Góntia (Guntia, Candida, Fortuna)

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Góntia (Guntia, Candida, Fortuna)

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jul 10, 2007, 8:47 pm

Does anyone know anything about Góntia the Celtic Moon Goddess, apart from the scant entry in Wikipedia? For instance, any mention of same in any particular mythology books, etc.?

Redigeret: feb 13, 2008, 1:00 pm

You will find this book somewhat useful in that search, but a reading knowledge of Neuhochdeutsch would be necessary. I found my copy for 28 Euros, but it is somewhat difficult to find outside of German marketplaces, online or offline. Wolfgang's "Die Römer in Bayern" is also a good read.

Title: Gontia: Gunzburg in Der Romerzeit ; Archaologische Entdeckungen an Der Bayerisch-Schwabischen Donau
Author: Czysz, Wolfgang
ISBN: 9783980762823
Publication date: 2002
Publisher: Likias-Verlag

I just checked WorldCat and there is one copy listed in their database for libraries in the UK. Oxford.