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The Bookseller Käthe's Reading Log in 2021 (4)

Redigeret: apr 1, 2:40am

Read in April!

Welcome to part 4 of my reading log for 2021. My name is Käthe and I am 34 years old. I have been working as a bookseller for almost ten years and have been a book lover since forever. I live with a dog and six rats in Austria.

I love LibraryThing because I get many new recommendations especially when it comes to English writers. There are not many genres I don't read at all. I even give crime novels and thrillers a chance from time to time even though I usually know on page 80 how the whole story is going. ;-)

Favourite male authors include T.C. Boyle, D.H. Lawrence, Edward Carey, Philipp Roth, John Steinbeck and John Irving. Favourite female writers include Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Christine Wunnicke, Christa Wolf, Maria Lazar, Hannah Arendt, Rebecca Solnit and Hilary Mantel. And Isabel Wilkerson.


The rat pack

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READ IN MAY (13 books, 3,192 pages)

50. Prinzessin Sara by Frances Hodgson Burnett *****
51. Eine ganz dumme Idee by Fredrik Backman ***
52. Das Wörterbuch der bösen Mädchen by Nina Merian ***
53. Zombie 100 Band 1 by Haro/Kotaro ***1/2
54. Geisterwand by Sarah Moss *****
55. Death Note Vol. 1 by Tsugumi Obha *****
56. Death Note Vol. 2 by Tsugumi Obha *****
57. Parasite in Love 01 by Sugaru Miaki ***
58. The Promised Neverland 1 by Kaiu Shirai ****1/2
59. SHY 1 by Bukimi Miki **1/2
60. Der Tod und das dunkle Meer by Stuart Turton ****
61. Death Note Vol. 3 by Tsugumi Obha *****
62. Death Note Vol. 4 by Tsugumi Obha ****



READ IN APRIL (11 books, 1,863 pages)

39. Peter Hase und seine Freunde by Beatrix Potter ****
40. Tote Bauern melken nicht by Benjamin Tomkins **1/2
41. Jahrhundert einer Ratte by Marcus Herrenberger ****
42. Franz Ratte räumt auf by Mario Giordano ***
43. Der Donnerstagsmordclub by Richard Osman ***1/2
44. In Aufruhr by Inga Vesper ****
45. The Wideawake Mice by Sheila McCullagh ****
46. The Wideawake Mice go to the Market by Sheila McCullagh ****
47. Mensen, mensen wat een mensen! by Peter Spier ****
48. Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé ****1/2
49. O du coole Weihnachtszeit! by Thomas Jeier **



Redigeret: apr 1, 2:44am

Read in 2021:

January (14 books, 3,404 pages)
1. Take a girl like you by Kingsley Amis **1/2
2. Kim Jiyoung, geboren 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo *****
3. Der Tod in ihren Händen by Ottessa Moshfegh **1/2
4. Die Anderen by Laila Lalami ***1/2
5. Das Baby ist meins by Oyinkan Braithwaite ***
6. Kindheit by Tove Ditlevsen ****
7. Ferien am Waldsee by Carl Lazlo *****
8. Jugend by Tove Ditlevsen ****
9. Der Atem einer anderen Welt by Seanan McGuire **1/2
10. Emilio und das Meer by Elisa Sabatinelli ***
11. Camel Travel by Volha Hapeyeva ****
12. Einspruch! by Ingrid Brodnig ****
13. The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson *****
14. Eine Seuche in der Stadt by Ljudmila Ulitzkaja **



February (13 books, 3,397 pages)
15. Caste by Isabel Wilkerson ****
16. Fallout by Fred Pearce ****
17. Die Bombe by Alcante, Bollee, Rodier *****
18. PESTS by Emer Stamp ****1/2
19. Tschernobyl by Swetlana Alexijewitsch *****
20. Mädchen, Frau, etc. by Bernardine Evaristo *****
21. Die Filmerzählerin by Hernán Rivera Letelier 1/2
22. Ein Tag im Leben des Iwan Denissowitsch by Alexander Solschenizyn *****
23. And then there were none by Agatha Christie ****
24. Irre glücklichby Jenny Lawson ****
25. Der Quasselkasper by Janosch **
26. Die Welt ohne Fenster by Barbara Newhall Follett ****
27. Eine ganze Welt by Goldie Goldblum ***



March (11 books, 3,271 pages)

28. Niemand hat Angst vor Leuten, die lächeln by Véronique Ovaldé ****
29. Die Mitternachtsbibliothek by Matt Haig ****
30. La science des cauchemars by Véronique Ovaldé and Véronique Dorey ***
31. A Portable Paradise by Roger Robinson ***
32. Something is killing the children Vol. I and II by Tynion/Dell'edera/Muerto ****1/2
33. Water Rising by London Shah **
34. Der Junge, der Maulwurf, der Fuchs und das Pferd by Charlie Mackesy ***
35. The Missing American by Kwei Quartey ****
36. Wranglestone by Darren Charlton ****
37. The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue ****
38. Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay



Redigeret: maj 31, 4:24am

Read the world - my challenge for 2021

I assume that next year travelling will still not be possible, so I spontaneously decided to make reading the world a challenge. I will try to read a book from every country in the world - which is basically a challenge I can't win as it I'd need to read almost 200 books. But it is always nice to look outside the own reading box.

