Leveraging LibraryThing to help my fellow researchers

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Leveraging LibraryThing to help my fellow researchers

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Redigeret: sep 7, 2006, 3:27pm

So, in the course of doing my Ottoman research, I've collected notes on the texts. Some time ago, I started putting the notes online, and as it occurred to me, I started putting links to those notes in LibraryThing. If you look at my "Atlantian Reference Library" tagged material, you'll see some with "Research Notes" in the Comments section. That's a link to my notes, which should all have page numbers, if not exactly the greatest sense of grammar and spelling. :)

I love the idea of sharing the "base" of my research with others, esp. since my interests are off the beaten path for most Scadians. See my entry on, say, Ipek for a good example.

Comments? Suggestions?