Current Reading 2021

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Current Reading 2021

jan 19, 12:06am

Working my way through the Audible version of Fort Laramie: Military Bastion of the High Plains (Frontier Military Series) by Douglas C. McChristian. Pretty good book, although much of it is about the activities going on in eastern Wyoming or adjacent states during the last two-thirds of the nineteenth century.

feb 20, 1:38pm

Started in on vol 1 of: The Journal of Alexander Henry the Younger, 1799-1814 He's a Northwest Company fur trader currently in the Red River area, and by the end of his life (vol 2) he will have worked his way West to the mouth of the Columbia.

I'm also reading the copy of The Historical Introduction to the Journals and Letters of Major John Owen that Glacierman was so kind to share.

apr 2, 2:04pm

On the recommendation of another LT member I picked up and just finished Trails of the Smoky Hill: From Coronado to the Cow Towns by Wayne C. Lee and Howard C. Raynesford. It covered a number of subjects, from the Indian Wars to the railroads to the cow towns, but by focusing on western Kansas and being more detailed about those places and events it made it more interesting to read.

maj 17, 12:12am

Finished a fascinating Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle: The Little Big Horn Reexamined by Richard A. Fox. A participant in a 1980s archeological survey of the Custer (later Little Bighorn) Battlefield National Monument, Fox wrote this book a decade later to examine the results of the survey, the existing historiography of the battle and other information to theorize what may have actually happened on that day in 1876.

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