How to pronounce "Maugham"?

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How to pronounce "Maugham"?

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Redigeret: maj 27, 2012, 11:14 pm

from New York Times October 11, 1908 Page 44

As to Mr. Maugham
They were discussing the proper pronunciation of W. Somerset Maugham, the new English dramatist, who suddenly burst on London four months ago with four plays, and whose ‘Jack Straw’ is now being given on Broadway.
“The name is pronounced ‘Mawm’” declared one who had been in London.
“No -- its surely Mawum” opined someone else.
“Mahm is better” declared another.
“Why not Muggum” said one who inclined to the (illegible).

And they grew quite heated about it.
“Why of course it’s Muggum”
“Rats – it’s Mayyum.”
“No – Maum.”
“Moggum- by all means.”
But finally one who had done nothing so far but show signs of growing impatience and ennui suddenly brought his fist down on the table.

“Mum’s the word!” he shouted.

That ended the discussion.