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Folio Society Dark Tower by Stephen King

Redigeret: maj 14, 9:03am

In the magazine they say The Dark Tower was one of the winning Fantasy suggestions, among others, and to “keep an eye out for these as future releases.”


Redigeret: maj 14, 9:08am


Well ok- I am sure a lot of people would love this. So if it makes people happy why not.

I am just not a King fan. I appreciate his skill but I don’t like the stories.*

What were the other winners?

Edit: *exception for the shining- but I still didn’t buy it and don’t want a copy.

maj 14, 9:08am

>1 WishIReadMore_: yes, please to a nice copy of The Gunslinger, but I think (opinion incoming) one would have to pay me consulting rates to wade through any of the subsequent volumes.

(For others in the audience, the same note in the catalog that mentions Dark Tower seems to have indicated likely continuance of the Earthsea novels, about which I am much more excited.)

maj 14, 9:09am

>3 abysswalker: ooooh Earthsea would be exciting. I am all in for that.

maj 14, 9:10am

Book of Dust by Philip Pullman
Books of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

maj 14, 9:13am

>4 coffeewithastraw:

(Credit for photo to someone in the Facebook group.)

maj 14, 9:14am

Travel Books mentioned:
Innocence Abroad - Mark Twain
The Desert and the Sown - Gertrude Bell
The Old Ways - Robert McFarlane

Redigeret: maj 14, 9:29am

>6 abysswalker: >7 assemblyman: Thank you for posting.

I would definitely be interested in all of those except the Dark Tower. Happy to have things to look forward to.

Looking forward to my magazine arrival....

I have the The Desert in pb and would love a nice copy. Note to Mole: Nice maps would be perfect for this book please.

Redigeret: maj 14, 10:34am

Well, Dark Tower was predictable as it's very much in line with Tom Walker's vision of Folio I strongly disapprove. Nonetheless, there are some excellent news for me! I would definitely purchase the remaining two volumes of the original Earthsea trilogy (but not the later volumes). Very excited about The Desert and the Sown. Will also get The Old Ways.

The only reason I'm not interested in the upcoming Innocents Abroad is because there is a nice LEC edition already. Otherwise it would have been a must buy too.

maj 14, 9:47am

None of those are of interest to me, but then I found the whole fantasy set a bit peculiar and not very creative. I suggested some other titles, but doubt that will come to anything.

maj 14, 9:54am

Looking forward to the old ways been asking for that for last couple years. Will be happy to continue collecting the Earthsea series. King I’m happy with the paperbacks of dark tower.

maj 14, 10:02am

Perhaps an admin can change the title of the post to Fall 2021 Sneak Peeks, or something similar? Sorry, I should've been mindful of the other books they teased.

The magazine also has a photo of the poetry LE.

maj 14, 10:14am

I very much enjoyed The Dark Tower for the books I read in it (I-IV). I stopped at Wolves of the Calla, I got kind of turned off to it because the edition I got the font was the same as the Harry Potter books which I didn't like AT ALL.

maj 14, 10:23am

I really enjoyed it all the way up to Wizard and Glass, I think. I no longer enjoyed it post-near death experience when he started churning them out.

maj 14, 10:24am

Excited about Book of Dust and Le Guin!!

maj 14, 10:45am

More Le Guin is exciting, but I hope they're able to enlist different artists for the remainder of the series.

maj 14, 12:39pm

>9 elladan0891: I missed that. Can you briefly explain what was Tom Walker's vision of FS or lead me in the right direction. Very interested about this.

maj 15, 7:58am

>9 elladan0891: I, too, would be interested to read more about Tom Walker's vision. Any links you can offer will be much appreciated.

I feared Folio had given up on the Earthsea trilogy, or were struggling to secure the rights. While I wasn't a fan of the illustrations in the first volume, I'll definitely purchase any future volumes they release.