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czechia (Czech Republic), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Eswatini (fmr. "Swaziland"), Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany , Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Holy See, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan,
Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, North Macedonia, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine State, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

1. United Kingdom: Take a girl like you by Kingsley Amis, Fallout by Fred Pearce, PESTS by Emer Stamp, Mädchen, Frau, etc. by Bernadine Evaristo, And then there were none by Agatha Christie, Peter Hase und seine Freunde by Beatrix Potter, Der Donnerstagmordclub by Richard Osman, In Aufruhr by Inga Vesper; Prinzessin Sara by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Geisterwand by Sarah Moss; Der Tod und das dunkle Meer by Stuart Turton
2. South Korea: Kim Jiyoung, geboren 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo
3. USA: Der Tod in ihren Händen by Ottessa Moshfegh, Die Anderen by Leila Lalami, Der Atem einer anderen Welt by Seanan McGuire, The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson, Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, Irre glücklich by Jenny Lawson, Die Welt ohne Fenster by Barbara Newhall Follett
4. New Zealand: These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong
5. Nigeria: Das Baby ist meins by Oyinkan Braithwaite
6. Denmark: Kindheit by Tove Ditlevsen, Jugend by Tove Ditlevsen
7. Hungary: Ferien am Waldsee by Carl Lazlo
8. Austria: Einspruch! by Ingrid Brodnig
9. Italy: Emilio und das Meer by Elisa Sabatinelli
10. Belarus: Camel Travel by Volha Hapeyeva, Tschernobyl by Swetlana Alexijewitsch
11. Russia: Eine Seuche in der Stadt by Ljudmila Ulitzkaja, Ein Tag im Leben von Iwan Denissowitsch by Alexander Solschenizyn
12. France: Die Bombe by Alcante, Bollee, Rodier
13. Chile: Die Filmerzählerinby Hernán Rivera Letelier
14. Germany: Der Quasselkasper by Janosch, Tote Bauern melken nicht by Benjamin Tomkins, Jahrhundert einer Ratte by Marcus Herrenberger, Franz Ratte räumt auf by Mario Giordano
15. Turkey: Rot ist mein Name by Orhan Pamuk
16. Netherlands: Mensen, mensen, wat een mensen! by Peter Spier
17. Belgium: Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé
18. Sweden: Eine ganz dumme Idee by Fredrik Backman
19. Japan: Zombie 100 by Haro/Kataro; Death Note Vol. 1 / Death Note Vol. 2 by Tsugumi Ohba; The Promised Neverland 1 by Kaiu Shirai; Parasite in Love 1 by Sugaru Miaki; SHY 1 by Bukimi Miki

Zimbabwe: This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga
Mexico: Das Flüstern der Bienen by Sofia Segovia
Japan: Der Klang der Wälder by Natsu Miyashita
Guinea: Kleiner Bruder by Ibrahima Balde
Mauritius: Black Spartacus by Sudhir Hazareesingh

Redigeret: maj 31, 4:25am


As I have finally finished the bingo card I have decided for a new challenge: Three months to fill in the alphabet with authors' last names. Only read books starting April count.

Burnett, Hodgson Frances: Prinzessin Sara; Backman, Fredrik: Eine ganz dumme Idee, Bukimi Miki SHY 1
Giordano, Mario: Franz Ratte räumt auf
Herrenberger, Marcus: Jahrhundert einer Ratte; Hergé: Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore
Jeier, Thomas: O du coole Weihnachtszeit!
Kotaro Takata: Zombie 100, Kaiu Shiarai The Promised Neverland
Lambert, Kelly: Lehrmeister Ratte
McCullagh, Sheila: The Wideawake Mice, Moss, Sarah Geisterwand
Osman, Richard: Der Donnerstagmordclub
Pamuk, Orhan: Rot ist mein Name; Potter, Beatrix: Peter Hase und seine Freunde
Spier, Peter: Mensen, mensen wat een mensen!; Sugaru Miaki "Parasite in Love"
Tomkins, Benjamin: Tote Bauern melken nicht, Tsugumi Ohba Death Note, Turton, Stuart Der Tod und das dunkle Meer
Vesper, Inga: In Aufruhr

Redigeret: apr 11, 6:25am

Good morning, ladies and gents and everyone between!

It's April and I am still posting! Yay! The particular challenge to me in April is the following: I will neither order any book nor ask for free reading copies from publishers. Please, feel free to shoot any BB. I will save them for later. But I need to slow down the book acquiring process as it got totally out of hand in March. :)

Fingers crossed!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

apr 1, 3:30am

Happy new thread, Käthe - and the best wishes for your plans.
I could imagine that the ABC challenge is easier for you than the order challenge ;-).

apr 1, 3:53am

>8 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas! Definitely - I will probably suffer from withdrawals first. But I have done this once already a while ago - and you appreciate the books much more and take the pressure out of everything you want to read at the same time. :) So, that's a big plus!

apr 1, 4:01am

Currently on my reading table:

"Denken ist heute überhaupt nicht mehr Mode" by Anna Haag - the journalist's diary from 1940 until 1945; title roughly translated: "Nowadays, thinking is not en vogue anymore".

Lehrmeister Ratte by Kelly Lambert - a non-fiction book/study about what we can learn from rats.


apr 1, 4:08am

Happy new thread, Käthe!

I like your various challenges, and good luck with >7 PersephonesLibrary: :-)

apr 1, 4:31am

>11 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! I think it's mostly manageable - looking up authors with Q, X and Y though. 🙂

apr 1, 7:45am

Happy new one, Käthe! I am wishing you the best of luck with >7 PersephonesLibrary: - you can do it! I still need to catch up with your previous thread, but I am snagging a seat here first.

apr 1, 8:36am

Happy new thread, Käthe! From your last thread: congrats of finishing the Bingo Challenge already!!

apr 1, 8:53am

Nice new digs, Kathe.

Happy new thread.

apr 1, 11:11am

>13 Crazymamie: Hi Mamie! Happy to see you here making rounds! You feel better and things have a little bit relaxed, I hope? Thank you - I have already found another interesting book, so I have started a Word doc to put the books on a literal wishlist. :)

apr 1, 11:12am

>14 scaifea: Hi Amber! Thank you - I could have managed it earlier. But it's great to know that a challeng for about 25 books are manageable in three months, hence I put three months on the ABC challenge. :)

apr 1, 11:12am

>15 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul - thank you kindly!

apr 1, 12:21pm

Happy new thread, Kathe!

apr 1, 1:13pm

>19 curioussquared: Thank you, Natalie! 🌻

apr 1, 2:06pm

I was in my dad's garden today and he's got already visitors in the pond: I think they are called "newts" in English.


apr 1, 2:55pm

Happy new thread! They do look like newts. Very cool.

apr 1, 6:33pm

Happy new one!

