Church library setup with CueCat - HELP!

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Church library setup with CueCat - HELP!

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Redigeret: feb 21, 2016, 8:31am

Hi, folks! I'm working to set up a library for my church. We have most of our library entered into an Excel spreadsheet, which I could scan into LibraryThing. The csv does NOT have ISBN numbers, though. Or I could use my new CueCat to start over and just scan everything.

I'm wondering what workflow system you recommend using, so that we have a high level of confidence that all the books on our shelves are the book in our LibraryThing library, and so that we have something that will be fairly easy to maintain going forward. So, here are some questions I have:

- Should we 1) import all the books from our CSV, or 2) go into the library and scan them?
- Should we buy those little number stickers that LibraryThing sells, and put a number sticker on each book as we are scanning them? But if we do that, then do we scan the number? Or the ISBN code?
- If we scan ISBN codes, how do we signal for ourselves that a book on the shelf is one that is in our LT library? We currently have problems with people donating books, and not having a way to be sure that the book has been properly catalogued.

Any recommendations for a start-up situation like this one? Thanks so much!