I'm keen to see Folio release more Stephen King, but the Dark Tower series wouldn't be top of my list.

maj 17, 5:16am

I voted for The Dark Tower series so I’m excited to hear this. Stephen King hits all the marks for me: intelligence, craft, art, and subject matter. The guy’s an absolute genius.

maj 17, 12:25pm

Gertrude Bell! That's a must-buy for me.

maj 17, 2:42pm

So is it confirmed that Folio is doing the entire Dark Tower series? If so, it would be nice, as it is hard to buy a complete set of the book in hardback that is matching and fine quality

Redigeret: maj 19, 10:20am

Denne meddelelse er blevet slettet af dens forfatter.

maj 18, 7:13am

It was a fantasy survey... and Earthsea is quite a classic from the 60’s.

maj 18, 11:26am

>22 caesarofcaesars: Yeah, it would be nice, but if they do the classics, hopefully it is with classic illustrations. Hopefully they make a standard version of the Metamorphoses like their Odyssey book.

maj 18, 11:37am

>24 Bob_Reader: There is a 1995 edition of Metamorphoses which is quite nice.

maj 18, 11:42am

>25 assemblyman: And in series with FS Odyssey, as BR requests.

Redigeret: maj 19, 12:12pm

It is odd when statements like "the last thing we needed..." are applied to the most requested book that they've decided to publish. Clearly it's something you didn't need, but lots of other people do.

maj 18, 3:16pm

>25 assemblyman: I've seen that one, but they should re-release it for those that missed out the first time. I prefer a new copy if possible.

maj 19, 12:03am

>27 WishIReadMore_: Thank you. NONE of the books I suggested won, but it made sense that it didn't because there's simply no demand. I find it hypocritical and honestly a bit irritating to have to read myopic and self-unaware comments on a thread about a winning Fantasy suggestion.

maj 19, 8:53am

>27 WishIReadMore_: Indeed, I found the accompanying statement ("we need more classics") to be equally inaccurate as far as my own personal tastes go. Perhaps it was Her Majesty posting under a pseudousernym?

maj 19, 12:12pm

I don't really have any horse in this game (no interest in Stephen King/Dark Tower/a lot of Folio's fantasy output but equally feeling fairly adequately catered for personally by Folio's other offerings at the moment), but I do feel compelled to step in here and say, >22 caesarofcaesars: comment read as fairly innocuous/uncontroversial to me and I really don't think that it warranted the tone of some of these replies (hypocritical, myopic, self-unaware, Her Majesty etc). But I realise the post has now been deleted so I'll leave it there.

maj 19, 1:35pm

I was wondering what all the recent snark in this thread was about.

I personally am also less than zero per cent interested in yet more King, as much as I like Fantasy. One ought to be allowed to say that without receiving snide comments.

If popularity remained the only parameter by which the worthiness of a Folio Society offering was judged, I shudder to think what the next 5-10 years will bring. Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Maas, King (upon King upon King upon King), Pierce Brown, Mark Lawrence, etc would become the staple fare. There are already so many high end publishers for SFF. It would be a pity if FS also became one.

And I do really wish that they would publish some 19th century classics. A poll for that would have been amazing.

Having said that, I am happy that Earthsea is being continued, and wish there had been some demand for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell as well. Continuation of the Hainish cycle would also have been nice.

maj 19, 1:42pm

>31 agitationalporcelain: The original post seemed to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ to express the individual's viewpoint. As such, I consider the reference to pluralis majestatis to be reasonable in tone, though I accept your mileage (and the mileage of others) may very well vary.

Redigeret: maj 19, 2:31pm

>33 fiascoborelli: Yes I grasped that you were referencing the Royal We. Me, I'm inclined to feel that the phrase "the last thing we need" to be a common/recognisable enough way of expressing a general, frustrated feeling of having had enough of something on a personal level (and even then, clearly the poster isn't completely alone in that feeling, so why not say we?). But your mileage might vary. What I was really trying to get at by "tone" in your post was the way you were referencing the poster and addressing what they had said as if they were a third party to the exchange, it just feels to me as the online equivalent of whispering behind someone's back. (Quoting "Her Majesty" was intended as a shorthand to refer to your post more generally.) Again, your mileage may vary.

maj 19, 6:09pm

Love The Dark Tower, at least the first four books. I haven't been particularly inspired by the FS versions of Stephen King. I'd think the books would/should get a deluxe treatment. There's already been some great art for the series.

