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Scope of this group

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sep 19, 2006, 3:20 pm

Hi Suchitra,

Could you give me some pointers on the intended scope of this group?
Looking at the sample list of authors it is clear that you are including both authors that are ethnically Indian and those who are not (or not entirely) but have been born/raised in India. It is clear that you are also including writers of the diaspora, writers who delineate the desi immigrant experience and so forth.

I am wondering whether you intended to limit the group only to writers with an actual Indian link, or including writers linked to South Asia in general (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc.)

How about ethnically non-Indian writers who write about India? Bond and Kipling are two examples of Englishmen having spent the majority of their lives in India (although they are very different writers) but there are many others who came as adults, spent some time (from a couple of years to decades) there and then left e.g. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Paul Scott.

Having asked all those questions (and held back a few more), I will suggest a scope that I would like; however, this is your group and your vision, and you should define it in the way you want.

"A group for fans of works by authors of South Asian origin, or works on South Asian themes."