MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Fifth Cotillion

Snak75 Books Challenge for 2021

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MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Fifth Cotillion

Redigeret: apr 30, 5:34pm

Henry Tilney is the Austen hero I'd actually want to be married to (sorry Mr. Darcy) and he's played to perfection by J.J. Feild. Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland is also just *chef's kiss*. If you haven't seen this adaptation of Northanger Abbey, get to it tout suite.

I'm Micky, 34 years old, librarian, and generally bookish nerd. I usually have a good mix of reads going on every year with strong doses of romance, sff, historicals, and a dash of non-fiction. My only reading project this year is a re-read of Jane Austen's six major novels - the ultimate comfort reads for me. I'm trying to be a bit more chatty on my own thread and others and in addition to my reading, I'll also discuss what I'm watching, and general life goings on often featuring my husband, Mr. Fine, and our two cats, Ash and Smee. Posters and lurkers alike are welcome.

1. Paper and Fire - Rachel Caine
2. Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
3. Fangs - Sarah Andersen
4. I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are - Rachel Bloom
5. Not Quite the Classics - Colin Mochrie
6. Giant Days Volume 11 - John Allison & Max Sarin
7. Ash and Quill - Rachel Caine
8. Emma - Jane Austen (re-read)
9. Giant Days Volume 12 - John Allison & Max Sarin
10. Read It and Weep - Jenn McKinlay

11. How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse - K. Eason (re-read)
12. Giant Days Volume 13 - John Allison & Max Sarin
13. Death by Shakespeare - Kathryn Harkup
14. Lumberjanes Vol. 16 - Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
15. How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge - K. Eason
16. Little Moments of Love - Catana Chetwynd
17. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline (re-read)
18. Clean: The New Science of Skin - Jame Hamblin
19. Giant Days Vol. 14 - John Allison & Max Sarin
20. Ready Player Two - Ernest Cline

21. More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer
22. Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend - Catana Chetwynd
23. The Noel Coward BBC Radio Drama Collection - Noel Coward
24. Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (re-read)
25. You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time: Rules for Couples - Patricia Maxwell & Roz Chast
26. Redshirts - John Scalzi
27. Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
28. Once & Future: The King Is Undead - Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora
29. It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn
30. True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop - Annie Darling
31. Once & Future: Old English - Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora
32. Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher
33. An Infamous Army - Georgette Heyer
34. Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread - Nathan Edmonson & Phil Noto
35. All Systems Red - Martha Wells (re-read)
36. Artificial Condition - Martha Wells (re-read)
37. On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn

Redigeret: jun 1, 1:03pm

38. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
39. Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells (re-read)
40. Exit Strategy - Martha Wells (re-read)
41. The Jane Austen Society - Natalie Jenner
42. Valkyrie: The Sacred and the Profane - Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, & CAFU
43. The Martian - Andy Weir
44. Valkyrie: At the End of All Things - Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Torun Grønbekk, Pere Pérez, CAFU, Ramon Rosanas
45. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows (re-read)
46. Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice: Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces - Sarah Carter
47. Lumberjanes Vol. 17 - Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Kanesha C. Bryant
48. Shit, Actually - Lindy West
49. The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill - Julie Klassen
50. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel You Know It's True - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
51. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
52. Network Effect - Martha Wells (re-read)
53. Siri, Who Am I? - Sam Tschida
54. Fugitive Telemetry - Martha Wells
55. A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare
56. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It - Ryan North, Erica Henderson, & Jacob Chabot
57. Hamlet - William Shakespeare
58. Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare

59. Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare
60. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - Stuart Turton
61. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Like I'm the Only Squirrel in the World - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
62. Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare
63. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Who Run the World? Squirrels - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
64. Yes Please - Amy Poehler
65. Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (re-read)
66. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: I've Been Waiting for a Squirrel Like You - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
67. Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
68. Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey - Countess Carnarvon
69. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: My Best Friend's Squirrel - Ryan North & Erica Henderson
70. Klara and the Sun - Kazuo Ishiguro
71. Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe
72. The Mortal Word - Genevieve Cogman
73. The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green
74. Sunshine Girl - Julianna Margulies


Redigeret: apr 30, 5:37pm

My rating system:

/ = Ran screaming in the other direction (aka did not finish)
* = Suffered through it for reasons I'm still not sure of
** = Had far more flaws than virtues
*** = A read I don't regret but could use some improvement
**** = A good, solid read that I might revisit
***** = Loved it beyond reason and will probably re-read in short order

Redigeret: apr 30, 7:02pm

Redigeret: apr 30, 7:02pm

Welcome to the May thread. It's actually starting to feel like spring around here. No overnight lows in the freezing zone for the next week, I'm having my seasonal tire swap done this weekend, and the tulips I planted last year have substantial amounts of leaves above ground. What's your favourite sign of spring, friends?

Redigeret: apr 30, 5:52pm

Hi Micky.
Dreamy photo up top. I wonder where it was taken, with that rock pile in behind and all?

Happy reading. I lurk most of the time because I'm trying not to be an irrelevant chatter box spend so much time on Talk threads when I'm waaay behind on so many other spring chores.

apr 30, 6:12pm

Happy new thread!

apr 30, 7:37pm

>5 MickyFine: Oh, I just *love* the surfers coming back to the parking lot every spring! Their festive black wetsuits hitting the tarmac as they change into street clothes...so warming, such a welcome portent of delights still to come.

apr 30, 9:29pm

Happy new thread! Favorite sign of spring? Groundhogs under my shed emerging from hibernation. We usually have a bumper crop of babies!

apr 30, 10:15pm

Happy new thread, Micky! I enjoyed the link to "If libraries were like car dealerships" from your previous thread.

My favorite sign of spring... peepers! (For any who don't know, it's a type of chirping frog.) I wonder if I can hear them at night from my new home? I'll have to pay attention when I finish up dogsitting.

apr 30, 10:58pm

Happy new one, Micky. I am in a very small minority that likes Northanger Abbey best of all the Austen books I have read.

maj 1, 4:36am

I'm with you on Henry Tilney as the best Austen hero. Northanger Abbey was the first Austen I read as part of school English lessons and I didn't care for it at age 12/13 but I re-read it as an adult and loved it. Somehow the humour didn't come through in English lessons!

maj 1, 6:28am

Happy new thread, Mickey!

maj 1, 8:53am

Happy new one, Micky!

I don't htink I have a favorite sign of spring, as spring means it's almost summer and I hate summer. So I kind of hate spring. But I do like the flowers, I guess :)

maj 1, 9:38am

>6 SandyAMcPherson: Nice to see you, Sandy. Those spring chores do seem to be neverending, don't they?

>7 quondame: Thank you, Susan.

>8 richardderus: The things I miss out on living on the prairies...

>9 drneutron: Thanks, Jim! Did some quick googling and groundhog babies are pretty darn cute.

>10 bell7: I thought some library folk around here might enjoy it, Mary. Not many frogs around here but my neighbour did have a duck standing on their roof yesterday morning quacking up a storm. 🤣

>11 PaulCranswick: I can see why it's your favourite, Paul. It's very funny.

>12 CDVicarage: Glad your less than ideal experience with NA the first time didn't put you off it entirely, Kerry.

>13 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita.

>14 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie. Summer is a much stickier affair in your neck of the woods so I totally get why you don't like it. Spring flowers are totally the best. We've got lilac bushes in our front yard and I cannot wait for them to bloom. Love that smell.

Redigeret: maj 1, 9:53am

What's on the agenda: Quiet Saturday here. Currently snuggled up cozily in bed with a sleepy Smee in my lap. Not sure if we'll do our walk before or after virtual church today. It's supposed to be rainy later so definitely walking before mid-afternoon anyway. I'll definitely get in reading and crochet time and I'll probably convince Mr. Fine to play a boardgame too. Chicken stir fry on the meal plan for tonight.

What I'm reading: No paper book time yesterday so I'm still in the same place in The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.

What we're watching: Gave Mr. Fine his first experience with a Fred & Ginger movie and watched Top Hat last night. Followed it up with a couple episodes of As Time Goes By.

maj 1, 9:58am

Morning, Micky!

Chicken stir fry sounds wonderful, and I LOVE Top Hat!

maj 1, 10:04am

Oh, I haven't thought about 'Top Hat' in ages! Loved it as a kid.

maj 1, 11:10am

>17 scaifea: Morning Amber! Top Hat was a frothy delight, particularly figuring out what was going on with all of Ginger's gowns.

>18 katiekrug: It had been ages since I'd seen it, Katie, and had thought part of it was set on a ship but it was all the water in "Venice" that threw off my memory. It's a fun one to revisit.

maj 2, 9:13am

Happy new thread, Micky!

maj 2, 10:45am

>20 humouress: Thanks, Nina!

maj 2, 10:57am

What's on the agenda: Cleaning day around here including a spring clean of the front hall closet. Time to swap out fall and winter gear with spring and summer coats. I'm also taking my car to have the winter tires swapped for my summers. So any snow in the next week will be my fault. I'm also hoping to bake cookies today (chewy ginger). Chicken souvlaki, rice, and Greek salad for dinner tonight.

What I'm reading: Still making my way through The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. And I've got a BBC radio production of Twelfth Night lined up for audio.

What we're watching: Started our MCU rewatch with Iron Man last night. So much fun to go back to the early movies.

maj 2, 3:21pm

>22 MickyFine: Sounds like a good, productive day with a pleasant reward at the end of it.

Souvlaki *drool*

maj 3, 7:50am

Chewy ginger cookies?! I'll be right over...