>21 PersephonesLibrary: Neat!

apr 2, 2:01am

>22 drneutron: Thanks, Jim! I am thinking about getting a small pond for my garden as well. It's awesome to have those animals around, plus frog, toads, etc.

apr 2, 2:03am

>23 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita! As they are building houses and apartment blocks on every little patch of grass, it's great that those little fellas have got a place to go. My garden will become completely wild and animal friendly as well. That's the plan. :)

apr 2, 2:07am

Oooh, I almost forgot the group read of My name is red by Orhan Pamuk in April. So, this will be on my reading table as well! It sounds very intriguing and I am looking forward to this!

apr 2, 1:08pm

I managed only a few pages on the ebook Lehrmeister Ratte by Kelly Lambert. BUT I spent four hours in the garden working on a flowerbed.

Here you can see the "before" picture - please take note especially on the overgrown flowerbed in the background. (Sigh, I really hope for the neighbours to get the privacy screen up soon.)

This is afterwards, after hours of weeding and planting.

In front of the window row there has to be some weeding done. I planted a mixture of bee-friendly flower seeds there.


This is for you as a reference - before. Now, imagine rose arches and bushes... and not a little piece of grass. :) That's my plan for this season.

apr 3, 8:52am

>27 PersephonesLibrary: Wow, you have been hard at work, Käthe! The flowerbed looks wonderful!

apr 3, 10:09am

Happy new one, Käthe. You did some great gardening. Congrats.

apr 3, 11:12am

>28 scaifea: Thanks, Amber! I am quite proud - despite having sore muscles in the evening. :) Looking forward to continue working on it!

apr 3, 11:13am

>29 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! Now, I can fully relax at the weekend. :)

apr 3, 11:26am

Happy April, Käthy! I finally found your thread! Your yard looks great. It will be gorgeous once the blooms burst forth!
I'm looking forward to My Name is Red too. I'll probably start early next week. Have a great weekend.

apr 3, 9:21pm

>27 PersephonesLibrary: nice work on the flower bed! I can’t wait to see your rose arches. The ground is still a bit to frozen for us to start our gardens. The ice just went out on our pond a few days ago. I can’t wait to start cleaning out the gardens

apr 4, 3:43am

>32 Carmenere: Thank you. Lynda! YES, I can imagine it already - and hopefully, the roses will like it in my garden. I have decided to put the diary of Anna Haag to the side for now, so I can bring forward Pamuk. It feels like the Easter weekend is a good time to read that - or at least start reading it!

apr 4, 3:46am

>33 jayde1599: Thank you, Jess! I was happy to finish the whole bed in one go. After I finished the planting I learned that it would freeze over Easter... but luckily it seems to still have plus Celsius grades. It is so reviving to work in the garden! I can fully understand your excitement! :)

apr 4, 4:02am

Happy Easter Sunday!

I will take it calmly and slowy today. Hopefully it will get warm enough to go outside reading a little bit. My reading plans include Rot ist mein Name by Orhan Pamuk (0% read) - and continuing Lehrmeister Ratte (about 50% read). I put the other reads on hold to not get overwhelmed.

In the afternoon my brother will visit. Apart from that there is nothing on the "schedule".

Have a lovely Sunday!

apr 4, 4:12am

Happy Easter, Käthe. It's sunny here but a very chilly wind is blowing. I don't think I'll sit outside for reading.

apr 4, 4:14am

>27 PersephonesLibrary: Wonderful.
>36 PersephonesLibrary: You deserve it - Have a lovely Sunday too!

apr 4, 5:20am

>27 PersephonesLibrary: You have been working hard on the flowerbed, Käthe, and it shows!
Over here no chance on reading outside, a very cold northern wind is blowing. It will bring wet snow and hail tomorrow, and even frost at night. So I have to put my gardening plans on hold for a while.

apr 4, 6:40am

Hi Käthe. Hard work in the garden I see. I've been trying to do that too, but I'm not a gardener and just manage small patches in one time. Weather is going bad here too, so the next few days I will be reading and trying to catch up on threads.

apr 4, 8:59am

Happy Easter Sunday!

>36 PersephonesLibrary: I have a few of Orhan's books at home and so far have not been able to get into reading one of them. When the time is right, I shall read it. Looking forward to your review.

apr 4, 12:13pm

Happy Easter, Käthe. And congratulations with your new thread.
What a lovely flower-bed. Good luck with the rest of your garden-plans!

I'll try to read Pamuk's book before the end of the month, but joining the group-read might be a bit too much for me. I'll probably lurk.

apr 5, 4:52am

>37 Ameise1: Hi Barbara, unfortunately it was too chilly here, too! I was outside for a short while but as soon as a little wind came up it wasn't comfortable anymore. Well, it's only April!

apr 5, 4:53am

>38 SirThomas: Yay, and that travel agency has finally paid back my vacation money, so I can get the rose arches and the roses in brief. :)

apr 5, 4:56am

>39 FAMeulstee: Anita, garden work is so nice. If you are angry or stressed you can hack a new flowerbed. If you are sad you can plant something carefully. AND you see a result. That's worth so much.

It was not as cold as they predicted here, but still too chilly to read outside. I am just glad that there most probably won't be much snow or frost here anymore.

apr 5, 4:58am

>40 connie53: Oh, me neither, Connie! At least not yet - at least when I reminiscence the muscle ache I got in the evening. :D I only planned to do half of the flower bed, but I bought more plants than necessary, so I finished it up.

That's the perk of some cold, bad weather: You can procrastinate on your laptop all you want. :) I am happy to make my rounds today.

apr 5, 5:01am

>41 figsfromthistle: Thank you, Anita! Yes, sometimes you just get in the mood to read something. E.g. I bought Ulysses when I was around twenty and read it ten years later. Some books need their reading moments.

apr 5, 5:07am

>42 Trifolia: Thank you, Monica! Yay, I have waited for the money from my cancelled vacation. It finally arrived so I can get the rose arches and the roses!! So exciting!

