How Much Info from TLBF Do I Add? And Where?

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How Much Info from TLBF Do I Add? And Where?

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Redigeret: feb 8, 2008, 10:14pm

We have permission to use the entire contents of the book.

I'm not a librarian, archivist, LT expert, or any other sort of person who knows exactly where certain info should go. I've wondered myself, especially about the info the authors of TLBF have provided about inscriptions, binding, other owners, and current location. I think it would be wonderful if we included absolutely everything, but is that reasonable??

Here's a bit of direction on two points:

TLBF INDIVIDUAL BOOK CODE: This is the number at the start of the bibliographic citation. The recommendation I've received is to put it as the first thing in the comments section.

SHELF MARKS: These are Ben's marks, indicating to which book case and shelf he should return the book to when putting it away. The recommendation is that we put these after the TLBF code# (in other words, as the second item in the comments section).

Let's discuss what else and where else...

feb 9, 2008, 12:19pm

I've put the entire comments from TLBF in the comments section. Typically "Bound with..." I've had one entry that TBLF included BF's comments on the book, so I put that quote in the review field. I also had one very interesting book which pushed me a little further afield as it was one of two Franklin armorial bindings. I included some of my findings on that in the comments section too. I did find a photo of the binding and uploaded that for the cover. Photo credit, I think, I put in the comments section too.

feb 10, 2008, 12:53am

Sounds thorough. How fantastic that you found a photo of the binding!

feb 11, 2008, 1:46pm

Someone asked for an example of what we're doing, so I worked up a fake entry: