Snakfriends of Maugham

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apr 14, 2013, 11:50 pm

Just finished reading this a few months ago. Who wants to chat about it? I can certainly drum up a few questions about it--but if its not to anyone's interest, I'll abstain..

Redigeret: apr 16, 2013, 10:01 pm

I read it a couple of years ago, and would be interested in your reaction. It includes one of my favorite stories -- The Traitor. Which ones appealed to you?

apr 16, 2013, 10:33 pm

Hey there! Thx for responding. I just read this work this past season. Found it very captivating. Personal favorite story was, the one featuring 'the ambassador'. Not the story told by the ambassador but rather that figure himself. Can't recall the title. I will say the story of the Ambassador's youth had some of the most biting insight I've ever caught from Maugham. Like a clout on the side of the head. Ouch.

But I could also say--that some of my other favorite aspects of these stories were, some of the other figures featured in the stories rather than the stories themselves. Its odd, but the way the tales were written make it that way. The characters are more memorable than the narrative they're wrapped in. The Mexican, for example, and the American salesman.

I'm compelled by more than just the writing (which simply maintains that great standard Maugham always exercises). Definitely, I'm more keen on the links from the stories to Maugham's own real-life activities; the influence into other author's works; etc. That's the ticket.

I'd like to write my impressions of 'Ashenden' out at length; but I'm also interested (as I said) in the works where I think I see that influence mentioned above. I'm wondering should I start an espionage fiction group or thread all of its own?