maj 20, 3:39am

>31 agitationalporcelain:

It’s beating a dead horse now proclaiming that folio is focusing too much on fantasy and there’s basically every other thread to pronounce this so why come to a dark tower thread for those excited by its release to come and state again it’s the last thing we need. It wasn’t an outrageous comment but I think it’s a war of attrition at the moment.

maj 20, 9:09am

I've only been a FS member for eleven years and the shift to many new titles being released in the sci fi, fantasy and horror genre in the last ten years has been huge. Though I'll never buy the "Game of Thrones" series or a possible "Dark Tower" series or many other fantasy or sci fi books, I'm glad they are being made available. FS does their homework and they know what will sell. The more books they can sell, the longer they can stay in business and that's a win-win for all of us.

Redigeret: maj 20, 9:18am

For fear of getting something bitten of, I’ll gingerly tip my toe in this one.

I read the Dark Tower many years ago and enjoyed it. I have no problem with a Folio edition, although I doubt that I will buy it. King has written some modern classics in the horror genre but also a lot of pap. The Dark Tower I think avoids the pap category but neither is it King’s best. It falls somewhere in the middle of his oeuvre - which is to say an airport or long train journey read where you don’t need to concentrate too much. I don’t really want a Folio edition of that type of book but it’s fine by me if Folio do it and others want it.

I have considerable sympathy for those that say FS should concentrate on literary classics. I personally am more likely to buy an FS classic than a book where there is some doubt about its literary worthiness. But I appreciate it when FS push out the boundaries a bit, particularly where there is some merit in what they are publishing. As a lover of SciFi, I am happy that FS are covering this, but I would be sad to see the classics go. So far I think they have the balance about right.

As for the complaints about people posting in a thread which is supposed to be reserved for adulation of King’s Dark Tower, I disagree. It’s the nature of threads like these that they take on a life of their own and if people want to argue that the Dark Tower is unworthy of Folioisation, why shouldn’t they? It’s on topic, after all. Surely we are all big enough to take part in a debate without resorting to petty insults like the one I saw earlier in this discussion.

maj 20, 10:00am

>39 Quicksilver66: Admit that "The last thing we needed was more fantasy." comment did not help the discussion whatsoever on a thread about a Fantasy suggestion that won the Fantasy survey.

maj 20, 10:07am

>40 HamburgerHelper: No I don’t accept that. It’s someone expressing their view in a debate. If you disagree, fine - set out your case as to why you disagree.

maj 20, 10:33am

>41 Quicksilver66: I agree, though I don’t think this is a debate. I understand why people who prefer literature prior to the 20th century might be somewhat dismayed. Personally, I appreciate both modern fantasy stories and literature from before the 20th century (just check my library). For my money, Folio has mostly had a good editorial eye in choosing fantasy and science fiction titles, with the hits (The Book of the New Sun, Le Guin, Philip K. Dick) solidly outnumbering the misses (such as the Assassins trilogy).

Regarding Dark Tower, the first volume (and only the first volume) is one of my favorite King novels. A dark fantasy phasmagoric western that suggests much while telling little. And it is concise! Barely more than a novella. I read 2-3 more of the books in the series as a teen, and in my memory it bogs down quickly, expanding into a Marvel cinematic universe style morass, ultimately suggesting little while telling much. My tolerance for interminable fantasies was much higher then, so I suspect my response to the later books would be even more critical now.

The Gunslinger (Dark Tower 1) and The Eyes of the Dragon are the only two King books I currently own in physical copies. There are a handful more of his books I would pick up if a nicely made copy came around that wasn’t too expensive, but those two are in the top few for me.

Redigeret: maj 20, 11:12am

>42 abysswalker: yes, I agree. I have only read the first three Dark Tower books and that was some time ago in the early 90’s. I enjoyed them but, given what I have heard of the latter volumes, I’m not going to finish the series. King is a good story teller - but he’s better when he’s concise, as in the earlier books where he took classic horror tropes and introduced them into small town America. For the most part he’s the type of writer where I am happy to have some of his best work on my Kindle but feel no need for a lavish hard back copy.

