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Poetry on the Kindle

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mar 9, 2013, 9:34am

Got my first Kindle in the autumn. I read quite a bit of poetry and got Kathleen Jamie's The Overhaul (fantastic btw) and a John Burnside volume (unread) on the Kindle - one reason for all this being I am simply running out of room for books. At first I was unsure of reading the Jamie, but it was fine and I'm enjoying the Kindle very much. Of course I have also added a whole library of free classics. but then considering other additions - I'm wondering about their quality.

I did get Mathew Hollis' biography of Edward Thomas Now all roads lead to France (also excellent) and also an annotated version of Thomas' complete poems, which are great and the latter seemed to be a Kindle version of a printed book. I'm unsure of some of the very cheap collected versions you can get - i think the Delphi series for example, others too - I usually choose editions quite carefully for printed texts. I see there are some Kindle versions of Shakespeare plays (Oxford which I enjoy, don't think i have seen Arden), yet obviously I can get lots of others and lots of other poets besides. I'd be interested in anyone else's experience of these editions.

i was really hoping to get a version of Spenser's The Faerie Queen, an edition I had heard was excellent, think it was Penguin -- yet very pricey for the Kindle too i seem to remember it was more expensive than the paperback, very disappointing.

I do have some uncertainty about format on the page, so play with font size for example for Thomas at times.

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