Slideshow of art book collection

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Slideshow of art book collection

mar 21, 2016, 5:29 pm

I am reviving this group after nearly three years of inactivity.

I maintain an illustrated catalogue of the nearly 3000 books in my library. These catalogues are divided into different areas of interest, and are designed to be searched electronically, so are arranged in a random order. One of the topics is Art and Photography Books.

To keep you amused over Easter, and possibly to enable you into purchasing some more art books for your own collection, you can browse the slideshow here:-

Click on the right of the screen to progress through the slideshow, or if using a tablet or phone, hold in portrait mode and swipe across.
Hopefully some of you will post details of the art books that you own, enabling me and others into making more purchases.

jan 22, 2021, 4:01 am

Here we are, almost 5 years later, and I'm just noticing this wonderful post. Great idea using flickr for a visual catalogue -- I had to stop browsing after viewing the first 20 slides because my pocketbook was starting to throb.