Forgotten how to switch between UK and US accounts on Kindle. Help, please

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Forgotten how to switch between UK and US accounts on Kindle. Help, please

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maj 6, 2019, 1:43am

Calling all Kindle folks - I need your help please.

When I got my Kindle, a few years ago, the shop that sold it kindly help me set it up with two accounts linked to different e-mail addresses so I could buy from both the Amazon UK and US stores. I've also downloaded books from other sources, like Diane Duane's Young Wizards 8 book 'box' set.

I bought Ann Leckie's Raven Tower (to read for my Book Club) which is currently only selling in the UK store apparently. However, I'm currently signed in to my US account on my Kindle, so I need to switch over to download it. Unfortunately, the shop that sold it to me is out of contact and research on the internet suggests it may have permanently closed. :0(

I have a vague idea that I need to deregister from one account and reregister to the other, but I'm worried I'll lose my non-Amazon purchases.

I see that there is a family option that allows more than one e-mail account to be linked to a single Kindle. I'll have to research this further but I came across one article that said when the writer linked two different accounts when a new feature was offered on his Kindle, he later lost a heap of stuff with updates down the line. (I'll see if I can dig that out again.)

So - any suggestions? *bats eyelashes hopefully*

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