Most of my reading is classic literature but I do have a strong interest in SciFi and quite happy with the titles FS has published in this genre so far (I don’t include fantasy here - just pure SciFi).

Redigeret: maj 20, 12:20pm

>37 Charon49:
"War of attrition" - ridiculous.

maj 20, 12:25pm

Getting this back in focus a bit.

Hopefully the production values for The Dark Tower, providing they eventually publish it, are a bit higher than The Shining and Misery, which were quite ordinary. It doesn't have to be a LE, but just nicer. But with what they did with The Road, and his previous novels, I am not so sure.

I agree with others that the first book was one of the best, and I only really enjoyed the next three, up to Wizard and Glass. This would actually be one of those where I wouldn't be disappointed if the publisher stopped halfway into the series.

After his accident, I feel he rushed to complete it, and it did start to get all over the place. However, similar to these hugely ambitious projects like Lost, the TV show, there probably was never going to be a satisfactory ending anyway, and it's the journey rather than the destination that matters.

maj 20, 12:26pm

>44 Willoyd:

I meant it in terms of a seemingly harmless comment when made 100 times starts to trigger greater responses. I grant you the phrasing of it is quite overly dramatic but it was just how my explanation came out.

Redigeret: maj 20, 1:10pm

>46 Charon49:
That makes more sense! Thank you for the explanation. I'd discuss the whole topic more but (a) I suspect some people would say it has been already, (the words ad nauseam might even be added!) and (b) I don't want to further go OT - it's why I started the travel literature thread too!

maj 20, 2:04pm

>41 Quicksilver66: OK. If you insist. I disagree with the statement "we need more classics". I don't "need more classics", and I would wager there are others in this group who don't feel that they "need more classics" either.

I welcome people honestly expressing their own views in a debate, but please don't presume to speak on behalf of all FSDs and tell me what I do or do not "need".

maj 20, 2:31pm

>48 fiascoborelli:
It's idiomatic phrasing, that's all.

Redigeret: maj 20, 4:16pm

>48 fiascoborelli: I think you misunderstood me. I was not telling you what you need but saying what I like. It’s called debate.

What has happened to this site? At the end of the day these are just books we’re discussing.

maj 20, 5:01pm

>50 Quicksilver66: I think you misunderstood. The original quote was not "I'd like more classics", but "we need more classics". You invited people who disagree to set out their case. I did. It's called debate.

This site used to be about a love of Folio books, now it just seems to be full of negativity whenever they launch a new collection.

maj 20, 8:07pm

>51 fiascoborelli: Nobody hates a Folio Society publication like a Folio Society Devotee.

Redigeret: maj 21, 1:44am

>51 fiascoborelli: It’s quite obvious that when the original poster said “we” he was setting out his personal opinion. As Willoyd says, idiomatic phrasing but quite common. Debate is good - when it’s kept in perspective.

Redigeret: maj 21, 12:08pm

>52 SDB2012:
This site used to be about a love of Folio books, now it just seems to be full of negativity whenever they launch a new collection.
That's not really surprising - indeed probably to be expected. I suspect most members of these boards joined FS in the days when their range had a completely different focus (the change is quite recent after all), and many will have little or no interest in FS editions of the Stephen Kings and Robin Hobbs of this world. I can't say there's much that has cried out to me to be bought lately: I used to buy up to 40 books a year, but haven't bought a single title published since 2018, although that is as much the pricing as the title range, and the non-fiction does seem to be picking up again. I am enjoying the secondary market a lot though (bought another today!) - and that's part of the point: love FS books, just not (a lot of) the ones currently being published!

maj 21, 12:20pm

>54 Willoyd:
Ditto. My last purchase was Hornblower 3, and since then I've happily bought 52 older publications (including some sets) and 2 LEs.
It's not just FS that's changed. New members of this board tend to have an entirely different outlook more in tune with Folio's changed priorities, rather like the Athenaeum being invaded by the Drones Club.

maj 21, 12:34pm

I agree. My purchase of FS books has gone down dramatically over the past 5 years. I like most of the classic sci-fi titles but have little interest in modern fantasy and not much desire to buy Stephen King or Game of Thrones.

maj 21, 12:55pm

>52 SDB2012:, >54 Willoyd:

Hell hath no fury like a Folio lover scorned, perhaps?

