Computing History and Roads Not Taken

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Computing History and Roads Not Taken

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Redigeret: dec 4, 2016, 3:42pm

It would have been 2006 that I first encountered the work of Ted Nelson, and instantly recognized it as pure genius: the apotheosis of the notion of a digital humanities. I would later discover that many of the other great computer pioneers had felt broadly the same way. How unfortunate, though, that they were such poor imitators. For instance, as Nelson puts it:
HTML is precisely what we were trying to PREVENT— ever-breaking links, links going outward only, quotes you can't follow to their origins, no version management, no rights management.

Ted Nelson is one of the few people on this planet who can convince you that everything you know about computers is wrong.

Here's a speech he delivered at the University of Southampton, posted yesterday.

If it holds your attention, you might try his Computers for Cynics series:

And of course, Ted Nelson and Werner Herzog make a delightful match: