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The Almost Church

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okt 25, 2006, 10:31am

DesertOwl posted:
> How is the book The Almost Church ? Having attended services at several
> different congregations, I frequently wished for more animated speakers. While
> at GA, I met some UU ministers, and one talked about being at a congregation
> that had a reputation for dismissing ministers - Ouch! Then reading thru some
> past GA workshops online led me to realize this was Not that uncommon. I look
> at members from the various congregations I've attended, and I see a lot of
> introverts (myself included), and I remember that it is really easy to criticize
> and tear leaders, rather than support them. Anyways, (I'm probably off on a
> tangent), I'd be interested in hearing about the book, as well as the author's
> talk if you attend.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Michael Durall's workshop or sermon at my church this month, but I was part of the book study we did on "The Almost Church". Personally, I enjoyed reading the book. While I didn't agree with everything in it, I found it a valuable book to read, especially for a church in a transition period, like mine. It was very interesting to see all the varied reaction to the book and to Mike at my church.

Some folks agreed with much of what Durall has to say, while others took offense at the book and Mike, feeling that he was trying to turn UU churches into Christian churches. I think that is a big over-reaction, but we are experiencing a lot of that sort of thing during our transition period. Overall, the reaction to Durall and his book were positive, but the negative reactions were felt stronly by some people.


Redigeret: okt 22, 2007, 9:47pm

Having been a "congregant" at three "churches" and three "fellowships", I can say that the ministers of the churches did make things much more interesting During the 1960s, the civil rights demonstrations and the Viet Nam war did tear up a couple of the churches where the minister took a stand on these issues, e.g. Carl Nelson, the minister of the Eugene, Oregon church traveled to Selma, Alabama to "demonstrate."