That's probably over the top but, when the thing you have loved for so long seems not to love you any more, that hurts. Perfectly understandable.

I have been with Folio for about twenty years and I think you're right, the range, or its balance of genres, feels to have changed. (Or is it that the advertising focuses on different stuff lately?) That said, I still find plenty to love about their books and plenty of titles to tempt me. The range on offer is still varied and interesting, I think.

Andrew Wagstaffe was quoted in the 75th year survey thread: 'We've published almost as much in the last fifteen years as the sixty before that!' I don't think it's just more science-fiction and fantasy - it's lots more books of many and varied sorts. I'm looking forward to the Thomas Hardy LE, for one, and loving my recently-acquired Pilgrim's Progress.

Still feeling the love :-)

(On-topic: I haven't read Dark Tower, so nothing to offer there, sorry.)

maj 21, 12:57pm

I put an order in today - after a long interval and a touch-and-go struggle with the website - and it set me calculating: I'm buying only 5-10% as many FS titles as I used to. I'm not especially critical of the books now being published, some at least are clearly good of their kind, but there's hardly anything I want to read and own. I'm spending no less on books, but the money is going elsewhere. It's just a pity that their traditional publishing list has slimmed down so far, as the books that do take my eye seem as good as ever, just not enough of them.

Redigeret: maj 21, 5:40pm

>57 Cat_of_Ulthar:
Andrew Wagstaffe was quoted in the 75th year survey thread: 'We've published almost as much in the last fifteen years as the sixty before that!' I don't think it's just more science-fiction and fantasy - it's lots more books of many and varied sorts. I'm looking forward to the Thomas Hardy LE, for one, and loving my recently-acquired Pilgrim's Progress.
And yet I've found less and less of interest, certainly on the fiction front and wanting a permanent fine copy (and not much affordable on the non-fiction front!). You touch on one of the problems: they might be doing some good LEs of older fiction, but hardly anything otherwise: in the past 5 years the only new 'classic' SE fiction (ie more than 100 years old) I can see is Tale of Genji and News from Nowhere in 2016, and Outlaws of the Marsh and Three Men on a Bummel in 2018, although Around the World in 80 Days hasn't been done for a long time. There's not much more even if you extend the time limit to include all but post-war. Everything else is just reprints and rehashes. After 75 years there's inevitably going to be a fair amount of that, but the new interest has virtually dried up, and yet there's so much out there.

maj 21, 6:04pm

>51 fiascoborelli: I’ve noticed this a lot too. Personally, I would much prefer more literary fiction with a pre mid 20th century focus. However, it is what it is and I find a lot to like in what’s offered. I do miss the atmosphere this group used to have and some of the interesting/nice contributors seem to have left, which is too bad.

maj 21, 7:51pm

I am actually quite happy with the present offerings by the FS with a lot of new and interesting titles done in innovative ways. There are always more titles in the new catalogues than I can buy due to limited reading time.
If I want classics, there are superb FS editions available on the secondary market without having to pay huge prices.
Why print a new edition of a classic which will sell slowly when there are great copies available cheaply from the back catalogue?
Combining the new and old markets, there is something for everyone.

Redigeret: maj 21, 8:02pm

>54 Willoyd: >57 Cat_of_Ulthar:
Exactly. I should have provided a little context. I was paraphrasing the George Lucas comment about how no one hates Star Wars more than a Star Wars fan. The fans are bought in and true believers and passionately voice their opinions about story decisions much like FS fans do about business and publishing decisions.

Frankly, it's great that they have passionate fans/customers who care so much.

maj 22, 5:11am

>61 wcarter:
If I want classics, there are superb FS editions available on the secondary market without having to pay huge prices.
Why print a new edition of a classic which will sell slowly when there are great copies available cheaply from the back catalogue?

Agree completely - my point is that FS keep reprinting and rehashing titles they've done before - there's so much they haven't. It's 'new' classics I'm after!

maj 22, 9:44pm

>63 Willoyd: Maybe they can publish the Steinbeck werewolf novel.