Iron Man is even better than I remembered it, really. Tony's snark is so beautiful right from the beginning.

maj 3, 10:44am

>23 richardderus: It wasn't quite as productive as planned but dinner was very tasty.

>24 scaifea: I ended up baking them this morning before work so they're even still warm. :) Tony's snark, his banter with Pepper, and the first appearance of Agent Coulson. It's a really solid popcorn flick.

Redigeret: maj 3, 11:40am

What's on the agenda: Mr. Fine has early shift today and since I got wrapped up in clearing out clothes from my closet that no longer fit yesterday (thanks former birth control for accentuating certain parts of my anatomy :P), I made ginger cookies this morning before work. So it smells really good in my house right now. Work will include checking on expiring content in OverDrive, reviewing customer suggestions, and hopefully some regular selection work. Tortellini and salad for dinner tonight. Plus virtual craft circle for me this evening. Getting close to finishing weaving in ends on the front side of the blanket I've been working. Now there's just the whole back to do. *sob*

What I'm reading: No paper book time yesterday but I started Twelfth Night on audio yesterday and finished it this morning. Next up for audio is Yes Please.

What we're watching: Tangled for the Disney project. Love that one so much for a lot of reasons including my crush on Zachary Levi.

maj 3, 12:11pm

Book 59

Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare

BBC radio production of one of Shakespeare's best loved comedies according to the introduction by the former director of the Royal National Theatre, Richard Eyre. Personally I always mix it up with As You Like It due to the repetition of the cross-dressing plotline. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy the play as it is quite funny. But Much Ado will always be my favourite. However, She's the Man which retells the play in a modern setting is a delight (and not just because of shirtless Channing Tatum) and I think flavours my opinion of the original.

Rating: ****

maj 3, 1:22pm

>26 MickyFine: I need to do a closet cleanout soon... I definitely have way too many pairs of jeans that I just don't wear because they're uncomfortable. You're making me want to make ginger cookies, too!

maj 3, 2:03pm

>28 curioussquared: This was my second attempt at the clear out. The first time I wasn't in the best headspace and the realization that some of my favourite dresses weren't going to fit again led to some tears and Mr. Fine insisting I put it off. This time I was in a better mood and had the reward of buying some new dresses to take the place of the old ones so no meltdown.

Some of the clothes will go to friends who are similar to my old size/dimensions and were interested and the rest are off to be donated. Just have to check with all of our restrictions currently in place whether anyone is taking donations or if clothes will be bagged and placed in the garage until I can donate them.

maj 3, 2:25pm

>29 MickyFine: I hate that feeling for sure! And hooray for new dresses :) I did some retail therapy at the beginning of the pandemic and bought myself a bunch of cute new outfits online to cheer myself up... and then of course stayed home in yoga pants for the next year. Now I feel like putting on a fancy dress just going to the grocery store, haha.

maj 3, 3:28pm

>30 curioussquared: Do it! I usually wear dresses for the office and church so I had lots of opportunities to pull mine out in the before times. With WFH for who knows how long and sticking with virtual church until I'm vaccinated, they don't make as many appearances right now. But I often find a dress comfier than shorts so I might break them out more this summer. We'll see.

maj 3, 3:45pm

>31 MickyFine: Same. I'll wear casual dresses around the house still, but only if 1. they're machine washable (the dogs like to sleep with their heads in my lap and I don't feel like dry cleaning something because of dog drool!) and 2. it's cool enough to wear a jacket, or the dress has phone-sized pockets -- I usually walk the dogs at LEAST once a day and don't carry a bag, so pockets are necessary for my phone and keys :)

maj 3, 3:58pm

>32 curioussquared: Those are good conditions. In my house it's more cat hair than dog drool that's the concern and also I hate ironing so if the dress will require pressing it might not come out of the closet as frequently. But every single one of the dresses I bought yesterday has pockets. Will they big enough for my new phone (which I'm also waiting for to ship)? Stay tuned.

maj 3, 4:11pm

>33 MickyFine: Woohoo! Fingers crossed for big pockets :)

maj 3, 7:43pm

Happy new thread! Northanger Abbey is my favorite Austen. And my favorite sign of spring is the dogwood trees blooming.

maj 4, 8:16am

YES to Agent Coulson (love), and Tangled (also one of my favorites)!

I keep putting off cleaning out my closet because I'm still clinging to the falsehood that I will be able to take off some weight and get back into some of those things. I'll give it until this fall and then maybe give in and buy new stuff before teaching starts up again. Even though I teach via Zoom, I still dress up to do so.

maj 4, 11:04am

>35 foggidawn: Nice to see you, Foggi! Nice choice of fave Austen. I'm not sure I've ever seen a dogwood tree? Did a Google image search and I'm still not sure...

>36 scaifea: I'm hopeful I might lose a bit of the COVID weight at some point but the growth due to my former birth control in the *ahem* upper frontal section of my anatomy hasn't disappeared after a year so I don't think it's going anywhere. :/ So new wardrobe. Yay? Good on you for dressing up for teaching. I try to at least wear work appropriate tops on days I have video meetings but there are days I'm wearing a scarf to hide my t-shirts. :P

maj 4, 11:29am

Dogwoods have a distinctive blossom (in white or pink -- the white are my favorite):

And a distinctive tree shape, more horizontal limbs than some other flowering trees:

(A lot of the stock photos don't reflect that shape, but in the wild they're easier to spot.)

They're a very Appalachian tree, so I remember seeing them in my childhood (I lived in the North Carolina mountains when I was very small) -- they grow at the edges of forests, so you see them along the road when driving through the mountains. I did wonder if it might be too cold for them, up in your part of the world!

maj 4, 11:37am

What's on the agenda: Thankfully Mr. Fine is on later shift for the rest of the week so the alarm goes off at 6 instead of 5. That hour makes such a huge difference! Work today includes some small monthly housekeeping stuff, I'll be attending a virtual panel on the relationship between publishers and libraries, and some regular selection work. Tacos for dinner tonight and then I get to go for my monthly massage, which I'm really looking forward to as in addition to my usual shoulder tension build up, I've got a knot below my right shoulder blade that could use some attention.

What I'm reading: I've only got 100 pages left in The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and I'm finishing it today come hell or high water as I want to know how it will turn out but I don't actually like it. However, I'm already loving Yes Please on audio. Worth picking up just to have Patrick Stewart read haikus on plastic surgery.

What we're watching: A couple episodes of Fringe and an episode of As Time Goes By last night.

maj 4, 11:42am

>38 foggidawn: According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation the only native dogwood species in my province is the red osier dogwood (a shrub), which I do recognize. But we definitely don't have the trees in my neck of the woods. However, my Mayday tree should be blooming in a few weeks and that is both a beautiful sight and a delicious smell to anticipate. :)

maj 4, 2:54pm

>39 MickyFine: I really enjoyed The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (pretty sure my copy had the 1/2). I gave it to my Dad for Christmas, because he's a mystery buff, and I thought he might like that aspect, but he hated the book. Hated. He hate-read the whole thing, I think. (And then he told me about it. More than once. It still comes up as a topic of conversation occasionally.)

maj 4, 5:21pm

>41 foggidawn: Snort. Ah yes, I'm familiar with this scenario although usually in the context of movies. Mr. Fine and I have a few movies we've watched together that one of us hasn't forgiven the other for picking. ;)

maj 4, 8:05pm

Ah, too bad you're not liking The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (I read the 7 1/2 title, and it's a pain in the butt to remember how to do it in the library catalog, let me tell you). I thought it was incredibly fun/clever but also not for everyone.

maj 5, 3:24am

>39 MickyFine: I as pretty much the same with The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Felt it went on far too long and (I hate to tell you) didn’t like the ending at all.

maj 5, 10:28am

>43 bell7: >44 SandDune: It's been interesting to see the range of reactions to this one at the very least.

maj 5, 11:00am

What's on the agenda: Pretty chill morning before work today. Managed to finish reading a comic before I started my shift today. My work is a little hamstrung at the moment as I upgraded my cell phone yesterday and the app I use to authenticate for our VPN did not hang on to the info I need during the switch. So I can't access any of my work files and I can't access the ILS (the back end of the library catalogue) so it's pretty hard to do most of my job at the moment. Until IT gets back to me I'll clean up some notes from the panel I attended yesterday for sharing with my work group and then tackle the online course I'm creating for staff on how our suggest for purchase module works. I really just wanted to dig into ordering this morning *pout*. Group meeting after lunch today so that should help the afternoon go fast. Take out tonight is my pick and I have no clue what I want. So I'll have to figure that out at some point.

What I'm reading: Finished The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle last night and volume 5 of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl this morning. Next up for my eyeballs is Romancing the Duke. Yay for Tessa Dare! Yes Please continues on audio and it remains a delight.

What we're watching: One episode of Legends of Tomorrow before I headed out for my massage last night. Blackbeard was in the episode so there was plenty of pirate-y fun.

maj 5, 11:33am

VPN access restored. Huzzah!

maj 5, 12:40pm

>47 MickyFine: Oh thank goodness! I'm very pleased for you, since no access = no work = no rest when it's all back in service. Short outage is good thing, yes.

maj 5, 5:42pm

>48 richardderus: Yes indeed, Richard. *smooches*

maj 5, 6:09pm

Book 60

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - Stuart Turton

This book. It should have been one I liked. I was sucked in by the promise of a time loop that's approached from a different perspective every time and a murder mystery on a large British estate. Plus a cover blurb that compared it to Agatha Christie. But this, sir, is no Agatha Christie novel and that comparison may have contributed to my dislike. There is no sparkle, no humour. Instead we're treated to a bleak, Gothic landscape more akin to Rebecca or The Masque of the Red Death, which I enjoy in their own ways but wasn't what I went in expecting (or in the mood for). The characters are all terrible people and they barely improve. I was pulled through the book by the plot and wanting to know how it turned out but none of the twists were so good that I felt compensated for the misery I had to sludge through. The novel knows how clever it is and is smug about it and I was not interested. YMMV.

