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I have been seeing so much current news about legislation that is relevant to this group, I've been overwhelmed when thinking about how to present it for discussion. So, here's the deal: I won't.

This thread is for links to political articles, radio broadcasts, videos, and other sources covering concerns that are ongoing -or- recent (because time is strange during the coronavirus pandemic). This topic is only for the external links.

Please start a new topic thread whenever you would like to respond in depth or to invite talk about what's mentioned here. (Questions about this topic thread are excepted-- ask here, in a new thread, on my personal profile page, or wherever's reasonable.)

maj 9, 10:12pm

Headline: "Bill allowing parents to opt children out of LGBTQ-related curriculum passes state legislature" (Nashville Tennessean, Apr 14)

Headline: "Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Allowing Parents to Opt Out of LGBTQ+ Education: Critics say the law will apply to lessons about the 'A.I.D.S. epidemic to the Stonewall riots to even Supreme Court jurisprudence.'" (them, Apr 16, updated May 4)

Meanwhile, "another bill seeking to ban LGBTQ-related teaching materials altogether" (linked in the first article) continues to progress in the state's House.

maj 9, 10:22pm

Headline: "Atwood, Backderf, Sanchez & More Pen Letter to Texas School District Over Book Ban: A group of authors whose books have been banned by a Texas school district wrote an open letter explaining their opposition to the bans." (, Apr 21)

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Headlines: "New House bill on school budgets raises book-banning concerns" and "New education bill appears to create a new class of banned books in Idaho public universities" (The Idaho Press, Apr 19) and

Headline: "Idaho lawmaker cites 'To Kill A Mockingbird' as proof of critical race theory in schools: Rep. Heather Scott called on a substitute teacher to illustrate critical race theory 'creeping through our schools,' and pointed to the classic book as evidence." (KTVB7; Apr 21, updated Apr 22)

Headline: "Controversial Bill Banning Teaching of Critical Race Theory Passes in Idaho Senate" (Newsweek, Apr 28)

Quote from Newsweek: "Critical Race Theory has become a more politically-charged topic in recent months. President Joe Biden's Education Department has proposed to use federal grant money to fund on teaching both The 1619 Project, originally from The New York Times, and Ibram Kendi's book, How to Be an Anti-Racist. Both works incorporate Critical Race Theory, and would be included in K-12 school curriculums."

Headline: "Idaho Governor Signs Bill To Ban Critical Race Theory In Schools" (NPR's All Things Considered, May 1)

maj 9, 11:39pm

Headline: "North Idaho library board candidates claim they were asked by Republicans about views on LGBTQ community, censorship: The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee wanted to vet candidates and two of them told The 208 the Republicans asked some unusual questions." (KTVB7; Apr 21, updated Apr 22)

maj 9, 11:50pm

After all this, I've remembered that the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom blogs weekly for "Intellectual Freedom News". The Censorship section of this week's post is below. By going to the post, you can follow the links to the news articles.


GOP legislatures target critical race theory | The Hill
-- Iowa Senate Republicans approve limits on diversity trainings; Democrat fears bill targets 1619 Project | Des Moines Register
-- Texas lawmakers see civics bills as a rejection of ‘woke’ philosophies. Educators say they would have a chilling effect | Dallas Morning News
-- Tennessee bans public schools from teaching critical race theory amid national debate | The Tennessean

East Tennessee school investigating teacher following racial inequality lesson | WWNY

Leander ISD’s Reading Lists Get Reviewed After Parents Complain Of Offensive Content | KUT 90.5

Frisco ISD’s ‘Read Woke’ challenge sparks controversy over critical race theory amid school board election | Dallas Morning News

‘It’s not anti-police’ | KCS investigates after teacher shares book on racial injustice | 10 News (TN)

Rockwood forum turns heated during discussion of race and class curriculum | KSDK (MO)

maj 16, 11:04pm

A section of "Intellectual Freedom News 5/14/2021" has been copied below. Links to the news articles are in the blog post.


Tammany schools avoid health books addressing gender identity, orientation after public outcry |

Loudoun School Critics Target ‘Dirty’ Books as Recall Petitions Circulate | Loudoun Now

Book ban request under evaluation | The Timberjay

A Florida classroom offered a book inspired by the killing of Tamir Rice. Police decried it as ‘propaganda.’ | The Washington Post
-- School halts use of fictional book in which a cop kills a Black child | South Florida Sun Sentinel

A school district tried to address racism, a group of parents fought back | CNN

Republicans announce federal bills to ‘restrict the spread’ of critical race theory | NBC News

‘Unbiased Teaching Act’ advances in the Arizona Legislature | KOLD News 13 (AZ)

North Carolina House approves bill to limit teaching of race | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Here’s why Bellingham school officials are being harassed by far-right websites | The Bellingham Herald

maj 27, 9:44am

"Intellectual Freedom News 5/21/2021"


Scarborough schools failed to follow policy in pulling book from 7th-grade curriculum | Press-Herald (ME)

Loudoun County Public Schools, parents at odds over ‘dirty’ books | Loudoun Times-Mirror

The Book I Wrote Was Just Banned. Now I’m Fighting to Get it to Every Kid I Can. | Huff Post

‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Library Event Draws Fire from Some Haddonfield Residents | NJ Pen

‘Firestorm’ of criticism won’t keep Bellingham schools from teaching about diversity | The Bellingham Herald

Republicans Seize on Conservative Backlash Against Critical Race Theory | The Hill

Four States Have Placed Legal Limits on How Teachers Can Discuss Race. More May Follow | Education Week
-- Legal scholars question Tennessee’s new bill restricting how educators teach about racial injustice | Chalkbeat

jun 1, 4:52pm

"Intellectual Freedom News 5/28/2021"


Scarborough schools failed to follow policy in pulling books from 7th-grade curriculum | Press Herald

Attempts to ban teaching on ‘critical race theory’ multiply across the U.S. | Iowa Capital Dispatch
-- White People’s Fear of Critical Race Theory is Based in Ignorance | Read Cultured
-- House Republicans introduce bill to ban teaching of critical race theory in Ohio | The Colombus Dispatch
-- Cherokee County parents upset over Critical Race Theory teachings | CBS46
-- Durham school board opposes bill they say would limit teaching about race, sex biases | WRAL

Lechelt: On banning books. Specifically, ‘Monday’s Not Coming’ | Loudoun Times-Mirror

North Carolina School District Appears to Ban Book One of a Kind, Like Me for Acknowledging Gender Identity Issues | National Coalition Against Censorship

NCAC Asks New Jersey School District to Clarify Overly Broad Material Vetting Policy | National Coalition Against Censorship