It would be awesome to get something like a finished "rose pathway" like the one on the left:
...but I haven't found them in our stores here yet.

Take your time. Group reads to me are there to inspire, not to pressure.

apr 5, 5:24am

39. Peter Hase und seine Freunde by Beatrix Potter ****

I watched a few scenes of the movie yesterday, so I wanted to get to the original. I borrowed my mom's collection of short picture book stories. It's a wonderful edition with a golden cover.

I have got a faible for children's books like this: It's a lovely collection of (sometimes surprisingly harsh) children's stories with adorable illustrations.

apr 5, 12:41pm

>49 PersephonesLibrary: I love Peter Rabbit, too :)

apr 6, 1:27am

Happy belated Easter! Good garden work, too :).

apr 8, 2:09am

>44 PersephonesLibrary: I am very happy for you.
Good luck for your garden!

apr 8, 3:29pm

>50 curioussquared: The drawings are too cute, Natalie!

apr 8, 3:30pm

>51 false-knight: Thank you, Emery! I couldn't actively do anything this week as winter returned. But now, I have got further ideas about dry stone walls, ponds and new flower beds. :)

apr 8, 3:31pm

>52 SirThomas: They almost made problems when it came to paying back my money. But I found a loophole...

Redigeret: apr 8, 3:42pm

Why my garden work is on hold:

Why I have to give away eight books:
I saw two books I simply had to get: One is for ideas to keep rats busy. The second one is a crime novel where a rat is investigating. The first one is useful and the second one sounded so stupid it could actually be hilarious. :) But as a compensation I decided I will give away eight books (bec today is the 8th). This rule will also keep me from buying more books. Because if I buy or order anything for example on the 16th I will have to give away 16 books.


Why I am happy today:
Because the rat boys are losing their shyness and start to get playful. Oh, and there is a long weekend ahead for me because I have got Monday off.

Why I am sad today:
Because the doubts about taking over the management of the bookstore are continuously growing. And because we officially started closing down one of seven bookstores today.

apr 9, 7:37am

Good luck with not buying books!
The title intrigued me, my library has another book by Benjamin Tomkins: King Kong und die weiße Barbie?
I checked it out right away.
Have fun and good rest with your long weekend.
Closing a bookstore is always a bad thing, but you'll manage taking over the management well, I'm sure.

apr 9, 2:18pm

>57 SirThomas: In the end it willbe just "less" and not "no" - but I will call that a success.

Oh, the rat investigator will definitely not be grand literature - but I am sorting on of my shelves into a Rat Library. 🐀🐁

My dilemma is more about realizing I don't want to work in that company anymore.

But first I will enjoy my long weekend and take my time to reflect.

Have a lovely weekend!

apr 9, 10:45pm

>56 PersephonesLibrary: That is a good enough reason not to be working in the garden!

Stay warm and have a great weekend, Kathe.

apr 10, 2:58am

>59 PaulCranswick: You think, Paul? Nothing can stop a real gardener. ;-) Fortunately, spring has returned and I will continue with my garden today! Yay!

apr 10, 7:49am

Hi Käthe, happy to read about the garden. I had to chuckle when I read your plan about your book-buying. The trick is to buy 11 books on the 10th then?
I'm sorry that you're having doubts about your job. Take your time to compare the positives and the negatives and to decide which is most important to you.
And have fun with gardening!

apr 10, 8:31am

>56 PersephonesLibrary: Wow! Spring really can surprise us sometimes, yeah?

I'm sorry about the work anxiety. Here's hoping things improve for you soon!

apr 12, 2:45am

>61 Trifolia: Yes, it is going forward and I really enjoy it. :)
Nooo, not exactly - I haven't found that loophole at least. If I buy books on the 10th, I have to give away 10 books. :)

I have decided that I want to quit. I have seen other jobs I'd be interested - with much better work hours and much, much better pay. Now, it's just about telling it to my boss - and find a solution for how long I will stay so that they have a fair amount of time to find a replacement. I am honestly a bit scared by the talk tomorrow. But fortunately I have got a therapist appointment today, so I can prepare.

apr 12, 2:47am

>62 scaifea: Amber, indeed - it's typical April weather at the moment. It was very warm at the weekend and now, during the week, it's getting cold again.

Yep, I know this is an important step for me: It was my first job and feel very loyal to the company. My boss also supported me. So, there is some guilt involved in quitting now. But I hope for my therapist to prepare me for the talk tomorrow.

Redigeret: apr 12, 5:23am

40. Tote Bauern melken nicht by Benjamin Tomkins **1/2

When the farmer's body is found in the cowshed, rat Ede starts investigating the murder...
Only for rat enthusiasts as it is like a Disney/Pixar animal movie without the charm and humor. But I didn't expect more so I enjoyed it.

apr 12, 5:44am

After a wonderful warm day in the garden yesterday, it's cold and snow-raining today.

Fortunately, I have got a day off and can focus and prepare on my job changes. The process is very straining to me. It really took some time but I am glad I finally decided to quit. It just costs me too much energy and nerves - and it's not fullfilling anymore.
Tomorrow, I will talk with my boss about it. It won't be easy because I am manipulable, so I have to prepare well. Luckily, I will see my therapist today, so I can work with her on the best approach.

There is a job vacancy which sounds interesting to me and I will apply for that one. But I am not pressured because I have got a notice period of three months anyway. And I am sure I can stay as long as I want in the old job, because they need every hand.

On the reading front I finished >65 PersephonesLibrary: yesterday, and have continued reading My name is Red and Lehrmeister Ratte.

I installed a composter in my garden and refined the flowerbed. I have thought about the next steps which will be the rose arches.

The rat pack (parts of)

apr 12, 8:55am


Good luck with your job talk - I'll be here cheering you on!

apr 12, 11:06am

Ditto what Amber said above.

>66 PersephonesLibrary: Your rats look so content, especially the two in the second picture. They must love what they are eating there.

apr 12, 3:23pm

>67 scaifea: Thank you, Amber! I need every cheerleader I can get. 🤸‍♀️ 💛
Though I feel more secure now, after having talked to my therapist.

apr 12, 3:26pm

>68 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita! It's a hard because it was my first job. And ten years are ten years.

Oh, they love their knäckebröd. 😋 Almost as much as cottage cheese and corn. 🐀🐁

apr 13, 5:12am

>56 PersephonesLibrary: That's a lot of snow, Käthe.

I love the Rat books. Good luck with the interview. Keeping my fingers crossed.

apr 15, 9:19pm

Dropping in to say hello and give congratulations! It is difficult to cut ties to a job that you become comfortable in. Good luck with the talk with your boss. Just stand your ground and remember that there is a greener pasture ahead :)

apr 18, 4:08am

Good luck with your future plans, Käthe.
And best wishes for you!

apr 20, 11:11am

>56 PersephonesLibrary: Yes, we've had this view a few times this spring.

I hope the conversation with your boss went well. Do you stay in the book industry or do you want to do something completely different?

apr 23, 4:55am

Hi Käthe, I hope you are doing well and that no news is good news? Or that you're busy with exciting and uplifting things.

apr 23, 4:58am

De-lurking to check all is okay?

apr 24, 8:40am

Here is another of your friends checking up on you and sending positive vibes across the ether. xx

apr 24, 4:36pm

Good luck with the job-change, that's a hard thing to do.

apr 25, 6:05am

>77 PaulCranswick: Right there with all the friends.

apr 28, 1:16am

Hi Käthe! I'm a newbie around here and saw your post on the introductions thread –– when I saw you have rats I knew I had to follow your thread! I grew up with wonderful pet rats who I adored, and it's so lovely to find another rat-lover here! I'm looking forward to lots more rat photos!

I see above that you're also in the middle of a career transition. I hope all is well and that it's going well for you. We're all rooting for you!

apr 28, 5:10am

Somehow I lost track of your thread! Naughty me :(

>66 PersephonesLibrary: sounds like a big conversation! I hope it went well, and that you were able to express yourself in the way that you want to. I am also feeling 'itchy' in my job, as few hours as it is, I still want to enjoy it and feel appreciated there. So, I am half looking for other opportunities. Good luck!

apr 28, 7:40am

Hi, Käthe! We're missing you here and hope that everything is going well for you!

apr 29, 11:26am

Hi Käthe, what Amber said! Hope all is well.

maj 1, 3:31am

Hi Käthe, I hope everything is ok with you.

maj 1, 5:27am

Hi my dear fellow readers,

thanks for checking on me! I am doing fine though the past weeks I just couldn't really focus or convince myself to read or post. I will reply to each of you individually.

The week I last posted here was very straining as it was about the job changes. Ít was mentally exhausting.
I had a talk with my boss and we discussed about the future plans. I got a raise and we will re-evaluate the whole situation at the new bookstore when there's something like a "normal everyday". I am still not sure if I want to do it. But maybe this is also a good way for me to finally set boundaries and not put the job above everything.

I have been having two weeks of holidays after that. Which I really needed. I didn't manage to read a lot. I am still in a bit of a "brain blockade". BUT I did quite some work in my apartment and the garden.

I got the rose arches and the roses - you don't see them very well on the picture. But they are there. And I got this marvellous kitchy mini fountain on sale.


Books I read were either comics or children's books except for two crime novels:

41. Jahrhundert einer Ratte by Marcus Herrenberger ****
42. Franz Ratte räumt auf by Mario Giordano ***
43. Der Donnerstagsmordclub by Richard Osman ***1/2
44. In Aufruhr by Inga Vesper ****
45. The Wideawake Mice by Sheila McCullagh ****
46. The Wideawake Mice go to the Market by Sheila McCullagh ****
47. Mensen, mensen wat een mensen! by Peter Spier ****
48. Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé ****1/2
49. O du coole Weihnachtszeit! by Thomas Jeier **


maj 1, 5:34am

>71 connie53: Thankfully, spring has finally come to stay, Connie! I am so glad because I could do some gardening which is just great work for me. Indeed, I have decided to put up a shelf with only literRATure. :)

>72 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, thank you for the well-wishes. It went a little bit different than I thought. But it is reason enough for me to stay and try it. Under the condition that we will re-evaluate the whole situaton in a few months.

>73 SirThomas: & >84 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas! I am much better - a timeout can be so useful. Enjoy your weekend!

maj 1, 5:38am

>74 Ameise1: Hello Barbara! I am optimistic now, that we won't get any more snow until the ending of the year! :)
It went well, indeed. I got a payraise and a glimpse into her plans - and for now, I will stay.
If I will change jobs next year it can be something completely different. It doesn't have to be book-related.

>75 Trifolia: Thank you, Monica. In this case, the saying is true! I kept myself physically busy to "balance" out my mental overload. I did a lot of gardening! And springcleaned my apartment. :)

>76 BekkaJo: Thank you for checking, Bekka! Yes, I am doing well. How are you?

maj 1, 6:11am

>85 PersephonesLibrary: Glad to see a post from you, Käthe!
So you decided to stay, and got a raise, that is nice. I hope all goes well in the new bookstore.

Your rose arches look good, what kind of roses did you plant?

maj 1, 6:21am

>77 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul! Much appreciated! Have a lovely weekend!

>78 banjo123: Rhonda, it is. Especially in times like these.

>79 connie53:

maj 1, 6:25am

>80 ebeeb: Hi Elizabeth - and thank you for stopping by! Rats are amazing! And I get so childish around them: Look at my shopping queen Konratt! I even started a reading shelf exclusively for literRATure. :)

I will go and look for your thread!

maj 1, 6:28am

>81 LovingLit: No worries, Megan. You didn't miss a lot. :) I think sometimes you just need to look outside the box and evaluate your opportunities. I am not totally happy yet that I will stay for now - but I want to see if the new company structure, the new job and the new bookstore maybe could be something for me. Otherwise my boss knows that I will quit.

"I still want to enjoy it and feel appreciated there". Exactly, I can feel that!

As I tend to be a workaholic and neglect everything else, this might also be a good opportunity to get something like a "work-life" balance.

maj 1, 6:32am

>82 scaifea: and >83 sirfurboy: Thank you, Amber and Stephen, for checking! I hope May will allow a bit more literature and LT in my life. :)

maj 1, 6:38am

>88 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita. Yes, and I will figure out if I want to do that work - and if not, my boss knows that I will quit.

I found a climbing/rambler rose called "Jasmina". This is how the rose is supposed to turn out:

Fingers crossed. :)

maj 1, 6:44am

>93 PersephonesLibrary: Looks beautiful, Käthe.
A quick search tells that it is a hardy "Kordes" rose, with a nice smell, and resistant to most plagues; good choice!

maj 1, 9:43am

Your garden looks wonderful, and congrats on the raise! It also sounds like your two-week break was just what you needed. It's wonderful to see you here again (although needing a break is also understandable)!

maj 1, 10:39am

>85 PersephonesLibrary: beautiful pictures, Käthe - and your feet are exactly in the right position ;-)

maj 1, 11:30am

>94 FAMeulstee: To be honest I basically chose because of the looks of it. But it seems like I really had a good hand with that choice. I am bit of a "trial and error" - either you grow or you don't. :)

maj 1, 11:33am

>95 scaifea: Thank you, Amber! I really did. And fortunately, I have half the week off next week - so I don't need to stress myself too much. First, I thought that I will finally have time to be here more often. But I mostly left laptop and cellphone untouched.

maj 1, 11:35am

>96 SirThomas: After a hard day of work there was the ideal weather to enjoy the sun, Thomas! Today and tomorrow it's raining so I can continue planning my garden. Maybe a pond? Maybe a hedge labyrinth? ;-)

maj 1, 11:45am

This reading month was quite calm. It's okay. I can't always read 10 300-pages-books or more.

Books finished: 11
Pages read: 1,863

Female writers: 4
Male writers: 7

Best rated ****1/2: Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé ****1/2
Worst rated **: O du coole Weihnachtszeit! by Thomas Jeier **



39. Peter Hase und seine Freunde by Beatrix Potter ****
40. Tote Bauern melken nicht by Benjamin Tomkins **1/2
41. Jahrhundert einer Ratte by Marcus Herrenberger ****
42. Franz Ratte räumt auf by Mario Giordano ***
43. Der Donnerstagsmordclub by Richard Osman ***1/2
44. In Aufruhr by Inga Vesper ****
45. The Wideawake Mice by Sheila McCullagh ****
46. The Wideawake Mice go to the Market by Sheila McCullagh ****
47. Mensen, mensen wat een mensen! by Peter Spier ****
48. Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé ****1/2
49. O du coole Weihnachtszeit! by Thomas Jeier **



maj 1, 9:11pm

>85 PersephonesLibrary: Great idea!

Enjoy your time off :)

maj 1, 11:18pm

>90 PersephonesLibrary: I’m so glad to see that you’re relaxing and doing well. And oh my gosh, that tiny shopping cart!!! Love it and your beautiful Konratt! Hahaha I’d love to see your literRATture shelf! Oh look at her little feets!!!

maj 2, 1:37am

Lovely to see you posting, Kathe, less nice to see that you have been stressed.

Take good care of yourself. x

maj 2, 3:40am

>101 figsfromthistle: Tomorrow, I will be back at work - but only for three days. You don't have to exaggerate right away, do you?

maj 2, 3:47am

>102 ebeeb: When I saw that cart I knew I had to get it. :D

Meet Twinnie and Geheimratt:

Rat Pitt and Gerti

T-800 was exploring. :)

It's funny because there are actually a looot of books with rats/mice! Here's the first look but I will add about at least 10 more books I already own!

maj 2, 3:48am

>103 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul! It's lovely to be back! I still need to learn to not stress myself too much about things that probably aren't worth it.

maj 2, 3:59am

41. Jahrhundert einer Ratte by Marcus Herrenberger ****

This graphic novel is wonderful and almost like a "hidden object book" for grownups. It follows a rat through the 20th century and its major events. Sometimes those events are simply newspaper covers. The author includes cultural details like music. It's a fun read!

maj 2, 4:03am

42. Franz Ratte räumt auf by Mario Giordano ***

A fun little kids book about a creative and a little bit arrogant rat who in the end saves the dump and all its inhabitants from the evil cockroach president and its army.

maj 2, 4:12am

43. Der Donnerstagsmordclub by Richard Osman ***1/2

I have heard a lot about this when it was published in English - and looked forward to it. It is a nice cosy crime novel taking place in a posh retirement home. Four residents meet every Thursday to solve unsolved crimes. When an actual murder takes place, of course, they have to help the police - if the investigators want it or not...

It's nice and humorous with loveable characters. Just the ending seemed a bit clumsy and a little bit random. But all in all it was an entertaining read. I'd recommend it to people who enjoy the TV series "Midsummer Murders" and "Agatha Raisin".

maj 2, 4:22am

44. In Aufruhr by Inga Vesper ****

Imagine the perfect suburb in California around 1960: Lovely homes, green lawns and white fences, perfect families. But behind this picture perfect idyll there lie dark secrets. They start to surface when one of the perfect little housewives dissapears...

If you like to read crime novels that are more than just crime novels I can recommend you Vesper's novel! It deals with the position of POC and of women in general. Despite it taking place in 1959 the topics (emancipation, racism) are very current ones.