Rating: **

maj 5, 6:17pm

Book 61

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Like I'm the Only Squirrel in the World - Ryan North & Erica Henderson

Doreen is talked into going on vacation with her Mom and Nancy only to discover that the cabin in Canada has no electricity or internet signal. However before her boredom gets to intense she uncovers a plot to take over the world and teams up with Ant-Man and Brain Drain to help prevent it. Also Mew proves she's just as unbeatable as Squirrel Girl and we get a peek into Doreen's life as a young squirrel girl when she celebrates her 20th birthday.

A delight as ever. The Canadian jokes are *chef's kiss* and Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man are very fun foils for each other. The whole arc is as fun as I've grown to expect and the two one off comics in the volume were also a lot of fun. If you've made it this far in the series, you're going to like it.

Rating: ****

maj 6, 7:15am

I have the first volume of Squirrel Girl out from the library and I'm hoping to get to it soon!

maj 6, 10:38am

What's on the agenda: Checking the tab where I'm currently queued to sign up for my first vaccination shot every 30 seconds. I've gone from 30,630 in line to 4,122 in forty minutes so it should be soon-ish. My province opened up eligibility to 30+ (and kids 12+ with health conditions) as of 8 a.m. this morning so the portal is hopping. I'm also working. It's a customer suggestions checking day, I have a brainstorming meeting with an author this afternoon for the team I'm on, and the rest of the day will probably be spent with the April and May issues of Library Journal. Chuckerout for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Put a good dent in Romancing the Duke yesterday and loving it as expected because Tessa Dare is my fave.

What we're watching: We watched the last episode of season 2 and the first episode of season 3 of Outlander last night. Voyager is my favourite of the books so I'm pretty fond of this season.

maj 6, 10:41am

I tried googling "chuckerout" and still don't know what it is...?

Good luck with the vaccine queue! I'm waiting for our government to release the OK for 12+ kiddos here and then I'll immediately start looking for an appointment for Charlie.

maj 6, 10:48am

>55 scaifea: It's from a Dutch cookbook my Mom got when she married my Dad (my Grandfather is Dutch). It's basically fried eggs, open faced roast beef sandwiches with lettuce and tomato (and mayo for people who aren't me) and a dill pickle on the side. Simple and delicious.

And I'm booked for May 19!

maj 6, 11:00am

>56 MickyFine: Oh, whoa, that sounds amazing.


maj 6, 11:21am

>56 MickyFine: Oh, then it's the rag-ends of whatever meat and salad there is, on toast, with eggs! Mama called that "Spanish supper".

maj 6, 11:40am

>57 scaifea: It's one of my favourite dishes, especially in the summer as it doesn't heat up the house much.

>58 richardderus: Sounds pretty similar, Richard.

I just did the math on my calendar. If I have to wait the full 16 weeks for my second shot (up here they're delaying second shots up to that number), I'll still get shot #2 before our planned anniversary vacation in September with a few days leeway in case I have nasty side effects. But fingers crossed it's a few weeks earlier than that. I'd love to be fully immunized before we go.

maj 6, 12:28pm

Yay for vaccine appointment!!!

maj 6, 12:29pm

Great news about the vaccine!

maj 6, 12:57pm

maj 6, 2:00pm

Good news about the vaccine. Sorry about the wait for the second though.

maj 6, 3:14pm

>63 quondame: Seeing as my province now has the highest rate of COVID per 100,000 in all of Canada and the US, I'll take any level of immunity I can get.

maj 6, 3:40pm

>64 MickyFine: Yikes! What a mess.

maj 6, 8:49pm

Congrats on getting your first vaccine appointment, Micky!

maj 7, 10:34am

>66 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

maj 7, 10:40am

What's on the agenda: After dropping off Mr. Fine this morning, I spent my time before work making chai. I'd attempted on the weekend but the milk boiled over and it was an awful mess. Today I hovered over the pot the whole time and it turned out beautifully. So I'm sipping that while starting work today. It's supposed to be cool, rainy, and blustery today and tomorrow so it's a good day for chai. I've got OverDrive requests to deal with today and a webinar from OverDrive as well on some of the new products they're offering. Rest of the day will probably be spent with Library Journal. Fish, rice, and cooked veggies for dinner tonight, which I'll be cooking. Might squeeze in a double feature movie night tonight. We'll see.

What I'm reading: Finished Romancing the Duke last night and it was just as good as I'd hoped.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supernatural including one with Jewel Staite! Will always love her.

maj 7, 12:50pm

>68 MickyFine: Aw, shiny!

maj 7, 3:36pm

Book 62

Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare

Izzy Goodnight has been on the brink of disaster ever since the death of her father. When she receives a letter from her godfather's lawyers, she discovers he's gifted her a castle. The only problem is that Ransom, the Duke of Rothbury is still in residence and definitely didn't sell his castle so that it could be gifted to Izzy. As Izzy and Ransom dig into what has led to both of them living in Gostley Castle, they'll discover a mutual attraction that exceeds everything they ever expected.

I'm never disappointed when I pick up a Tessa Dare romance and this novel continues the trend. Izzy and Ransom are both complex human characters whose backgrounds are informative to their flaws and quirks. Dare also sensitively deals with having a character who has a disability. Plus she manages to sneak in a Star Wars reference into a historical romance novel, which takes some skill and made me laugh. Recommended as always.

Rating: ****

maj 7, 3:41pm

*adds to list*

maj 7, 5:08pm

>71 katiekrug: And it's even first in the series too. :)

maj 7, 5:11pm

So I noted 🙂

maj 8, 10:28am

What's on the agenda: Cool and rainy Saturday here but we're in desperate need of the rain so I'm not complaining. Mr. Fine is just about to start making our usual Saturday breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and toast. Afterwards there will be virtual church and then we'll pick up his daughter who's coming to visit for a few hours. There will probably be crochet and reading time for me and either Lego or board game time as well. Perogies, turkey sausage, and veggies for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Finished another Squirrel Girl comic yesterday so I'll be starting my re-read of Northanger Abbey today.

What we're watching: My movie pick last night was Northanger Abbey, which was as charming as ever. Followed it up with several episodes of As Time Goes By. We're nearing the end of the show and I don't want it to end (even if I have watched it all before and will again).

maj 8, 10:39am

>50 MickyFine: The novel knows how clever it is and is smug about it and I was not interested. I love that description. I've thought that smug part many times in trite mystery reading. For me, smugness rather detracts from the book.

>74 MickyFine: Envy-💚-envy your rain. Please send here. We are desperate from some precipitation. Living in a pollen-laden dust bowl. I'd even welcome the water as snowflakes.

maj 8, 11:10am

>74 MickyFine: Oh, those endings...designed to eviscerate a fannish heart, they are, and no reunions possible with Geoffrey Palmer gone and Dame Judi slowing down.

Anyway. Vaccine high-ho!

maj 8, 12:44pm

>56 MickyFine: Oh, I was guessing 'left-overs' (as in chuck out of the fridge).

Good news on the appointment!

maj 8, 6:18pm

>75 SandyAMcPherson: Fingers crossed it blows your way, Sandy. It's been a proper rainy day unlike yesterday where the clouds were dark and threatening but never actually dropped any precipitation.

>76 richardderus: Ain't it the truth, Richard? We've still got all the interviews to watch so listening to Geoffrey and Judi chat with each other will be a delight.

>77 humouress: Thanks, Nina.

maj 9, 10:41am

What's on the agenda: Mr. Fine is going to try out our new waffle maker so there will be waffles for breakfast today. Then some cleaning before we stop by my parents' house for an outdoor visit with my Mom for Mother's Day. Her gifts are all wrapped (a very cute t-shirt with penguins that says "I'm a Cool Mom" and some needles for crochet she wanted) and we'll be picking up some of her favourite hot chocolate to sip while we hang out. After that whatever cleaning and laundry we haven't finished and I want to put in some seeds in my flower flower beds (black-eyed susans and foxgloves). Burgers and fries tonight and I'll make a strawberry milkshake to go with it.

What I'm reading: Put in some time with Northanger Abbey yesterday and Henry Tilney is as swoonworthy as ever. Might finish Yes Please on audio today with all the cleaning.

What we're watching: Did Disney night last night since I wasn't awake enough for 2+ hours of our next MCU movie. So we watched Winnie the Pooh from 2011 (just barely over an hour long). Cute but too many voices are not similar enough to the ones I grew up with in the 1970s film - although John Cleese is an excellent narrator.

maj 9, 11:01am

>79 MickyFine: Ooh, do you have a good waffle recipe? We have a waffle maker but the recipe that comes with it is really a pancake batter which isn’t very exciting and doesn’t get crispy.

maj 10, 10:05am

>80 humouress: Sadly no. We just used pancake mix we had in the cupboard (although it had instructions for making waffles) and they turned out pretty nicely. It was protein pancake mix though so deceptively filling...

maj 10, 10:16am

What's on the agenda: Back to the grind and it's a 5 a.m. wake up week. Did I take advantage of the fact that I have no meetings today and can wear a hoodie with my yoga pants while working in the basement today? Maybe. Customer suggestions up first and then I'll be digging through lists. I'm trying to clear out the backlog of ones I've saved in my inbox this week and we'll see how it goes. Mr. Fine has his first vaccination shot this afternoon (woohoo!) but the health centre where he needs to go is pretty close to our house so he's planning to walk over. Butter chicken and naan for dinner tonight. Virtual craft circle for me tonight.

What I'm reading: About halfway through Northanger Abbey and less than an hour left in Yes Please so I should definitely finish the latter today.

What we're watching: The Hulk movie with Edward Norton last night, which I always forget is technically part of the MCU (of course, Mr. Fine being the comic nerd he is never does). It's not bad if you like a lot of smashing but I'm not complaining Mark Ruffalo took over the role.

maj 10, 10:20am

Ooof, yeah, we always skip the Hulk movie. It's...not great. And Ruffalo is SO much better.

Yes, Please is so great - I hope you're loving it!

maj 10, 10:28am

>83 scaifea: The Iron Man cameo at the end is pretty fun, at least.

And I am definitely loving Yes, Please. It helps that I've seen all of Parks & Rec and so am much fonder of her than I was when the book came out. Back then I just knew her as the woman who was in movies with Tina Fey that weren't my stripe of comedy and so didn't bother to pick it up then.

maj 10, 3:48pm

Book 63

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Who Run the World? Squirrels - Ryan North & Erica Henderson

Doreen goes to a guest lecture at the university and ends up meeting a mysterious benefactor who provides her with cool gear. However, all is not as it seems and the rest of the animal kingdom may end up being pulled into the fight.

Squirrel Girl rocks! That is all.

Rating: ****

maj 10, 3:54pm

Book 64

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

I am supremely late to this one but glad to finally join in the love for it. This is an excellent experience in audio as in addition to Amy Poehler's narration there are also sections read by Patrick Stewart, Carol Burnett, Kathleen Turner, Seth Meyers, Greg Daniels, and her parents. Just as funny, smart, and kind as you'd expect this was a wonderful listening experience from start to finish.

Rating: ****

maj 10, 4:59pm

Just dropping by to say hi! I was only 2 threads behind, totally normal right? ;)

maj 10, 5:12pm

>87 leahbird: Nice to see you, Leah! Ignore all the prologue and join in here. I won't mind and I won't tell. :)

maj 10, 9:17pm

>86 MickyFine: You're not that far behind, I just read it last year ;) Glad it was a fun audio experience for you.

maj 11, 10:19am

>89 bell7: Thanks, Mary. Happy to see I'm not the only one who's sometimes slow to join the bestseller parties. ;)

maj 11, 10:28am

What's on the agenda: Although the alarm went off at 5, I got to doze for another hour in bed as Mr. Fine is feeling some side effects from his shot yesterday and opted to stay home. Went for my daily walk this morning as it's supposed to be stormy all afternoon and evening. Work includes our monthly department meeting, finishing up customer suggestions from yesterday (our print vendor's site was down for a couple hours yesterday, which prevented me working on suggestions for a few hours), updating our Lucky Day titles in OverDrive, and then back into all my lists. Take out for dinner tonight is Mr. Fine's choice.

What I'm reading: Started a BBC radio production of Romeo and Juliet yesterday as my audio. Andrew Scott (who I know best as Moriarty from the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock) plays Mercutio, so that's pretty fun. Northanger Abbey continues in print and I'd like to think I might finish it today but we'll see.

What we're watching: A couple episodes of Fringe. My crush on Jonathan Jackson will exist forever.

maj 12, 10:28am

What's on the agenda: Pretty same old, same old around here. Mucked about doing not much of anything before work this morning. I've got my weekly work group meeting plus my bi-weekly solo meeting with my manager. I'll do some ordering for sure, prep for a course I'm taking next week, and maybe work on the course content I'm developing but I'm not sure I'll get to/want to work on that last one. Grocery shopping after work today. Macaroni and tuna salad for dinner tonight (a summer staple around here).

What I'm reading: Didn't get as much paper book time yesterday as I'd planned so still enjoying Northanger Abbey. Meanwhile on audio, Romeo and Juliet are about to have their final scene together while they're both still alive so things are headed to the high tragedy zone. ;)

What we're watching: A few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, which is so ridiculous sometimes and I love it. Also an episode and a half of Community, which has been the show Mr. Fine's been watching while cooking lately and he squeezed in another bit of it before joining his virtual D&D group.

maj 12, 3:36pm

Just dropping by to say hi Micky and very happy to see more and more of my LT friends (and their families) getting vaccinated :-) Hope Mr Fine feels better from his first shot soon. And hooray for Squirrel Girl and Northanger Abbey!

Tessa Dare is on my list of romance authors to try - would you recommend any of her books as a particularly good starting point?

maj 12, 3:42pm

>93 souloftherose: Mr. Fine's doing much better, thanks Heather. It also helps when I don't forget which arm he got the shot in and don't lean on or poke it. ;)

If you're a stickler for reading romance series in consecutive order The Duchess Deal is first in her newest series and a great place to sample. My favourite novel of hers ever is Any Duchess Will Do, which is fourth in its series (I think) but as is true of all romance series it stands alone just fine.

maj 12, 4:02pm

Hi Micky, I've been taking a computer break for about a week. Lots of garden work and then the usual "ow ow" why do I have sore muscles saga.

On a different topic: Jon Klassen. As a librarian, have you gotten to read his latest book yet (The Rock from the Sky)? I'd sure like to see your comments. I was ummm, shall we say, majorly underwhelmed. I'm having one of those, Is it just me moments.

PS. Waffles. I 💖 those for breakfast, with fresh berries and whipped cream.

maj 12, 4:54pm

I got a dark-chocolate-coated Belgian waffle today.

...hey, we give what we got, right?

maj 13, 5:03am

I want a waffle...

maj 13, 10:32am

>95 SandyAMcPherson: Hope your garden is rewarding your efforts, Sandy. I order adult non-fiction for my library and since I'm still working from home I don't get to walk past all the new arrivals in my department so I hadn't heard about Klassen's latest until you mentioned it on your thread. Thus no commiseration nor contrary views to share.

>96 richardderus: Ooooh. And did you come with one to share?

>97 BekkaJo: Mr. Fine has decided Sundays are waffle days now. We picked up a big bag of buttermilk pancake/waffle mix at Costco yesterday so we should be set for a while.

maj 13, 10:40am

What's on the agenda: Great excitement for me this morning. Got a text notification that one of the pharmacies where I'd put my name on a waitlist had vaccination slots open up for today. So I'm going for shot #1 this afternoon rather than waiting for the appointment I'd booked at the public health centre next week. Yippee! And I get to leave work an hour early to get it. Double yippee! Until then I'll be doing customer suggestions and regular ordering. Ended up having the Costco chicken taco kit for supper last night so tonight will be macaroni and tuna salad.

What I'm reading: Finished Northanger Abbey. Next up is another volume of Squirrel Girl. Will probably finish Romeo & Juliet on audio today as well.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Outlander last night. Season 3 Frank's dead, Jamie's just left Helwater, and the reunion draws nigh. :D

maj 13, 10:42am

WOOT!! Congrats on the shot today!!

maj 13, 11:07am

Great news about the shot! Fingers crossed for no bad side effects!

Mmm, I love tuna and pasta salad in the summer. I guess it's getting to be the time for it. I make mine with rotini and red onion and sometimes capers. Now I want some.

Redigeret: maj 13, 11:15am

>99 MickyFine: So will that be a Pfizer vaccine? I'm very confused about the real status of AstraZeneca. SK is accepting whatever arrives in the province.

I'm reading a Tom Holt ATM. The Portable Door took a longish time to become interesting but fortunately, Lucy (@sybilline) warned of that when she posted her review.

Redigeret: maj 13, 11:41am

>100 scaifea: Thanks, Amber!

>101 katiekrug: Thanks on both counts, Katie! My mac and tuna salad is one of the few dishes that I make by eyeball rather than recipe. Paprika, parsley, and green onion are my add-ins.

>102 SandyAMcPherson: It'll be either Pfizer or Moderna, I believe Sandy. Apparently AB is saving the AZ it receives for second doses at this point.

Redigeret: maj 13, 12:34pm

Book 65

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (re-read)

I love Jane Austen so completely it's hard to make any sort of useful comment on her novels at this point. Henry Tilney is the male lead that out of all of her novels that I'd happily steal and marry myself. There's plenty of humour here with the satire of gothic novels and there's decided glimpses of Austen's opinions tucked away that are a delight as well. Highly recommended, obviously.

Rating: *****

maj 13, 12:31pm

Congrats on the shot appointment!!

maj 13, 12:38pm

>105 curioussquared: Thanks, Natalie.

maj 13, 12:45pm

SHOT DAY!! I'm delighted the schedule to return to normalcy is established.

new product at my local CVS, on sale, and pretty darn good.

maj 13, 12:51pm

>104 MickyFine: I’m a great lover of Northanger Abbey as well. I’ve read it so many times.

maj 13, 1:14pm

>107 richardderus: Thanks, Richard. Oooh that looks pretty deadly. My impulse purchase while grocery shopping yesterday was Oreo ice cream sandwiches. They were on sale on Costco. :D

>108 SandDune: It's a great read every time, isn't it, Rhian?

Redigeret: maj 14, 10:14am

Yay, congrats on the shot!

Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park are the Austen novels I have read the least, but NA surprised me in its humor and I would definitely read it again where MP I'd probably brace myself for a bit of a slog.

maj 14, 9:58am

>110 bell7: Thanks, Mary. Mansfield Park is my least favourite of Austen's novels but I'm still very fond of it. Probably helps that I studied it in undergrad and have some greater appreciation for all the things Austen was doing in it.

Redigeret: maj 14, 10:16am

What's on the agenda: I'm only a little disappointed that my one shot side effect is just a sore arm so no sick day for me. ;) After dropping off Mr. Fine at the bus this morning I had to add some air to the car tires. Work will be customer suggestions in OverDrive and then probably some time with publisher catalogues. Mr. Fine's making steak, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob for dinner tonight. My pick for movie night but I'm not sure yet what I want to watch.

What I'm reading: Finished the Squirrel Girl comic last night and wrapped up my audio of Romeo and Juliet this morning so new books all around! In print I'll be starting Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey and on audio I'll be listening to Rob Lowe read Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supernatural last night including one with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter. Yay for any type of Buffy reunion!

maj 14, 10:20am

I really enjoyed the audio of Rob Lowe's book. For Christmas, waaay back in 2019, The Wayne got me tickets to see his show in Atlantic City in April (I think) 2020. Obviously, it was cancelled, but we are now re-booked for this coming October. I'm really looking forward to it.

maj 14, 12:04pm

>113 katiekrug: So jealous you'll get to see him live. That's sure to be a delightful show.

I've been meaning to read this book since it came out 10 years ago (?!) and I'm just finally getting around to it. Have you read Love Life too? I put it in my for later list in Libby.

maj 14, 12:30pm

>114 MickyFine: - I enjoyed Love Life, too, but not quite as much.

maj 14, 1:29pm

>115 katiekrug: Good to know. :)

maj 14, 3:36pm

Happy weekend's reads, Micky, and may you spend 24hrs wretched with your second shot to make up for the non-event this one was. (I did.)

maj 14, 4:18pm

>117 richardderus: Hmm, I'll just hope for the intense exhaustion my Dad had with his second shot. Of course, current estimates are that it will be 12-16 weeks before I get shot #2 so long wait to find out.

maj 14, 5:53pm

Book 66

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: I've been waiting for a Squirrel Like You - Ryan North & Erica Henderson

Doreen and Nancy win a contest and get to travel to the Savage Land (a dinosaur sanctuary created by aliens in the middle of the ice field on Antarctica). While the dinosaurs are delightful, something is threatening the island and the continued survival of the dinosaurs and Doreen, Nancy, and all the other contest winners must try to save them. Also Nancy likes a boy. The volume also includes two one-off comics: a zine-style selection with 1-2 pages "written" by various Marvel characters and one featuring Tippy-Toe teaming up with Rocket Racoon to take down a villain whose harnessing trees to do his evil bidding.

Squirrel Girl and dinosaurs! Do I really need to say more?

Rating: ****

Redigeret: maj 14, 6:06pm

Book 67

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare

A mediocre BBC radio production of Romeo and Juliet. While some of the cast is excellent (Andrew Scott as Mercutio is particularly noteworthy), Sophie Dahl's Juliet was rather flat and gave the sense that she was reading from the script more than she was acting. And with emotional highs and lows of these ultimately suicidal teens she seemed far more muted than her Romeo. I did enjoy the choice to make the Montagues Scottish as it made for easy differentiation between families in some of the brawls. Overall, not a production I'd recommend.

Rating: ***

Redigeret: maj 15, 10:35am

What's on the agenda: Slept for 10 hours last night and feeling pretty darn good now. Not sure if the sleep was a vaccination side effect or just the usual attempt by my body to catch up on sleep after a week of getting up at 5 but either way I'm happy. After breakfast there will be virtual church. It's supposed to be sunny and 23°C today so we're also planning a long walk and I'm definitely going to spend some time reading in the hammock too. Perogies, sausage, and veggies for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: Only managed a chapter in Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey yesterday since I conked out hard after movie night but hoping to get a good chunk read today.

What we're watching: Ended up doing a double feature last night. My pick was Chicago, which I was obsessed with in high school and apparently all the lyrics are still taking up space in my brain. Mr. Fine's pick was Iron Man 2 for the MCU rewatch.

maj 16, 8:47am

Oh, Chicago! I haven't seen that one in so long, but I love it.

maj 16, 9:31am

>122 scaifea: *fist bump*

maj 16, 9:46am

What's on the agenda: Whenever we decide to truly get up there will be waffles for breakfast. Mr. Fine is really loving his waffle maker. After breakfast there will be the usual cleaning and bill stuff plus bonus weeding in the flowerbeds. A fair amount of my tulips are in full bloom and the rest aren't far behind. After chores are out of the way, I'm not sure exactly what we'll get up to but since it continues to be quite warm and sunny there's a good chance of a walk. Greek night for dinner.

What I'm reading: Did 100 pages in Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey yesterday and made it up to the beginning of the 1930s (the book covers her life from about 1920-1945). With cleaning and weeding today, I'll be spending a few hours with Rob Lowe on audio for sure.

What we're watching: A big chunk of our evening's entertainment last night was assembling the 1960s Batmobile Lego set. Afterwards we watched a couple episodes of As Time Goes By.

maj 16, 9:54am

Showing off the aforementioned tulips.

maj 16, 2:50pm

>125 MickyFine: Such lovely Tulips! I love the shimmer of their petals.

maj 16, 3:12pm

>125 MickyFine: The middle-left one is especially gorgeous!

Happy new week ahead, Micky.

maj 17, 1:56am

>111 MickyFine: Well, maybe you can explain Mansfield Park to me. I've never managed to get past the story to find the Jane Austen inside.

>117 richardderus: Hey! No villaining on my turf.

>125 MickyFine: Stunning!

maj 17, 7:29am

Ooh pretty tulips! I hope you had a productive weeding session yesterday.

maj 17, 10:22am

>126 quondame: Thanks, Susan.

>127 richardderus: The whole row of that colour were open and lovely yesterday, Richard. So happy-making.

>128 humouress: Maybe a good annotated edition of MP might open it up for you, Nina?

>129 lauralkeet: The beds are back to nice condition for now, although some of the dandelions were sneaky and crept up right next to the tulips. I've got some perennial seeds I'm planning to put in the beds this summer and then I plan to put mulch down in the fall, which will hopefully keep the weeds down.

maj 17, 11:00am

What's on the agenda: Nothing too exciting around here today. Work is the usual routine of customer suggestions and regular ordering with a team meeting to mix things up. Mr. Fine's on later shift this week so I've got higher odds of being on kitchen duty, although depending on the dish sometimes I'll wait for him to come home and then he cooks anyway. Tonight will be pesto pasta with chicken and I'll probably make a salad to go with it to make sure we get our veggies. Virtual craft circle tonight where I continue to weave in ends on my crochet blanket. One day it'll be done...

What I'm reading: Only ear reading for me yesterday. Rob Lowe has met everyone at some point...

What we're watching: Wreck-It Ralph for the Disney project and then the last bit of As Time Goes By including all the interview bonus features. Fun fact: the photos in the opening credits that are supposed to be young Jean and Lionel are Judi Dench's daughter and Geoffrey Palmer's son. So sweet!

maj 17, 2:46pm

>131 MickyFine: Weave heartily, and finish soon so you can get something new going!

>128 humouress: Oh nay nay nay, La Overkill, I was wishing Micky *good* luck with those paradoxical ills.

maj 17, 4:02pm

Gorgeous tulips!

maj 17, 6:52pm

>132 richardderus: I tried setting a goal of doing one letter a day for the weaving in and... failed. But the end is nearer. Hopefully by the end of May. I've got yarn for a few other projects waiting patiently.

>133 curioussquared: They make me so happy every day when I go check on their progress.

maj 17, 7:52pm

I try to force myself to weave in the ends as I go when I'm knitting because otherwise I just let them sit...and sit...and sit

Redigeret: maj 18, 10:28am

>135 norabelle414: I feel that. It was tricky with this blanket because it was corner-to-corner crochet, which is worked on the diagonal. I probably could have done some end weaving as I went along but... I didn't. C'est la vie. Also yay for a Nora sighting!

maj 18, 10:41am

What's on the agenda: It's a cool, grey, rainy day around here so I'm back to being wrapped in thick sweaters, blankets, and fingerless gloves while I work in the basement. Apparently there's a cold front coming in from the Northwest Territories and the rain is supposed to turn into snow tonight. Le sigh. Spring on the prairies. At least I cut one of each colour of my tulips to bring inside yesterday afternoon (before the thunderstorm that included heavy rain and hail) so I can still enjoy them for a while longer. Work today will be finishing up customer suggestions, some removal of expired content in OverDrive, hopefully some time with Library Journal, and then I've got training this afternoon on Power BI (fancy data visualization software). It's supposed to be turkey BLTs for dinner tonight but with the weather we might swap it out for soup instead. I could definitely go for the borscht I've got in the pantry.

