Chinese Ghosts Revisited

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Chinese Ghosts Revisited

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mar 25, 2018, 1:39pm

I've been reading Chinese Ghosts Revisited as part of Early Reviewers.
I'm quite impressed with the reporting of paranormal experiences in this book and the (dare I say it) scientific methods used to check the findings. Wish more books on the subject were written this way.

apr 9, 2018, 12:37pm

Dear Sylak,

Your thoughtful review is very much appreciated, as are your listing of typos! We scanned this book from the old 1982 edition and the OCR process introduced a lot of odd text errors. Three people went through it several times and we still missed a bunch of them -- you are not the only one to point them out. Thanks to this, it will be much cleaner by the time of the next printing!

All the best
Pete Spurrier
Publisher, Blacksmith Books