Jan's 2015 reads

Snak100 Books in 2015 Challenge

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Jan's 2015 reads

Dette emne er markeret som "i hvile"—det seneste indlæg er mere end 90 dage gammel. Du kan vække emnet til live ved at poste et indlæg.

Redigeret: dec 29, 2015, 8:55pm

Books: 129

Archer, Jeffrey, Kane & Abel (565 pages)
Archer, Jeffrey, The Prodigal Daughter (410 pages0

Baldacci, David, First family (612 pages)
Baldacci, David, The target (542 pages)
Baldacci, David, Deliver us from Evil (532 pages)
Baldacci, David, Divine Justice (523 pages)
Baldacci, David, The Escape (630 pages)
Baldacci, David, Saving Faith

Berenson, Alex, The Ghost War (383 pages)
Berry, Steve, The Columbus Affair + The King's Deception (593 pages)
Berry, Steve, The Templar Legacy (482 pages)

Child, Lee, Personal (353 pages)
Child, Lee, 61 Hours (383 pages)

Clark, Stephen Erik, Sweetness #9 (336 pages)

Coben, Harlan, Six Years (428 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Long Lost (404 pages)
Coben, Harlan, The Woods (508 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Missing You (454 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Promise Me (487 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Caught (438 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Darkest Fear (338 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Deal Breaker (343 pages)
Coben, Harlan, One False Move (383 pages)
Coben, Harlan, Live Wire (421 pages)

Connelly, Michael, Void Moon (450 pages)
Connelly, Micheal, Trunk Music (427 pages)
Connelly, Michael, Lost Light (350 pages)
Connelly, Michael, City of Bones (393 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Overlook (258 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Concrete Blond (505 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Fifth Witness (421 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Black Echo (508 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Narrows (427 pages)

Cornwell, Patricia, Port Mortuary (494 pages)
Cornwell, Patricia, Body Farm (338 pages)

Deaver, Jeffrey, Shallow Graves (324 pages)

Downing, David, The Red Eagles (305 pages)

Eggers, Dave, The Circle (497 pages)

Evanovich, Janet, Wicked Appetite (333 pages)

Fairstein, Linda, Terminal City (477 pages)
Fairstein, Linda, The Dead House (492 pages)
Fairstein, Linda, Final Jeopardy (310 pages)
Fairstein, Linda, Death Dance (482 pages)

Flynn, Vince, American Assassin (516 pages) - the first Mitch Rapp Novel.
Flynn, Vince, Protect and Defend (403 pages)
Flynn, Vince, Pursuit of Honor (503 pages) reread
Flynn, Vince, The Third Option (485 pages) reread

Gabaldon, Diana, Outlander
Gabaldon, Diana, Dragonfly in Amber
Gabaldon, Diana, Voyager (1059)
Gabaldon, Diana, Drums of Autumn
Gabaldon, Diana, The Fiery Cross (1443)
Gabaldon, Diana, A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Gabaldon, Diana, An echo in the Bone
Gabaldon, Diana, Written in My Own Heart's Blood (814 pages)

Grafton, Sue, K is for Killer (292 pages)

Hillerman, Tony, Hunting Badger (318 pages)
Hillerman, Tony, Skeleton Man (336 pages)
Hillerman, Tony, A thief of Time (324 pages)
Hillerman, tony, The Dark Wind (290 pages)

Hunter, Stephen, Hot Springs (527 pages)
Hunter, Stephen, Pale Horse Coming (589 pages)

Ishiguro, Kazuo, Never Let Me Go (288 pages)