What I'm reading: I'm about halfway through both Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey and Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Fringe last night and an episode of Flight of the Conchords.

maj 18, 10:47am

When you bundle up and wear fingerless gloves to work inside do you pretend you're Bob Cratchit or is that just me?

maj 18, 11:24am

>138 scaifea: Well I'm definitely going to start!

maj 18, 3:19pm

>136 MickyFine: I'm here! Just lurky.

maj 18, 5:39pm

>140 norabelle414: Good to know. I'll try and lure you out more often. :)

maj 18, 6:36pm

So, MickyCratchit, how went the basement-dwelling?

maj 19, 10:05am

>142 richardderus: About as usual. Still in MickyCratchit mode today as it we got probably 6 inches of wet snow over the course of last night. Sigh.

maj 19, 10:09am

6 inches!

maj 19, 10:39am

>143 MickyFine: Oh, WHOA.

maj 19, 12:46pm

>144 katiekrug: >145 scaifea: My grasp of inches is fuzzy. It might be more like 3-4. It's very wet and mostly melted on the roads but there's a fair amount on the grass and my poor Mayday tree is bending significantly under the weight.

maj 19, 1:28pm

What's on the agenda: Ugh it snowed and even as a lover of snow at this point in the year it's just gross. Work today has so far involved recording screen capture with voiceover video for a course I'm creating, a work group meeting, and hopefully I'll just be ordering stuff this afternoon. Take out for tonight and I'm feeling pizza from Famoso (menu for Katie and Amber). San Andreas or Margherita are my faves.

What I'm reading: Finished Lady Catherine and the Real Downtown Abbey last night so I'm starting another Squirrel Girl comic today. Rob Lowe continues to read his memoir to me during audiobook time.

What we're watching: Finished season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow last night I knew from the title of the finale that Beebo was going to show up but dang was that funny plus an episode each of Supergirl and Flight of the Conchords.

maj 19, 1:40pm

Snow at the end of May is gross.

Please send me a Spicy Thai pizza. Kthxbye!

maj 19, 1:41pm

Beebo loves you

maj 19, 2:03pm

Oooh, I'll have a meatball sandwich and a tiramisu, please. It was a hard decision, though, because it all looks so good!

maj 19, 3:57pm

Six inches = 15cm

I hope it was more like 10cm!

And none at all from here on out.

maj 20, 10:29am

>148 katiekrug: Common wisdom here is that you're not safe from snow until after the May long weekend (which here is this coming weekend) and spring planting shouldn't be done until then. Was hoping we'd sneak through the spring without this final dose but no such luck.

>149 norabelle414: Bahahaha. I'm waiting to see if he makes a sneaky appearance in Supergirl like he did in Flash. We've shifted from alternating every episode of the Arrowverse in airdate order to only doing that up until the crossover each season and then watching each show straight through afterwards. Makes it feel like we're making more progress.

>150 scaifea: It's super tasty and the chain was started by a couple of alumni from my university, which adds an extra cool factor for me. My pizza was delicious and I still have a couple pieces leftover for lunch today. :)

>151 richardderus: Thanks, Richard. It's so weird how my brain works with metric/imperial. Most measurements are metric, unless it's someone's height (or weight). Thankfully no more white stuff in the forecast although we're only supposed to get up to 5C today. Should be more seasonal temperatures for the long weekend at least.

maj 20, 10:37am

What's on the agenda: Still being MickyCratchit in my basement work space today but at least the tulips I cut before the cold snap are still going strong in a vase next to me (it moves around the house with me when I'm awake to ensure the cats don't get near it as tulip pollen is toxic for them). I'll be responding to what customer suggestions I can this morning - our print vendor's website is currently down, which is making it tricky. Depending on how long it's down I may end up spending more time working on the course I'm developing. Otherwise, lots of ordering today as I ended up not doing any yesterday. After work I'll be popping by the library to return some things and pick up my one hold - a guide to day hikes for our anniversary trip in September. Coconut chicken curry for dinner tonight.

What I'm reading: Starting Klara and the Sun today. It's been on The List since I read the pre-pub alert and I'm pleased to see some positive comments on it around here as well. Still listening to Rob Lowe on audio.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Outlander last night. We're midway through season 3 so Claire and Jamie are back together but all hell is about to break loose when we watch the next episode and Claire finds out that a) Jamie's married and b) he married Laoghaire. I can't wait to see Mr. Fine's reaction to b. Followed it up with an episode of Golden Girls. Damn I love those ladies.

maj 20, 10:41am

I also have to carry my flowers around the apartment with me. Rory doesn't try to eat them but he does try to box them until the vase falls over

maj 20, 10:47am

>154 norabelle414: Silly kitten! Give him a scritch between the ears for me.

maj 20, 11:11am

Here's to hoping your vendor's site gets fixed before you have to—gasp!—give your far-more-interesting course development your full attention. (Trying to lure Uranus, god of the internet, down the garden path there.)

Splendid Thursday wishes.

maj 20, 11:13am

Book 68

Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey - Countess of Carnarvon

The current Countess of Carnarvon writes a history, somewhat focused on the life of Catherine, the (first) wife of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, from 1920-1945. However, reading between the lines Catherine was mildly introverted and private leaving only limited records of her life and so ultimately the book is as much as about the Earl, their children, and occasionally their extended family as well as the staff at Highclere Castle. Into the second half of the book there's also a fair amount of general WWII history, useful as context for the events going on in the lives of the individuals the book is following but perhaps a bit more robust than needed. The slightly meandering focus aside, the book is well written as a popular history and the historical photos included are worth the price of admission. Not a read for the serious historian but for the fan of Downton Abbey who this book is truly aimed at, it's a pretty decent read.

Rating: ***

maj 20, 11:16am

You failed to say which pizza you ordered last night. Harumph.

I move my flowers around with me, too, but just so I can enjoy them as much as possible :)

maj 20, 11:18am

>156 richardderus: Meh, the course really isn't that interesting. It's a how to on submitting suggestions for purchase, intended for staff. Right now I'm doing video editing (the worst part) so I'm fine to only work on it a couple hours a week. :P Thank you for the good Thursday wishes though, I'm in that draggy part of the week before a long weekend.

maj 20, 11:21am

>158 katiekrug: I got the San Andreas as usual. Mr. Fine tried their Bacon Double Cheesburger pizza and liked it. I don't eat pork so I can't verify. ;)

maj 20, 11:29am

Thank you for reporting back!

maj 20, 12:39pm

Book 69

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: My Best Friend's Squirrel - Ryan North & Erica Henderson

Nancy Whitehead and Tippy-Toe are having a truly odd day when everyone around them suddenly seems obsessed with how Squirrel Girl defeated Galactus. From there we end up in an adventure that involves alien squirrels, the Silver Surfer, Loki, Drax, and, of course, our hero Squirrel Girl. The volume also includes a single issue story in which Doreen and Nancy end up in hypertime and live an entire lifetime in the course of a weekend.

The big arc is fun but the real highlight here is the single issue story at the end. It is. The. Sweetest. I'm sad to see that Erica Henderson won't be doing the art for this series going forward as I really love her style.

Rating: ****

maj 21, 11:19am

What's on the agenda: Friday before a long weekend (Victoria Day) and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll go by quickly. A few people in my work group, including my manager, are off today so my inbox will be quieter at least and hopefully I'll be able to dig in to some ordering. Dinner is supposed to be leftover chili and cornmeal muffins that I need to pull out of the freezer. Good chance of a double feature for movie night tonight.

What I'm reading: Put a good dent in Klara and the Sun yesterday, which is so well written as I've come to expect from Ishiguro. The weather is finally warming up today so I'll get more audiobook time on my afternoon walk (I refused to pull out my fall/winter jackets again for the last couple days).

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supernatural last nigh. Season 7 Going from Sam being love-potioned by Becky with Leslie Odom Jr.'s (!) help to Bobby's death was a roller coaster. I knew Bobby was going to die at some point during the show but it was still rough. Followed it with a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords.

maj 21, 11:26am

>163 MickyFine: Chili and cornbread sounds amazing.

SPN: Ooof, yeah. That show is a master at making you laugh and then immediately afterward punching you in the gut. Sometimes in the same episode. Also, re: LOJ: Everyone is in SPN at some point. Like, everyone.

maj 21, 11:31am

>164 scaifea: Yup. Ruby/Red Riding Hood from OUAT was a monster of the week in one of the episodes we watched last night. Hysterically, her outfit of miniskirt and crop top was so similar to what she often wears in OUAT you could have sworn she walked from one set to the other. ;)

maj 21, 12:14pm

maj 21, 2:35pm

Trying to catch up, Micky. Hope your long weekend is lovely!

maj 21, 4:14pm

>167 aktakukac: Nice to see you, Rachel. It's shaping up to be pretty good. And an extra day off is always a good thing these days.

maj 21, 5:46pm

>163 MickyFine: SPN: Ooof, yeah, it's been a few years and I still remember how gut punchy Bobby's death was. Shows/books don't often make me tear up or cry, that one did.

May you have an excellent long weekend!

maj 22, 9:06am

>169 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

Redigeret: maj 22, 9:22am

What's on the agenda: Apparently my body didn't get the memo about it being a long weekend. Woke up at 5:30 and gave up on getting more sleep at 6. Sigh. Usual Saturday schedule will be a little topsy-turvy as Mr. Fine has an outdoor and distanced bachelor party today and since he doesn't drive I get to taxi him around a bit. So we'll do our usual big breakfast and hang out a bit then I'll drop him off for paintball. They're supposed to be there for 3 hours so I'll probably watch church and go for a walk before picking him up and taking him to the groom's dad's house for backyard hang out time for a few more hours and then pick him up again. Hoping to sneak in some hammock time today but we'll see. Supper is currently up in the air with all this going on.

What I'm reading: Klara and the Sun continues to be excellent in print and I might finish Stories I Only Tell My Friends on audio but we'll see.

