not a change in the display but rather a transfer to my home page.
2. The same is true if I try to resort books to total members by entry date, the result is not a reordered display but a transfer to my home page. However if I go back to my library, the sort has indeed been performed.
3. Going to next page in library when viewing another member's library causes the same exit to home page. However this does not occur when viewing my own library.
4. These actions only occur when viewing other member's libraries, not my own.

Windows 10, Firefox 88.0.01

maj 17, 7:45am

Unlike >4 surly:

I find I have no problems when searching other member's libraries.

I only have a problem when searching my library.

Other members can search my library without problems.

maj 18, 12:50pm