A Word Child

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A Word Child

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Redigeret: feb 13, 2013, 11:49 pm

A Word Child--this will be my next IM when I get around to it, since it's sitting on my shelf. Unfortunately, my copy is a Penguin Books Tiny Type Edition, so I'm not feeling like jumping into this one immediately. Maybe March--well, probably March.

I think this one was published in 1975.

feb 14, 2013, 11:22 am

Hi labwriter.
I certainly know the feeling about the 'Tiny Type Penguin Editions'. Normally I love the Penguins, but not the mass market publications. By the time I have read a couple of pages my eyes are burning and weeping. But the magnifying bookmark I found works wonderfully and I also found my deceased step-father's magnifying glass. He always used it for reading his newspapers. I have put it safely away for the day I need it. Not quite there yet.
A Word Child is a very interesting title and not one I am familiar with so I will have to check it out on the book page. I think I am going with The Bell next and probably not until March.

Redigeret: feb 14, 2013, 1:46 pm

>2 rainpebble:. Oh, I'm so glad you found a magnifier that works for you! Even with my reading glasses, that small Penguin type is daunting. Sometimes I just don't feel like tackling it.

Overall, I really liked The Bell, I think because I liked the characters in this one better than in The Black Prince. I hope you like it too!