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Welcome to this group

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1annemcx Første besked:
sep 22, 2006, 7:51am

This group's designed to discuss the leading ideas in business today and to encourage dialogue about them. If you've got a fondness for any of the greats in business writing, old and new, then let's start a thing going about it here...

To kick things off here are a few for whom 'thought' and 'leadership' are well deserved tags IMHO

- Charles Handy, Tom Peters Chris Anderson Meredith R. Belbin Warren Bennis Peter Block Edward de Bono Jim Collins Stephen R. Covey Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Peter F. Drucker John Elkington Howard Gardner Malcolm Gladwell Daniel Goleman Rosabeth Moss Kanter Philip Kotler Lawrence Lessig David H. Maister Abraham H. Maslow C. K. Prahalad Thomas A. Stewart

Who would you nominate? Post your new-paradigm-inducing-business-favourites here. We're open for business.

Best wishes


Redigeret: sep 23, 2006, 5:05pm

Well I have two favourites who aren't on your list - probably shows my age. I'd add Henry Mintzberg, who I think is the best writer on strategy & management for a long time. His HBR essay on Creating Strategy had an enormous influence on me as a strategist (and saved me endless hours of fruitless planning).

Secondly, Richard Pascale who seems to have faded recently, his 7S framework first saw the public light in an appendix to In Search of Excellence and was later expanded in Surfing the Edge of Chaos.

From your list I'd support Peter Block, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Peter Drucker, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, David Maister & CK Prahalad. (I've not heard of Chris Anderson so I shall go and look him up). I've learnt from most of the others but not sure I'd have them up in lights in this context.

Interstingly thinking back twenty years I've heard a few of these speak, Moss Kanter, Pascale, Mintzberg, de Bono, Drucker - all good experiences, and usually better than the book!

Some more nominees - Michael Porter for Competitive Strategy; Robert Kaplan and David Norton for The Balanced ScoreCard and Robert Kaplan and Thomas Johnson for Relevance Lost , Edgar Schein, Peter Senge (and Art Kleiner) for The Fifth Discipline series; and Scott Adams for Dilbert and the pointy-haired boss.

sep 23, 2006, 3:40pm

Great to have those as contributions, thanks

4grvaughan Første besked:
Redigeret: jan 24, 2007, 6:14pm

Hi, just found this group. I'll think of some more later, but how about Andrew Grove? His High Output Management hasn't gotten nearly the attention it deserves.

It's mostly nitty-gritty stuff, but he does devote several chapters (7-9) to the difficult tension between centralization and decentralization, i.e. function vs. mission.

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