Jance, J.A., Trial by Fury (218 pages)
Jance, J.A., Taking the Fifth (218 pages)
Jance, J.A., Breach of Duty (358 pages)
Jance, J.A., Left for Dead (417 pages)
Jance, J.A., A More Perfect Union (217 pages)
Jance, J.A., Without Due Process (302 pages)
Jance, J.A., Failure to Appear (322 pages)
Jance, J.A., Name Withheld (392 pages)
Jance, J.A., Until Proven Guilty (310 pages)
Jance, J.A., Payment in Kind (330 pages)
Jance, J.A., Lying in Wait (386 pages)
Jance, J.A., Improbable Cause (214 pages)
Jance, J.A., Justice Denied (371 pages)
Jance, J.A., Moving Target (405 pages)
Jance, J.A., Fire and Ice (420 pages)
Jance, J.A., Outlaw Mountain (360 pages)
Jance, J.A., Moving Target (405 pages)
Jance, J.A., Fire & Ice (420 pages)
Jance, J.A., Partner in Crime (367 pages)

Kerman, Piper, Orange is the New Black (299 page)

Kline, Christina Baker, The Orphan Train (273 pages)
Kline, Christina Baker, Bird in hand (274 pages)

Land, Jon, Strong Enough to Die (394 pages)
Land, Jon, Dead Simple (390 pages)
Land, Jon, Blood Diamonds (393 pages)

Lescroat, John, A Certain Justice (458 pages)
Lescroat, John, The Hunt Club (512 pages)
Lescroat, John, The Suspect (503 pages)
Lescroat, John, The Keeper (381 pages)
Lescroat, John, A Plague of Secrets (484 pages)
Lescroat, John, Treasure Hunt (434 pages)
Lescroat, John, The Ophelia Cut (470 pages)
Lescroat, John, The Second Chair (594 pages)

Maxim, John, Bannerman's Ghosts (390 pages)

Meltzer, Brad, The Fifth Assassin (434 pages)

O'Shaughnessy, Perri, Show no Fear (436 pages)

Paretsky, Sara, Hardball
Paretsky, Sara, Fire Sale
Paretsky, Sara, Body Work (443 pages)

Parker, Robert, Spare Change (306 pages)
Parker, Robert, Chance (321 pages)
Parker, Robert, Valediction (284 pages)
Parker, Robert, Blue eyed devil (272 pages)
Parker, Robert, Damned if you do (274 pages)

Pelecanos, George, Shoedog (286 pages)

Rankin, Ian, The Hanging Garden (349 pages)
Rankin, Ian, Knotts & Crosses (228 pages)
Rankin, Ian, Hide & Seek (272 pages)

Scottoline, Lisa, Legal Tender (434 pages)
Scottoline, Lisa, Running from the Law (426 pages)
Scottoline, Lisa, Final Appeal (331 pages)

Silva, Daniel, Portrait of a Spy (512 pages)
Silva, Daniel, The Mark of the Assassin (502 pages)
Silva, Daniel, 6th Man (536 pages)

Strout, Elizabeth, Olive Kitteridge (270 pages)

Taylor, Brad, One Rough Man (553 pages)
Taylor, Brad, All Necessary Force (541 pages)
Taylor, Brad, Days of Rage (498 pages)
Taylor, Brad, Enemy of Mine (510 pages)
Taylor, Brad, The Widow's Strike (495 pages)
Taylor, Brad, The Polaris Protocol (507 pages)
Taylor, Brad, The Insider Threat (414 pages)

Thor, Brad, The Athena Project (322 pages)

Uris, Leon, Redemption (879 pages)

White, Randy Wayne, Gone (316 pages)
White, Randy Wayne, Dead Silence (490 pages)

Young, Suzanne, The Program (405 pages)

jan 2, 2015, 4:33pm

Two books already? I'm impressed. I'm at zero. Happy reading in 2015!

jan 7, 2015, 12:30am

Welcome to the group!

jan 7, 2015, 4:59am

Welcome Jan, hurry up Jennifer !

sep 20, 2015, 10:37am

And Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge (great book!) makes the 100th book of the year! And it is the library's semi-annual book sale today, so I'm off to pick up some more good books to read!!!!

sep 23, 2015, 9:45pm