What we're watching: Made myself pick a movie I hadn't seen before for movie night last night and ended up going with Love and Monsters on Netflix. No big surprises plot-wise but it was fun with a good sense of humour for a post-apocalyptic type movie. Then continued our MCU rewatch with Thor.

maj 22, 9:45am

>157 MickyFine: There's a series (I forget the name, but Google is your friend) where Mary Berry (of GBBO fame - unless you're British, in which case she was a domestic goddess before Delia Smith) visits various castles in Great Britain, learning about their day to day life and - of course - cooking special dishes in their kitchens. The first castle was Highclere where the Countess introduced her (and us) to Almina who, essentially, made the castle what it is today.

maj 22, 5:18pm

>172 humouress: I think it's Mary Berry's Country House Secrets. we've enjoyed several of those episodes.

maj 22, 5:55pm

>172 humouress: exactly as >173 lauralkeet: says; simply divine entertainment for us Berryistas.

maj 22, 6:39pm

>172 humouress: Almina crops up throughout the book on Catherine, enough that I may pick up the Countess's previous book on Almina. Someday...

>173 lauralkeet: Sounds like fun, Laura.

>174 richardderus: Good to know it has your endorsement, Richard.

maj 23, 10:19am

What's on the agenda: Mr. Fine's making omelets for breakfast and then we've got a full day. Cleaning and bill stuff this morning. Meeting up with my parents and my Grandad for a walk early this afternoon. After that we need to pick up some oil for the lawn mower and head into the city to pick up a couple birthday gifts (I have three family members with birthdays in June). Supper will include bbq chicken, corn on the cob, and probably some form of potato.

What I'm reading: Starting The Mortal Word today and I've got a little over an hour left in Stories I Only Tell My Friends so I should wrap that up on audio.

What we're watching: No viewing to report from yesterday.

Redigeret: maj 23, 1:59pm

Book 70

Klara and the Sun - Kazuo Ishiguro

Klara likes her life in the store with Manager and the other AFs. She likes it best when she is in the window and can best see Sun and marvel at the things he can do. When one day a girl sees her in the window, Klara knows that she will be just the right friend for her and promises to wait. What happens after will change Klara's existence forever.

Beautiful writing as always, Ishiguro explores themes around artificial intelligence, class systems, belief systems, and the challenges and possibilities of the biological sciences. Klara is a fantastic narrator to bring us into this world, both familiar and strange at the same time. It's a novel I'd love to dig into with a reading group or in a university class particularly how did other people interpret Klara's vision often splitting things into boxes? On a surface level, a likely glitch of her model of AF but I'm sure Ishiguro is using this as a symbol for something. I'm just not sure what. Fans of Ishiguro's previous novels, particularly Never Let Me Go will find another reading experience to enjoy here. Recommended.

Rating: ****

Redigeret: maj 23, 1:59pm

Book 71

Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe

Published in 2011, the book covers Rob Lowe's life from childhood through to roughly the end of his time of The West Wing. Listening to this on audio is as enjoyable an experience as one would imagine. Lowe is upfront about his past, while never getting so detailed about some of his experiences that the book feels trashy. The first half of the memoir seems particularly filled with reminiscences of meeting what feels everyone who was anyone in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s but is done so deprecatingly that it doesn't feel like bragging. When recounting experiences with big names, he will often imitate their voices for their dialogue, which is largely well done (except for Carey Grant's voice, which is more hit and miss). A charming memoir obviously best-suited to people who are already fans of the actor.

Rating: ****

maj 23, 2:37pm

As you're well-omeletted and thoroughly tanked on stories, I feel it would be redundant to utter the ordinary well-wishes.

So, go do something even better with your Sunday afternoon.

maj 24, 2:55pm

>179 richardderus: Thanks, Richard. I definitely did.

maj 24, 3:05pm

What's on the agenda: Well our plans to have a lazy do-nothing holiday Monday didn't quite happen but our afternoon should shape up that way. We had waffles for breakfast and then my Dad arrived to help replace one of our smoke detectors. The old one was wired in and had basically died. Since he was here I also had him help me figure out what kind of handle to get for one of our outdoor taps that was missing one. So a couple trips to hardware stores and all the supplies have been acquired and installed. Hoping to get in some board game time this afternoon and maybe a movie. Charcuterie plates for dinner tonight.

What I'm reading: Not even a full chapter of The Mortal Word managed yesterday but I'm hoping for more progress today. I also only managed a little time with Julianna Margulies' new memoir Sunshine Girl on audio yesterday.

What we're watching: Another double feature movie night. Frozen for the Disney project, which I unabashedly love, and Captain America for the MCU rewatch, which I liked more this time.

maj 25, 11:13am

What's on the agenda: Falling asleep took ages last night and the 5 a.m. alarm was not my friend so I'm dragging a little today. Work involves a bit of catch up on regular Monday tasks plus the Tuesday ones. So customer suggestions and updating our Lucky Day collections will be the big things on my plate along with my biweekly meeting with my manager. Take out for tonight is Mr. Fine's pick and all the options he's currently considering will be good so I'm excited.

What I'm reading: After some reading time this morning, I'm much further into The Mortal Word and enjoying it as expected with this series.

What we're watching: It was cool, windy, and rainy yesterday so ended up spending the afternoon with Isn't It Romantic and then watched a few episodes of Fringe and Flight of the Conchords in the evening.

maj 25, 12:13pm

Hi Micky!

...that's it, that's the post...

maj 25, 12:53pm

>183 richardderus: Lol. Happy to see you always, RDear. *smooches*

maj 26, 12:17pm

What's on the agenda: It's a short week and I'm already eager for it to be Friday. I was informed yesterday that in order to free up time for one of my colleagues I'll be taking on responding to customer suggestions for one of her collection areas. I already have a full workload and when I informed my manager that I could do the suggestions but it would mean I'd have to drop working on some of my other projects, I was told that I was just supposed to do it all. -_- It's supposed to be a 3-month pilot starting in June and the stress knot between my shoulders has already arrived. Even more eager for my September vacation now. Work today will be my weekly work group meeting and then hopefully just selection for the rest of the day. Grocery shopping after work and quesadillas on the meal plan tonight.

What I'm reading: Still enjoying The Mortal Word. We'll see if I wrap it up before my weekly trip to the library tomorrow as it's due then. I do have renewals available though so it's not the end of the world if I don't finish it.

What we're watching: Just one episode of Supergirl last night. I got my box from eShakti yesterday so Mr. Fine got to watch me try them all on. Thanks again, Nora, for the referral code!

maj 26, 12:27pm

>185 MickyFine: Ugh, sorry to hear about the workload increase :(

maj 26, 12:28pm

>185 MickyFine: You're welcome! I hope you enjoy them! I'm definitely going to have to order some more when I start going back out into the world, as I don't think I'll fit into most of my old dresses.

maj 26, 12:31pm

Oh, that's so gross about work, and it's definitely *not* okay. I'm sorry, friend.

maj 26, 5:07pm

>186 curioussquared: >187 norabelle414: Thanks, Natalie and Amber. We'll see how it goes. We're unionized and OT isn't an option so what happens in my 7 hours of work every day is what happens. *shrug*

>187 norabelle414: I'm really liking all of them and it's nice to have dresses that fit just right. I'd bought a couple from other stores in standard sizes and had mixed results (some fit nicely but others not so much). The provincial government just released their reopening plan today and it looks like if vaccination rates continue to go up and hospitalizations drop, I might be back in the office and wearing them frequently sometime in July.

maj 26, 5:41pm

>189 MickyFine:, >185 MickyFine: The noive! Well, three months will be up in September, so you can go on vacation with the situation resolved at least.

The quesadillas sound lurvely. Enjoy!

maj 26, 7:22pm

>185 MickyFine: GAH I'm frustrated on your behalf that "Do it all" was your boss's response, Micky. Best of luck with as much as you are able to get through, and may your vacation come quickly for you!

Redigeret: maj 26, 8:21pm

Hi, Micky. Good review of Klara and the Sun. I just finished it today and share your love. He is such an interesting writer and remarkably consistent.

maj 27, 9:57am

>94 MickyFine: Thanks for the Tessa Dare recommendations - both of those added to my wishlist.

>104 MickyFine: 'Henry Tilney is the male lead that out of all of her novels that I'd happily steal and marry myself.'

Hah - yes!

>119 MickyFine: 'Squirrel Girl and dinosaurs!'

Oooh - I need to get back into my Squirrel Girl reading as this sounds so much fun! (My next read will be Vol 3 so a way off that one but still).

>185 MickyFine: Ugh re the workload increase :-(

maj 27, 10:42am

>190 richardderus: The quesadillas were delicious. And followed by an Oreo ice cream sandwich. :D

>191 bell7: Thanks for the sympathies, Mary. I appreciate the voice of sanity.

>192 msf59: Glad you enjoyed it too, Mark. It's always a surprise picking up an Ishiguro novel because they're often so different from each other but it's always a rewarding reading experience.

>193 souloftherose: Thanks for dropping by, Heather. I hope you enjoy the Dare books. My own Squirrel Girl reading has paused as my home library doesn't have volumes 9-12. I've submitted a purchase request so we'll see if they get them. Otherwise it'll have to wait until I'm back in the office as work library has the complete run.

maj 27, 11:00am

What's on the agenda: Did some ironing this morning (my least favourite chore ever) and put away some laundry before work. Customer suggestions and regular ordering are the big plans for today with the bi-monthly system-wide info sharing virtual meeting to attend as well. I've also need to go to Canadian Tire as one of my tires has lost a ton of air in a week and I think it needs to be re-sealed. My dad came by last night to help put on the spare (he's got all the fancy tools that make it way faster) so I just need to drop off the tire, not the whole car. Stuffed peppers from Costco for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: The Mortal Word and Sunshine girl are still on the go.

