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jun 11, 2013, 12:53pm

Do you believe that political correctness should be allowed to change the titles of books? I.e. 'And The There Were None.
The original title carries potentially offensive connotations today that it didn't when originally published, and Agatha Christie herself never intended in the original.

Redigeret: jun 11, 2013, 9:57pm

Editing titles (or even worse books) for PC is just... stupid.

Now - the 'And The There Were None is a little bit different because it got published with a new name for the first US edition and even if it was a PC case, it is not different from the practice of changing titles when publishing in new countries (which happens a lot). It probably was the price of getting published at all (together with changing the song...) but it ended up the name the work was most associated with. (The funny story is that the Bulgarian edition (which was the first version I read) is a direct translation of the original title - but the word does not have any negative connotation in Bulgarian - and the song is popular with the UK name).

As for what the author intended.. book titles had and would he changed. This is part of being published... Sometimes it is not a question of PC but a question of familiarity.