New Firefox extension: search your catalog using your CueCat

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New Firefox extension: search your catalog using your CueCat

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okt 5, 2007, 9:51am

I've been really pleased with my CueCat, but frustrated that I couldn't use it to find books already in my catalog when I wanted them, so I ended up writing a Firefox extension to do just that. It's a great time saver if, like me, you find yourself with a book in your hand wanting to get its details up on screen in a hurry.

Having got it working well, I'm now ready to give it away for free to anyone else who would like to play with it. It has a few other features which I thought might be useful, such as allowing you to specify the order in which your catalog is sorted much more easily, even including a little preview picture of what that sort order will look like. And then there's a few tweaks to fix little things which annoy me, like being able to control-click on a link to open the destination in a new tab, which is what Firefox users are used to doing.

A few other LibraryThing users have already tried it and have been very pleased with what it can do.

Enough to get you interested? Have a look here:

and install it if you like. I'd certainly be interested in any comments. :-)

Tim R, enthusiastic fan.

jun 18, 2008, 10:00pm

It would be great if it was updated to work with Firefox 3- !!!

jan 11, 2009, 9:24pm

Tried, got "... will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates." (FF 3.0.5) -- can you fix that? I'd love to have this working.