What we're watching: Only one episode of Outlander last night with the tire changing going on. We'll be into the Caribbean section of season 3 next week. :)

maj 28, 11:04am

What's on the agenda: Well, it's been an interesting morning so far. While having breakfast, I noticed that the wind, presumably, had been strong enough last night that it pushed our barbecue over a few feet. When Mr. Fine went out to check on it, he discovered a big section of our fence had broken and blown over. So we'll be having chats with our neighbours and figuring out options. Sigh. Work will be customer suggestions in OverDrive and regular ordering. I need to drop off that tire today as it didn't happen yesterday so I'll probably run that over on my lunch break. Chuckerout for supper tonight and given the need to have talks with neighbours we may only get in one movie tonight.

What I'm reading: I am finishing The Mortal Word today for sure.

What we're watching: A few episodes of Supernatural last night and a couple of Flight of the Conchords.

maj 28, 11:06am

Ooof to the fence damage - I hope it's smooth sailing with the neighbors about it.

maj 28, 1:54pm

>197 scaifea: Thankfully we've got really great neighbours on both sides so I'm not too anxious about that part of it. I'm just waiting to see what the estimates from contractors will be given the recent doubling in the price of lumber. Sigh...

maj 29, 5:44pm

What's (been) on the agenda: Lazy start this morning as I refused to get out of bed until 10. Had our usually big breakfast (the Caramilk International Delight creamer is very tasty) and followed it up by watching church. Afterwards we chatted with our neighbour for a bit as he pulled out remains of fence posts. He and Mr. Fine have a plot for repairing said fence that doesn't require building a whole new one so that's a bit of a relief. Yay for good neighbours! Then we went for our usual post-church walk. Lots of ducks and red- wing blackbirds as usual but also saw some pelicans and Canada geese with nearly a dozen goslings. Currently reading quietly together this afternoon. Mr. Fine's making turkey burgers from scratch for supper tonight and afterwards there will probably be some board gaming. Pretty perfect Saturday.

What I'm reading: Finally finished The Mortal Word. Up next will be John Green's newest The Anthropocene Reviewed, which I'm very excited for.

What we're watching: A couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords last night followed by a viewing of The Avengers for the MCU rewatch.

maj 30, 9:21am

Yay for a perfect Saturday! Turkey burgers sounds really good...

maj 30, 10:18am

>200 scaifea: They were so delicious and it was so nice outside yesterday that we ate them on the deck.

maj 30, 10:33am

What's on the agenda: Sundays have become waffle days since we got our waffle maker and this week I've got fresh raspberries and whipped cream to put on them. Yum! After breakfast will be the usual cleaning and bill stuff plus I want to put some seeds in a couple planters today. My Dad will also be coming over to help us put the resealed tire back on the car and my Mom might come with him to hang out for a bit. Hopefully I'll get some reading time this afternoon. Mr. Fine's daughter is planning to stop by for a visit after she finishes work at 5 but not sure how long she'll stay. Homemade pizza for supper tonight.

What I'm reading: The Anthropocene Reviewed is smart, funny, and occasionally so beautiful it'll make you cry, as I expected it would be. With cleaning and yard work I'll probably also get in a fair amount of time with Sunshine Girl.

What we're watching: Just a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords before I crashed hard.

maj 30, 12:00pm

>202 MickyFine: I've wondered about The Anthropocene Reviewed...I'm not a fan of Green's other books, since I'm not a YA reader, and found them very typical of the genre. Glad it's going so well! I'll reserve it, see how I get on. It's not like he's a bad writer, for sure.

>199 MickyFine: I do so love The Invisible Library! How did this one strike you?

Happy week-ahead's reads, and a huge-good-luck *whammy* on that fence estimate!

maj 30, 3:53pm

The Anthropocene Reviewed is on my list for next year.

Redigeret: maj 30, 4:43pm

Book 72

The Mortal Word - Genevieve Cogman

The unthinkable is happening: the Fae and the dragons are negotiating a peace treaty, with the Librarians serving as arbitrators between the former foes. When a member of the dragon delegation is found murdered, Irene and Vale are brought to the alternate world's Paris during the Belle Epoque to investigate along with one member from each side. As they strive to determine who killed the dragon and what the motives might have been they'll have to work hard to stay alive. All while trying to keep the fragile peace from fracturing before it begins.

More high action fun in Cogman's Invisible Library series. Irene and Kai's relationship grows a bit and there's plenty of fun Fae and dragon interactions going on, but the plot keeps churning away at a high speed as our characters unearth conspiracy after conspiracy. If you're a fan of the series, you'll be satisfied with this entry.

Rating: ****

maj 30, 4:45pm

>203 richardderus: I hope you like the Green essays, Richard. Cogman review is above but TL;DR version is it's more of the same and I liked it. :)

>204 foggidawn: Good choice, Foggi. If you've got driving plans in the next little while, I think it might make a good audio choice.

maj 30, 5:41pm

>205 MickyFine: Yay! "More of the same and I liked it" is pretty much what series-book reading is all about, no?

maj 30, 7:50pm

>206 MickyFine: Ooh, that’s a thought!

maj 31, 11:21am

>207 richardderus: Definitely. It's nice to sink into a series that grows but doesn't change so much that it loses all the things that made you read it in the first place.

>208 foggidawn: At your service. ;)

Redigeret: maj 31, 11:30am

What's on the agenda: Early shift for Mr. Fine again this week so up at 5. Since it's supposed to be on the warmer side all week, I'll take advantage of it and do my daily walks in the morning before it gets too hot (dark hair+bright sun=sweltering Micky). Afterwards played games on my phone while listening to my audiobook. My manager is on vacation this week, which means things are likely to be quieter and I can just dig into my work. Customer suggestions and spending some time with my core collection tome are the big things on today's agenda. Plus, I've got a meeting this afternoon to look at data one of my colleagues worked on exploring how power users (the people who are checking out hundreds of items every month) affect our stats. Should be interesting stuff. Chicken stir fry for supper tonight and virtual craft circle for me.

What I'm reading: I'm pretty close to finishing both The Anthropocene Reviewed and Sunshine Girl so I might squeeze in two more books to this month's stats. Stay tuned!

What we're watching: Mr. Fine's daughter (and her boyfriend) stopped by for a visit after she finished work last night so less viewing time. Ended up watching just one episode of Outlander instead of our usual Disney movie night.

jun 1, 10:58am

Book 73

The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green

In an era where the earth is ultimately shaped by human beings, John Green takes this idea further and rates various things from life on this planet. In essays that review everything from Canada geese, Auld Lang Syne, and sycamore trees, Green reflects on his own experiences, the realities of living through the pandemic, and the things that make life terrible and beautiful.

I've been a fan of John Green for a long time and while I've never listened to the podcast version of The Anthropocene Reviewed I have watched Vlogbrothers videos off and on for pretty close to a decade now. From those sometimes silly but more often brilliant four minute videos, I knew that John Green had the potential to be a brilliant essayist and I was not disappointed. The essays included here are erudite, funny, beautiful, and occasionally heartbreaking. I laughed and ugly cried and after closing the copy I borrowed from the library, I immediately made plans to buy my own. So highly recommended.

Rating: *****

jun 1, 11:06am

Book 74

Sunshine Girl - Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies' memoir covers everything from her childhood through to her life just after The Good Wife ended. I listened to this as an audiobook and Margulies narrates it beautifully. The focus here is on here experiences and her growth as a person so if you're in it for behind the scenes stories from her time on shows like ER or The Good Wife, you're likely to be disappointed. If you're interested in learning more about Margulies as a person and an artist, there's plenty to enjoy.

Rating: ****

jun 1, 12:36pm

May Summary

Numbers in parentheses are for year to date. Note pages read/hours listened for abandoned books are included in totals.

Books read: 16 (74)
Books abandoned: 0 (4)

Fiction: 11 (60)
Non-fiction: 5 (14)

Adult: 12 (55)
YA: 4 (19)
Children's: 0 (0)

Library: 14 (59)
Mine: 2 (15)
Borrowed elsewhere: 0 (0)

Re-reads: 1 (10)

Female authors: 10 (48)
Male authors: 10 (34)
Non-binary authors: 0 (0)

Pages: 2,926 (15,276)
Hours: 1 day, 6 hours, 2 minutes (4 days, 1 hour, 32 minutes)

Average rating: 4.04

Average time to read book: 3.62 days

Favourite book(s): The Anthropocene Reviewed was so wonderful I can't quite express how much I loved it.

jun 1, 1:09pm

>211 MickyFine: Ok, you convinced me! I need to pick up a copy of this. One thing you might find humorous as a long-time Vlogbrothers watcher is that Hank has a HUGE TikTok following and a lot of Gen Z-aged people know him as "the science guy on TikTok" or "the science guy from Crash Course." There is regular confusion in the video comments when people discover that John Green is Hank Green's brother, and it always makes me laugh, both because I think Hank is more used to being known as John's brother than John is used to being known as Hank's brother, AND because so much of their early fame was literally based on them being brothers.

jun 1, 1:38pm

>214 curioussquared: Yay! I hope you like it! And that's so funny about Hank. I like both of them but John probably sneaks ahead just a bit as my favourite. :)