2021 Summer Sale

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2021 Summer Sale

maj 14, 8:06am

Thoughts? Predictions?

Will it be as good as last year? Or more like the last winter one?
Predictions for inclusions?

maj 14, 8:26am

Probably Stasiland at half price after I paid £35 for it in my local bookstore yesterday...

maj 14, 8:55am

That is what tends to happen to me. But at least you paid less than the current price, so congratulations.

I am hoping that Oryx and Crake will go on sale and The Aztecs on the Non-fiction side, but that is probably unlikely.

(Un?)Happily I have a longish wish list so chances are I will find something.

maj 14, 10:08am

are we expecting the sale to start in mid July, as the 10% off code finishes on the 12th?

maj 14, 10:26am

>4 stumc: That was what I thought, but not sure if that is when it will be. The summer collection was released a little bit later than i had thought it would be.

maj 14, 10:50am

From what I remember, codes are usually timed to expire a little bit in advance of sales starting.

maj 14, 10:54am

I just hope to see The Godfather with 20% off, though I'm not sure.

maj 14, 11:12am

Can anyone remember what discount, if any, were applied to the Game of Thrones books in previous sales? I'm considering taking the plunge and getting the first three in one go, but as moneymaker books with, I assume, plenty of stock, I'm wondering if there's much point in waiting.

Redigeret: maj 14, 11:15am

>8 Xandian97: The GoT books are good sellers and IMO very unlikely to ever make an appearance in a sale. Historically, FS has occasionally offered a bundle discount independent of the twice yearly sales, say 15% off if you buy all the books in the series, but it seems like it's been a few years since the last offer like that.

maj 14, 11:15am

>8 Xandian97: I don't recall ever seeing the ASOIAF books with a discount

maj 14, 11:19am

There is a link in the wiki to a very useful spreadsheet of sales titles going back quite a few years, including some prices. It is worth perusing if you are wondering what from your wish list might make an appearance. Also, it wil give you a sense of the type of books that tend to go on sale. Some books almost never do because they are popular, like the fantasy & sci fi titles and a lot of the children's books. Every sale seems to have a few suprises, but also titles that turn up again and again.

maj 14, 11:37am

I'm hoping to see Italian Folktales and If Not, Winter on sale this time around.

Redigeret: maj 14, 11:39am

Do they ever put books on sale that have just come out this year? I.e. books published this year?

maj 14, 11:48am

>13 Bob_Reader: No, I don’t believe so.

maj 14, 12:16pm

I remember they had The Exorcist in one of the last sales which surprised me as it was the out of print shortly afterwards.

I'd like to see any of the Bonds, Rendezvous with Rama, The Farseer Trilogy, Howls Moving Castle, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Planet of the Apes or The Little Prince.

maj 14, 12:40pm

>15 Schlermie: I wouldnt expect any of them to be in the summer sale, with maybe The Little Prince as an exception. but we'll see.

maj 15, 8:52am

I'm hoping to complete my set of Josephine Tey books, so hopefully a few are in this sale - I know two were in the last sale

maj 15, 11:30am

>17 pop24: Yes, that would be nice.

maj 15, 11:48am

I bought all the Tey books right before the sale and then they went on sale. It was...quite aggravating.

Now however, it think it would even out for me, since at the time there was free shipping and no customs. With express shipping+worse conversion rates+customs, a lot of sale items are not exactly cheaper.

I hope the sale is better this time around. The December one was rather boring.

maj 16, 5:16pm

At the request of member wdripp I’ve sent Warwick the updated sale spreadsheet for uploading to the Wiki. The first tab lists the 66 books still available that have previously been on sale (with the sale prices). It also includes books that have sold out since January 2018 (for those who want to know what they missed). The second tab lists the 66 books organized by date of publication. The third tab reflects the books that have been added to the sales since January 2019, organized to show the number of books added to each sale and their year of publication. The fourth tab lists the books that have sold out in each sale since January 2019. Finally, the fifth tab lists all of the books published between 2015-2020 (courtesy of the Wiki) and their current status (never on sale, previously on sale, sold out). The spreadsheet may be of interest to members who are trying to anticipate books that might be in the upcoming sale.

maj 16, 5:56pm

>20 Redshirt: Thank you!

maj 16, 10:44pm

The spreadsheet prepared by >20 Redshirt: has now been added to the FSD wiki here.

maj 16, 11:06pm

>20 Redshirt: Amazing work.

Were you also the author of the LE version, or was that data subsumed into this workbook?

maj 31, 11:58pm

Anyone think Persian Fire could be in this years summer sale? I feel that it gets overshadowed by Rubicon, but I would love to snag a copy at a discount. :)

jun 1, 12:58am

>24 Clobby:
I'll let you know in July.
Otherwise it is wild conjecture, so don't stress about it.