Redigeret: maj 2, 4:27am


45. The Wideawake Mice by Sheila McCullagh ****
46. The Wideawake Mice go to the Market by Sheila McCullagh ****

I found these two at a second hand store - and as you might have realized: I am reading a lot of rat- or mice-related books at the moment. :) They are adorable books for early-readers by Ladybird Books. They deal with a family of toy mice who get brought to life by a wizard.
What can I say - I am just a big fan of "old-fashioned", cute children's books.

maj 2, 4:30am

47. Mensen, mensen wat een mensen! by Peter Spier ****

This is another second-hand-find: A children's book about the common grounds and differences of human beings. I chose it to refresh my Dutch. ;-)

maj 2, 4:35am

48. Les Aventures de Tintin. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore by Hergé ****1/2

A classic comic adventure by Hergé in French. I enjoyed it a lot because usually the "Tintin-et-Moulin"/"Tim-und-Struppi" comics are problematical when it comes to picture other cultures. So, I was a bit alarmed when Roma characters appeared. But in this case, Hergé went against prejudices. I could fully enjoy the humour, the fun characters and the crime around the stolen emerald...

maj 2, 4:40am

49. O du coole Weihnachtszeit! by Thomas Jeier **

Another second-hand book. This is an old adventscalendar story book with twenty-four stories from first to twenty-fourth of December. It's about Chip, a digital rat, that can move into anything "electrical" and steer it: computers, cars, radios, ... don't ask me how. Basically, the fun about this one was the outdated technology and the slightly embarrasing "cool" language.

maj 2, 5:12am

>112 PersephonesLibrary: I noticed this book in msg 100, Käthe, and wondered if you really read it in Dutch. And so you did! It is a lovely book, and the pictures tell most.
And a French book right after, you are reading in many languages!

maj 2, 5:47am

Hi Käthe, just popping in to say hi!

maj 2, 8:40am

>112 PersephonesLibrary: Aw, Charlie and I *love* this book! Ours is an English translation, though, of course. Peter Spier is a favorite.

maj 2, 10:19am

>115 FAMeulstee: Most words are getting clear in their context - and thank goodness, picture books and comics don't have complicated or artfully constructed sentences but are very straightforward. :) That makes it easier to read in other languages, Anita!

maj 2, 10:20am

>116 connie53: Hi Connie! Thank you very much for stopping by! I hope you are having a wonderful, calm Sunday!

maj 2, 10:23am

>117 scaifea: That's awesome, Amber! Oh, you made me just look up his other books... mistake. :)

maj 2, 10:43am


50. Prinzessin Sara by Frances Hodgson Burnett *****

Ooh, this one is very special to me. It gave me a reading experience like back in my childhood: It was raining, I read until after two or three in the morning, couldn't put it aside, felt, feared and hoped with the characters. It. was. magical.

I am aware, there are a few aspects that you need to see critically about the book, but I'll give that a pass here because those exist because of its time of publication - and we are all conscious readers here.

I am just glad that after several weeks of not having been able to really focus on anything, my 50th book this year gave me this great experience.

maj 2, 10:46am

>109 PersephonesLibrary: Love the cover of Osman's book in German, Kathe.

maj 3, 7:40am

>120 PersephonesLibrary: Ha! We love his town series, in which each book is shaped like the building it's about (our favorite is the town mechanic's garage). Lots of good memories of reading those together with Charlie when he was little...

>121 PersephonesLibrary: Oh, excellent! Her A Secret Garden did that for me when I was a kid, and every time I reread it still!

maj 3, 12:20pm

>119 PersephonesLibrary: Your thread is worth a frequent visit, Käthe.

maj 3, 1:30pm

>121 PersephonesLibrary: I have a soft spot for this book too, Kathe. I remember staying up late to finish it, too! I got a really pretty new edition of it a few years ago... maybe it's time for a reread!

maj 3, 1:33pm

>122 PaulCranswick: I agree, they did well. Though I really like the font design of the English original! Funny sidenote: The publisher had it registered first as "Montagsmordclub", so "Monday Murder Club". I don't know if they planned to rewrite the whole novel... Sometimes I don't get decisions by German publishers. :)

maj 3, 1:39pm

>123 scaifea: How lovely! Yes, books with such a memory are even more precious.

I know it's even more famous... I haven't read it yet. BUT I bought a wonderful collection of children's classics - and A secret garden is included!

maj 3, 1:41pm

>124 connie53: Thank you, Connie.

maj 3, 1:43pm

>125 curioussquared: It is lovely, isn't it! And the narrative rhythm of good news and bad news is captivating. I wish I had Sara's souvereignity. :)

maj 3, 1:48pm

For my fellow rat fans I have got biiiig news: My mischief got bigger because I took over five additional rat boys! This is enough now - they have got their own room and more would be too many.

So... everyone meet Schneeball (snowball), Ole, Lil' shovel, Lil' devil & Frederik



maj 3, 1:54pm

Of course, I don't want to get the others jealous, so here's an update about the "original" boys:

T800, Geheimratt, Twinnie, Rat Pitt, Gerti & Konratt (with little Schneeball):



maj 3, 1:56pm

And what am I going to read next? To prepare for the new job I am going to read a book about leadership and management:

Abenteuer Führung by Mario Neumann (translated: "Adventure: Leadership")

maj 3, 1:58pm

Love your new ratfriends!

maj 4, 8:04am

>127 PersephonesLibrary: Oh, those are gorgeous! And I bet you'll love The Secret Garden when you get to it!

Your rat boys are adorable!

maj 9, 3:21pm

>133 connie53: They are adorable, aren't they? I have got a second-hand kitty tree for them. They are still a bit very but have looked at it from below. :)

maj 9, 3:23pm

>134 scaifea: This will be nice fantastical breaks when things threaten to be overwhelming again, Amber.
Thank you!! :) I am just so glad to have them!

maj 9, 3:28pm

During my birthday weekend I managed to surprisingly finish four books!

51. Eine ganz dumme Idee by Fredrik Backman ***
52. Das Wörterbuch der bösen Mädchen by Nina Merian ***
53. Zombie 100 Band 1 by Haro/Kotaro ***1/2
54. Geisterwand by Sarah Moss *****

Currently, I am reading a re-edition from a 1930's-novel: Zwei im anderen Land by Rabbi Martin Salomonski.

Tomorrow, I will start at the new workplace. Cross your fingers, please, for a good start!

maj 9, 3:34pm

>137 PersephonesLibrary: Belated happy birthday, Käthe, and wishing you a great start in your new job!
(fingers and toes crossed for you)

maj 9, 3:37pm

>138 FAMeulstee: Thank you kindly, Anita!

maj 10, 1:59am

I wish you a belated happy birthday, Käthe.
And all the best for your new workplace!

maj 10, 7:13am

Happy belated birthday!

Good luck with the new workplace.

maj 10, 7:29am

Happy birthday, and fingers crossed for a fantastic first day at the new work!!

maj 10, 7:47am

Oh happy Birthday Käthe.

maj 10, 3:30pm

>140 SirThomas: , >141 figsfromthistle:, >142 scaifea:, >143 sirfurboy:

Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes and the finger crossing. My day was succesful and now I am quite tired. (I couldn't sleep very well last night because of a very windy weather.) Hopefully, your week started smoothly!

maj 10, 3:49pm

>144 PersephonesLibrary: Glad your start was good, Käthe, I hope you have a better sleep tonight.

maj 16, 6:01am

Belated Happy Birthday, Käthe. I love the tree house in >135 PersephonesLibrary: and hope your rat friends will investigate it soon.

maj 16, 3:28pm

>145 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! I am getting old!! When I remember my university times and how lack of sleep never really got to me... But nowadays, I feel it the whole week. :)

maj 16, 3:30pm

>146 connie53: Thank you, Connie! They are slowly warming up to it and start climbing. :) I will hide a few treats so that they get motivated. :) Lovely book - I know a few chunksters that would gain value by getting folded!

maj 16, 3:41pm

(footage of me holding a new book in my hand)

I am not really reading a lot these days. Regularly every day, but just a few pages. Though you can measure my acquisitions this weeks probably in kilogramms.

Mostly I was busy working or sleeping. And on my day off I had to go to the vet because Konratt had hurt one of his back leg. But he is already up and about again. The other ratties are well, too:


I am thinking about getting a second cage... though the mischief is using mainly the upper part of their current one anyway. I don't really know why but they don't spend so much time in the lower part. I don't want to risk them getting aggressive eventually. Even if they are getting on well at the moment.

Today, I started helping out in our local shelter. I took care of bunnies (there were four-week-old baby bunnies!!), birds, guinea pigs, a degu and the cats. The black one in the picture is a very scared kitty - but I already got him out of his hiding place by playing. :)

maj 16, 3:44pm

Oh, and this is the book I am currently reading: An novel from 1933 written by a rabbi about an jewish colony on the moon. It's absurd and funny - and kind of heartclenching when you think about what happend in the years after its publication.

Zwei im anderen Land by Rabbi Martin Salomonski

maj 16, 6:09pm

Happy belated birthday!

maj 17, 2:08am

>151 banjo123: Thank you, Rhonda!

maj 17, 3:33am

>149 PersephonesLibrary: You look perfectly happy in that footage! Those eyes!

maj 17, 2:48pm

>153 connie53: Quokkas are so adorable. 🥰

maj 20, 4:43pm

>150 PersephonesLibrary: wow, that does sound a crazy book topic!

So the new work setting is going OK? I am still hanging on at my workplace. The job market here is very tight, with so many New Zealanders returning home during covid (to their safe haven!) there are a lot of professional people about snapping up roles. Plus the tourism operators who are 'pivoting' into other roles for the short term until the borders open up again. Added to that is my specific requirements of part time, during school, I wait.


maj 25, 6:42am

>155 LovingLit: Yes, Megan, it's indeed crazy!

Well, the thing is - I don't "hate" working there. I just don't like it. So, for now, I will give it a go. And a big relieve was learning that the other people know what they are doing. I am not completely on my own as I was at the other bookstore. Here, basically every company is looking for qualified people. So, there would be alternatives. But still I feel an uncertainty and want to get over with the Corona phase first.

I can imagine that part-time will be more difficult to find. Though I feel like employers are slowly starting to learn that not only employees should be flexible - but themselves, too.

Redigeret: maj 25, 7:04am

On the reading front I am slowly getting back on track. I have started and abandoned a few books now. So, I decided to read some light stuff and got more into Manga. I don't know a lot about that genre so I need to educate myself from time to time.


I found one series I actually like a lot: DEATH NOTE. In this series Ryuk, a god of death, has "lost" his notebook Death Note on earth. When you imagine someone's face and write down that person's name into the notebook they will die. When Light Yagami, a brilliant student and kind of teen genius, finds the book and learns about its function, he starts getting rid of criminals to make the world a better place. But the police can't just ignore those deaths - and with the help of the mysterious "L" they start hunting down the killer...
I enjoyed that one a lot because it's one of the first mangas I read with actual deeper character design. Also the moral question is intriguing, as is the cat-and-mouse-play between Light and "L". I also liked the humor and sarcasm.

I also enjoyed The Promised Neverland but I am not sure if I want to continue it.
Not my cup of tea were 26553117::Parasite in Love and Shy - but it was not so much the story. The design of the the young female protagonists was rather creepy.


And FINALLY, I found a novel I got sucked into again: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton, a crime mystery novel set on a ship of the Dutch East India Company in 1634. I am around page 130 and it's a very entertaining, fun adventure novel with a pinch of Sherlock Holmes. I feel positive that I will finally finish this one.

maj 25, 7:52am

>157 PersephonesLibrary: Glad to see you are getting back into the reading. The Devil and the Dark Water sounds interesting. I will look forward to seeing what you make of it.

maj 25, 3:47pm

>158 sirfurboy: Me, too, Stephen. Me, too. There is a quote "I lack words if I don't read." There is something missing, if I can't read.

I'm going to continue Turton later - looking forward to it. I have mostly delt with the British East India Company. In general, this era is fascinating.

jun 3, 7:08am

I have abandoned a few books lately as well. Life's too short! It has taken me many years to feel comfortable not giving a book a change to redeem many times I have done that and finished it and felt very let down.

jun 8, 6:31am

>160 LovingLit: I had to learn that, too! I always felt obligated to give the book a chance and another chance. But if I really don't enjoy it - why torture myself.

I didn't leave those last books because they were bad.. but I just couldn't focus. So, I definitely plan to finish them. I put in a break and read mainly David Walliams' childrens' books in June. :)